"Brother Erhu, aren’t we going to buy some home and food? We should buy it soon. Why don’t we go back until evening?" Lin Yue asked inexplicably. Fortunately, when she left early, she was afraid that she would come back late and cooked more food, otherwise she would go hungry when they went back for a few noon in the evening.

"Today is a catch-up day. People in the village take things to the market to sell. It usually takes noon to collect the Chen Shu ox cart. We can’t go back to the village until the evening when everyone is together. We have to take the Chen Shu ox cart and we can wait until the evening." Zhao Erhu smiled and explained that if he had changed his usual life, he would have walked back alone. He often moved in the mountains, but it would take more than an hour to get home and take his little wife out. It would be different if Jiao Jiao was weak and he was willing to take her so tired.
"Did Niu Niu visit the market before?" In ancient times, it was a common thing to catch up once every three to five days. Although the general family was very strict with unmarried women, it was not easy for their daughters to go out and make public appearances, which affected their reputation. However, it would still be accommodating to ask for intercession once in a while. After all, a woman married to her husband’s family was even less free. Zhao Erhu also knew that Lin Yue’s parents were not good to her. There were a lot of things waiting for Lin Yue to do at home, so I’m afraid Lin Yue would not have that leisure time to have fun.
"Me? ….. "Lin Yue also don’t know if Qianlin Erniu ever visited the city. Fortunately, Zhao Erhu suddenly remembered that Lin Yue didn’t remember the past.
"You see, I’m really confused. You don’t remember the past, so I still ask you this question." Zhao Erhu said that he was afraid that Yueyue would be sad because of amnesia, so he proposed to take Yueyue to the market. It happened that many things at home had to be added to see if there were any suitable things. It was cheaper to buy things in the general market than to buy them in the shop. Go to the market first and pick what was missing before buying them in the shop.
"I really can’t remember the slightest bit," said Lin Yue at the right time, and frowned slightly, pretending to try hard but can’t remember, which is very corrective.
"If you can’t remember it, don’t think about it. What’s the matter? After you know it, I will treat you well and let you have a good life. I will take you to the market now." Zhao Erhu doesn’t like Lin Yue to think about the past. She wrapped her hands around Lin Yue and took her forward.
Yue4 listens to Zhao Erhu to take her to the city, and nods with her eyes flashing, saying that when she was a child, she went to the city with her grandfather to catch up with Japan and sold some food and gadgets made by her grandfather. My impression is a little blurred. I remember that the city is very busy and people don’t know what it was like in ancient times. It’s really curious.
Zhao Erhu took Lin Yue all the way to the city, passing by a noodle shop and suddenly stopped. Lin Yue didn’t know what happened and looked at Zhao Erhu. "What happened to Brother Erhu? Why did he suddenly stop?"
Zhao Erhu also saw the noodle shop and remembered that it was almost noon. They still came out to eat something early in the morning. He himself was a little hungry, and his wife ate so little. "Niu Niu has been hungry for so long. Let’s eat something first and then go shopping."
Lin Yue is really hungry now. Zhao Erhu wants to take her to eat. Naturally, she has no opinion. Is it a little expensive for her to listen to Xiao Er shouting a bowl of clear soup noodles?
Lin Yue followed Zhao Erhu to find a place in a small shop and took a special look at the next table. A big man’s point was a bowl of clear soup noodles with a few oil stars floating in it. He didn’t put anything in it, just put the noodles in clear water, boiled them, fished them up, and then added some salt. Then he looked at the big man’s rudeness and popularity. Lin Yue suddenly lost his appetite.
Zhao Erhu also felt a little expensive. He ordered a bowl of clear noodle soup. He also asked for a bowl of noodle soup for two pence. This man is really more and more tempting. Lin Yue didn’t let Zhao Erhu buy another bowl. Anyway, she has no appetite now. She ate two bites and pushed the bowl to Zhao Erhu.
"How can Niu Niu eat so little and not like it?" Zhao Erhu looked at Lin Yue and pushed the bowl with a frown. No wonder he was so thin and ate a little bit of it every meal. Chapter 13 was wrong first.
Lin Yue didn’t do it, which means that this noodle is really not delicious, but it’s not too bad to swallow. It’s still much more delicious than the dry and hard bread she ate the day before. She saw Zhao Erhu, a big man, eating like a pig, so how can she drink such a bowl of noodle soup at noon?
