Only Golka sat in his position and didn’t move.

But no one in the dressing room made a fuss.
In the past two years, everyone has been used to this scene.
Because of the connivance of the former youth team coach, Golka can train whenever he wants. It’s very professional for Golka to linger in the dressing room for a while before going to training-he hasn’t come directly yet …
So, everyone turned a blind eye to Golka’s privileges.
Who makes himself less talented than others, and can make the youth training camps of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid compete for it?
Standing on the training ground, Chang Sheng expressed to angulo and Seguro that he was still unfamiliar with the team, so he hoped that he would mainly be a spectator in the next few days. That is to say, in the next few days of training, he will not participate in the actual training of the team, and then he will officially start his work when he is familiar with the players. This is also to better understand the team and then make targeted arrangements …
In fact, this is all an excuse. He just wants to take this opportunity to learn more from his two colleagues. Even if you can’t learn the essence, you have to learn the spirit. When the time comes, every gesture on the training ground will make people look like a qualified coach, not an impostor.
But this excuse is very reasonable, so angulo and Seguro have no objection, and they also nodded and praised Changsheng for his thoughtful, and he is indeed an excellent coach-after everyone’s talk before, Changsheng and his two assistants are now very harmonious.
Just as three people were talking, some players appeared on the training ground one after another, and these are all the players of getafe Youth Team.
Seeing that three coaches were already on the training ground, they didn’t dare to neglect, so they quickly came to line up.
Although the list is crooked, it is finally arranged in two rows, which looks like a little bit.
Chang Sheng looked at these young Spanish people and was a little excited.
These are his first teams!
It is the first team of his long March! If he wants to break through a world in this world and create his own future, it will be very important for him and his brother to look at their common dreams and perform in this team!
He is full of emotion, just like a marshal reviewing his troops, reviewing the team in front of him.
Well, the teams can’t stand … but this is a football team, not an army, so it doesn’t matter.
From the faces of these people, it seems that you can’t see how their strength is …
By the way, which of these people is the genius Golka?
Ever-victorious eyes swept over these people’s faces, as if they were extraordinary in genius. Just standing there, you can show the difference between him and others.
Changsheng is looking at his men, and the players of the youth team are also looking at their new coach.
To be honest, many people sigh with disappointment when they see the first side of winning.
Too young …
This is the first thought of many people. As for his skin color, it is hidden behind his young face.
The 27-year-old Chang Sheng is about ten years older than these young people, and he is not as old as the two colleagues around him.
Among a group of older children, it is really unconvincing.
They don’t believe what such a young China person can bring to them.
Chang Sheng quietly observed his soldiers, and then he planned to make a speech to his players and introduce himself.
"To introduce myself, my name is ever-victorious. I will be your head coach from today, and I am very happy to work with you … "
Some of the players yawned secretly with their heads down-nothing new and no level, which really made people feel sleepy. This is their new head coach …
Many people feel that their future in the getafe Youth Team is even darker.
Chang Sheng didn’t realize at all that he had been looked down upon by his minions, and he didn’t realize what influence he would bring to others when he was so young …
He’s still there talking about feeling good about himself. It seems that I want to fully satisfy my various fantasies about the career of head coach in the past 30 years, and "speech master" is naturally one of them. Changsheng thinks that a good enough head coach must be a person with outstanding eloquence. Because only in this way can we arouse the fighting spirit of the players and unite people.
As he said, the butterflies were flying, and he found a figure strolling in from behind the players and at the entrance of the training ground …
He stopped his speech and frowned.
Because he saw the man wearing getafe’s training uniform, obviously, he was a member of the getafe Youth Team.
Seeing that the head coach stopped suddenly, the players were relieved and surprised. Then they found the head coach’s eyes, crossed them and threw them behind them.
Don’t look back, they also know who is here.
Winning stood motionless, but turned to ask angulo and Seguro nearby.
"Who is that man?"
Angulo and Seguro are not fools. They can feel the anger in the ever-victorious tone. They are a little embarrassed. You look at me and I look at you. Finally, angulo gathers up to the ever-victorious ear and whispers: "He is Golka …"
Chapter 15 Now I am the head coach.
Under the gaze of the head coach and other teammates, Golka walked to the players’ phalanx like no one’s watching.
He didn’t even think it was wrong, and he didn’t look at the new head coach standing in front of the players.
It used to happen all the time. He always did this. The former head coach never said anything about him. At most, he just shook his head and laughed at him, and then let him join the team and train together. He likes this kind of criticism, because this kind of criticism is what makes him different, and it is the capital he can show off-you have no chance to get this kind of treatment from the coach! This is not to blame him, it is actually a kind of doting.
At present, getafe’s most promising genius grew up in such a doting way.
But this time, things are a little different.