Lin Yue really doesn’t look like a poor family. If Qianlin Erniu can have such a bowl of noodles, she would be very happy. Zhao Erhu didn’t think much about it, but in his opinion, this noodle soup is already very delicious. Zhao Erhu also persuaded Lin Yue to insist on refusing to eat any more. She was a little unhappy. She took up the bowl and shoveled it, thinking that she must correct her fault of picking a mouth. This time, let’s follow her for the time being. I’ll buy some food for her later. I can’t just eat so little.
After eating noodles, Zhao Erhu took Lin Yue to a bakery and asked the shopkeeper to pack two pieces of meat and wrap them up. Lin Yue remembered that when she ate bread a few times at home, she was greedy and urged Zhao Erhu to buy more to go back and pick up the children. Lin Yue did this in addition to cherishing a few children. She was not stupid enough to be unaware of the hostility of several children to her. Two small ones were better, especially Jiro simply regarded her as an enemy. After all, it was not a matter that everyone had to live together all the time.
At this time, the bread is not cheap. The fermentation technology is in the hands of a few people. Ordinary people will die and do some food. The most common thing is that the bread eaten two days before Lin Yue is dry, hard and fragrant. It can’t be compared with the poor family who can afford this bread. It’s also better for others to eat. I didn’t see a few small eyes staring at the bread. The greedy Zhao Erhu’s wife only gritted her teeth and bought two meat buns. This meeting with Lin Yueyang hesitated for a while, but she agreed to buy more buns instead of meat buns.
"The guest official, please take a total of ten articles." The boss of the package shop wrapped the package and the steamed bread in oiled paper, grinning at Zhao Erhu, and said, "I thought this Han looks very down and out, wearing several patches. I didn’t expect to make a generous move. It’s really a gold mine that glitters. Zhao Erhu certainly knows what the package steamed bread sells, and he is ready to pay for it. He was stopped by Lin Yue."
"Wait, boss, did you miscalculate before we bought two packages and five steamed buns? Why do you need ten pence? You won’t be bullying our cultivators and not knowing how to count! " Lin Yue was a little angry and said that in her cognition, wrapping steamed buns is just the cheapest food, and only two or three pence is enough. You know, eggs are only sold for four pence, and now two packages of five steamed buns will charge her ten pence. Isn’t that cheating them? This package is really dishonest
Lin Yue thinks so much, and the boss of the bag shop pulled him to his face when he heard Lin Yue say so. Li Er has been selling bags in this street for several years. Although some people are interested, they have never overcharged customers by a penny. Now they are slandered by such a young girl and overcharged them. Isn’t this intentional to ruin his name? It’s really unbearable for him to do business here. He just said that these two people are poor and don’t like to afford bags. It really happened.
As soon as Lin Yue’s words were exported, Zhao Erhu knew that they had offended people. More than one shop in Xin ‘an City was at this price. The little wife really forgot everything before. Otherwise, she couldn’t say this. Looking at the boss of the shop, she obviously wanted to be angry. Zhao Erhu quickly stopped Lin Yue from apologizing before going on.
"I’m sorry for the boss. My wife was seriously ill the other day, and there is still some confusion. I didn’t mean to say that. If you have a lot of adults, don’t dispute with my wife. I’ll make an apology to you here, right? I’ll give it to you." Zhao Erhu said with haha
Listen to Zhao Erhu, Lin Yue knows that even the package here is so expensive. Seeing Zhao Erhu has to pay, he quickly stopped him. "We don’t buy the second tiger elder brother’s package is so expensive. With this money, we can buy flour and meat to go home and make more packages. Let’s go shopping." Lin Yue took Zhao Erhu and left.
When the boss of the package shop heard Lin Yue’s words, his face became more and more ugly. He disdained to look at Lin Yue’s words with irony. "It’s a joke that this package is made by me as a chef in Wangfu. It’s not for anyone. Otherwise, if I don’t open this package shop, who else will you be a village woman? If you can’t afford it, get out of here and don’t delay my business here."
"Why don’t you talk?" Lin Yue listened to the boss’s words so ugly and was angry. He was trying to make a few theoretical remarks. He was caught by Zhao Erhu. Zhao Erhu knew that his little wife was unwilling to spend money, but how could such a small person be so daring on weekdays? That posture was really a bit like a village bitch, but the momentum was a little weak. He didn’t want his little wife to become like this, so it seems that he still had to teach it well.
"Niu Niu is obedient and stop that now" Zhao Erhu’s tone is a little harsh. He is not a good person. He doesn’t want to have a conflict with people because of this trivial matter, or he is wrong on his own side.
"But …" Lin Yue also wants to say something. It’s rare for Zhao Erhu to look at herself with such a serious expression. In this age when women have no autonomy, it’s better for her to be honest. It’s not good for Zhao Erhu to detect the secret in her body. Finally, Lin Yue disagreed with Zhao Erhu, the boss of the bag shop, and spent thirty pence to buy two meat buns.
Lin Yue is holding a freshly baked hot bag in his hand. Although the owner of the bag shop is unhappy, it is still very heavy. A bag is smaller than her palm, so there are two modern ones. It can be seen that the food is still full, but the fat is too much for people to eat. Lin Yuecai ate half and was a little full.
"Emoko, I can’t eat this for you." Lin Yue knew that Zhao Erhu wouldn’t abandon his eating, so he stuffed the remaining half of his hand and the bags wrapped in oil paper to Zhao Erhu. But this time, Zhao Erhu didn’t force Lin Yue to finish the two bags. Later, when Lin Yue really couldn’t eat it, he gave the remaining half a bag to a few stutterers. Chapter 14, Chapter 14, a taste.
When the city was busy, people came and went to peddle a piece of Lin Yue. I was interested in shopping, and I met a woman named Chunxi who was riding in an ox cart with the same village. She sold her own ears and purses, as well as more than a dozen eggs and several cans of pickles. Perhaps it was because of her poor face that she was embarrassed to peddle things, and few people paid attention to it.
"What a coincidence that Chunxi’s sister-in-law met us again so soon." Lin Yue smiled and greeted Chunxi.
"Sister, why don’t you come shopping with your" xianggong "?" Chun Xi saw Lin Yue’s face also smiling, and put away the previous things that were not sold, depressed and envious.
Lin Yue has a good impression of Chunxi, and she wants to help her think that there are not many cans of pickles at home. Just buy two cans of vegetables that are not in season in the field, that is, wild vegetables, and they haven’t grown up to eat meat. It is good for these poor families to eat once or twice a month. Usually, they eat pickles at most, so ordinary people will pickle several jars of pickles at home before winter.
Lin Yue tasted the pickles made by Chun Xi, although the taste can’t be compared with that made by her former grandfather, but it is faster than that of the jar at home. The pickles are still delicious. Many jars of pickles are wiped clean, so you can know that Chun Xi’s sister-in-law is also a clean eater and feels at ease. Even Lin Yue doesn’t bargain for twenty dollars per jar.
Everyone likes to have a fun shopping. A woman saw Lin Yue taste pickles and tasted them. She thought it tasted good, and she bought a jar of pickles. Later, more people spread it out. Soon Chunxi brought a few cans of pickles and sold them out. A few of them bought those two cans of pickles for others because Lin Yue was not enough. Anyway, Chunxi didn’t expect to sell them so well today. She brought four cans of pickles, but there were still many at home, so she agreed with Lin Yue to send them to her in the afternoon.
Although there are many things in the city, they need to buy a few. Lin Yuesan bought some small things and bought a few strings. Sugar-Coated Berry ate a string himself, left a few strings and went home to pick up a few small ones
"Wait for the second tiger elder brother, let’s buy a wooden basin to go home." Lin Yue passed by a wooden stall and remembered that it was not convenient to wash his face and vegetables in a wooden bucket at home. Moreover, she was not used to mixing it with Zhao Erhu and asked him to buy a wooden basin to go back. This time, Zhao Erhu didn’t agree.
"If you don’t buy this, I’ll make it for you. You can have as many as you want."
"Emoko, will you still be a carpenter? It’s really amazing. "Asked Lin Yue curiously. I didn’t expect this man to be able to hunt, cook and do anything. Now he still has a good potential as a carpenter.
Zhao Erhu was somewhat embarrassed by Lin Yue’s boast. "This is nothing. Poor people can’t eat enough for a living. How can they have spare money to buy these things? Everything is done by themselves. Anyway, the wood in the mountains doesn’t cost money. These small things will be slowly pondered. There is no real carpenter to make exquisite things."
Zhao Erhu came to the city to buy some food at a cheaper price, but this time it was unfortunate that the harvest was bad last year, and there were fewer people selling food in the city. There were two places to sell, such as white rice with a lot of bran and some unfinished gravel. Zhao Erhu took a look at the delicate and picky kannika nimtragol and finally decided to buy it at the grain store.
There is a medium price difference in white rice, and there is a lot of difference, such as 20 pence a kilo of medium rice, 10 pence a kilo of medium rice, 10 pence a kilo of medium rice, etc. The rice grains are even and full with a fragrance, which looks good, but it’s too expensive. Although it’s cheap, it’s hard to clean it, even if you see it in the previous market, it’s mixed with bran and gravel. Although it’s not as good as waiting for the rice grains to be even and full, the rice grains are finely broken but better than clean.
Zhao Erhu spent more than one hundred taels of silver to buy ten catties of medium-sized white rice, and bought so much food at one time. He also thought that he would not come to the city for a long time before hunting in other mountains, so he bought more to prepare. In addition to white rice, Zhao Erhu bought twenty catties of white flour and went to sell fur for six hundred taels of silver, but he didn’t hold the heat to buy food, so he went to two taels.
It’s not that Zhao Erhu doesn’t feel bad about spending money like this, but there’s no way to make him feel bad about his wife, Dr. Zheng, but he promised to mend his wife’s body, and he also wanted to fatten her up in vain and grow up early, otherwise it’s really a torture thing to look at Jiao Jiao’s soft little wife all day long and not be able to get her hands, especially if she eats animal products, it’s more and more hard to endure.
"Brother Erhu, why are you looking at me like this? Is there something dirty on my face?" Yue4 see Zhao Erhu dribbling suddenly looked at his uncomfortable stretched out his hand and touched his face.
"It’s the most important thing to have a good meal and keep fit after buying so much food," said Zhao Erhu, who didn’t understand the deep meaning in the words. Zhao Erhu was getting warmer and warmer in his heart and body
"Well, don’t worry, Erhu, I will have a good meal and raise myself strong." Lin Yue said with a smile on his face. The unlucky child didn’t know what Zhao Erhu was up to or he would have cried.
"Niu Niu is really good." Zhao Erhu became more satisfied with the spoil when he saw Lin Yue’s clever sample. He rubbed Lin Yue’s head and still sent the food to the grain store. He took Lin Yue to the pork shop in front of the street to raise his wife and eat in vain, no matter how much you have to eat.
It’s better to catch up with the Japanese and have more business than usual. The butcher slaughtered a big fat pig in Lin Yue. When they went there, they had sold more than half of the glistening fat. It’s gratifying to see that people generally have a hard life these days. Everyone likes oil and water. Fat meat is more expensive than lean meat. A catty of lean meat is fully less than 12 articles. It’s cheaper to buy so much fat. After all, lean meat and firewood are nothing to eat.
"Today, this pork is good. Give me five catties of fat." Zhao Erhu said generously, which made the butcher look twice. In addition to a few rich days in the city, he came here to buy pork. Most of them were called a catty and a half. This Han doesn’t look like a rich man. It was only at home that he bought it. Chapter 15 is sit up and take notice.
"Okay," the butcher should cut the meat quickly and weigh it, but it’s just over five kilograms. With a nod, he wiped it and packed it.
Because the price difference between fat meat and lean meat is quite big, the butcher is a kind person. He didn’t even look at any lean meat in five pounds of fat meat. She was tired of watching Lin Yue for a while, but she didn’t eat fat meat since she was a child. "Brother Erhu, why don’t we buy some lean meat?"
This little request Zhao Erhu naturally won’t refuse to let the butcher weigh two catties of lean meat. He also wants to buy a pig’s trotters and stew them for Lin Yue, but unfortunately they are all sold out today, except for pork, which leaves pig water and clean shavings, and even a little meat is not seen.
Lin Yue remembered that in the novel she read before, it was written that no one ate pig water in ancient times and didn’t want money. At one time, it became the secret skill of the hostess, so she asked, "Brother, how much is this pig water?"
It can be seen that the meat stalls have not yet sold pig water and pig bones. These two things are really not very popular, but they are not free of money. How to say it is also cheaper than pork. "A penny for pig bones and a catty of pig water depends on how you buy it. A pair of pig livers and pig hearts are two pence. If you buy a total of pence together,"
In fact, apart from the fact that the butcher’s eldest brother said that no one bought these leftover pork bellies, pig intestines and pig loins, but many people were unwilling to buy them because of the extra penny. For Lin Yue, there were so many things in the pig water that it was a good deal to pay a catty. Mainly, she also liked to eat them.
When Zhao Erhu saw that Yue Yue wanted to buy pig water, his eyebrows were locked. He thought that these were not good things to eat, which was good for his health. The little wife must have wanted to buy it in order to save money and be greedy. How could he let her eat this thing? "Niu Niu, these things are not delicious, there is no oil and water, and it is also strange that we don’t eat this. Brother Erhu bought so much meat to go home to cook the meat for you."
"Erhuge, I like to eat this. Buy it for me, ok? You can buy so many things with money." Yuezhao Erhu said that she was afraid of wasting money and money, which made Zhao Erhu more convinced that her little wife had to save money to buy pig water, but looking at her dark eyes and hoping to look at herself, Zhao Erhu was really a little overwhelmed.
In the end, Zhao Erhu didn’t stick to the principle of ten pence to buy pig water and pig bones. It wasn’t because Lin Yue said how delicious pig water was. It’s not that he hasn’t eaten it before, but his wife insisted on buying it. He couldn’t refuse to spend money to buy it. It’s no good throwing it away. It’s a big deal for her to eat meat. He can eat pig water.
Such a big fat pig, pig water and pig bones are full of a big basket. Because there is nothing to put in the basket, the butcher borrowed it from Chen Laohan and asked him to bring it to town.
Yueyue went to the grocery store to buy needle and thread, and so on. She wandered around for a day, and when she returned to the village by oxcart in the afternoon, most of the things in the oxcart were almost impossible for them to let go. The village women looked at Yueyue and they bought so many things back, but they were also jealous, especially when they saw the good cotton cloth, and thought that this foolish man was a pain in his wife. Which Chinese was willing to spend money to buy such a good cloth for his wife?
So jealous and jealous, Lin Yue can’t feel a straight face, but she is secretly alert. Don’t underestimate these women’s jealousy. Fortunately, before they moved things to the ox cart, they also concealed some kind of rice flour and what sacks were tied up so tightly that they couldn’t see what was inside.
"Yo, big sister, this sack is filled with food, isn’t it? It looks heavy. Erhu is really a painful wife. You just went through the door a few days ago and Baba bought so much food to go home for fear that you wouldn’t have enough to eat." A fat woman said with sour words that the shrill voice was very harsh.
Previously, Zhao Erhu had told Lin Yue the identity of several women who came to town by ox cart together, and specially told Lin Yue not to deal with this fat woman because she was afraid that Lin Yue would suffer in her hands. She said that this fat woman was a famous bitch named Li Guihua, a wife of Zhao Ergou in the village, who was mean and liked to gossip about others behind her back. Just listening to her just a few words was really sinister. If Lin Yue did not answer well, her name would be broken.
"Look, Aunt Osmanthus said that this has nothing to do with me. It’s really that there is no pot of rice at home. Today, I’m rushing to buy some food. It just happens to be cheap in the city. It’s just that this rice is a little moldy when it’s wet, but what’s the matter? It’s not the key that this rice is cheap. After thinking about it, Emoko bought more, but it won’t be so cheap."
Lin Yue said how much cheaper she was, which made Li Guihua feel disdainful and jealous. She felt that the Erhu family was really ignorant and strange. It was a poor place to come here. Mi Mo said that selling a catty of paper money was to give it to her, and she didn’t eat it either.
Zhao Erhu suffered from the gossip in the village. The harm is that she knows that these women with long hair and short knowledge are afraid that her wife is too sincere to say anything. It happened that he spoke before stopping her. Seeing Lin Yue’s face is not red, she is not panting, and she lied to Li Guihua. At the same time, Zhao Erhu was relieved and looked at her with new eyes. It seems that his wife is timid but not prejudiced and clever. Even Li Guihua was deceived by her. Otherwise, if people know that they bought so many medium-sized white rice to go home, they will inevitably come to his house to fight famine and take advantage.