I feel a little unlikely in my heart, but she can’t admit her mistake when she sees that man at the airport today.

"Who are you like you?" Persimmon words interrupted her thinking.
Momo peach also don’t want to, this is home, everything else aside.
"So I’m super good." Taotao thought it was a child and praised her. Her eyes bent and smiled to show her white teeth.
"It’s very bad to act before acting." Persimmon grumpily put people back and glanced at the’ accomplice’ next to it, which was even worse.
"It’s bad for Ah Ho."
"I’m not this kind of person," corrected Momo, who denied the accusation. "We are making progress together."
Persimmon sneer
Lin Qinghe’ clever’ sat aside and did not interfere with the struggle between the two sisters.
He can’t afford to offend any of them
The two sisters fought and finally persimmon was suppressed by force.
Afterwards, she went there to take food and drink and put it here to watch this Momo peach and Lin Qinghe hum a.
"Come back this time?"
"I graduated from my place, and you don’t even know how much I watched there." Momo Tao couldn’t help complaining in a broken voice, and said confidently after complaining.
"So I brought back everything I saw there and brought a few more sets to donate to it."
She plausibly said, "Let’s make progress together."
"…" Persimmon spit.
Although donations are good for schools and students from a serious perspective, from a practical perspective.
This little cub obviously wants to be in trouble together.
Then I think that when I was tutored, I couldn’t help but worry about her students.
This cub is just being accommodating.
"That you work behind you? Is it at school? "
"Well, it’s good to report back to school in two days."
"So Hou and Xiao Qi are colleagues?" Persimmon eyebrows
Qu Qi is also a teacher in their school.
"Hee hee," Momo Tao said proudly, "That’s still a little different. I have a higher level and better treatment."
Actually, Qu Qi is a teacher of some elective courses, but she takes professional courses directly.
It’s better than saying that someone else’s promotion is poor and her resume is poor. Then just wait until the time comes.
Other achievement requirements have already been met.
Before two years is more than possible, she will be asked to take graduate students.
"So I still want to be better." Momo crossed the peach but was proud.
"Oh?" Persimmon is a little surprised and a little unexpected.
It’s normal for her family to live in Momo, no matter how fierce she is.
"What about Ah He?" She asked again
"I may still run on both sides behind me, but it’s mainly here," Lin Qinghe said.
In fact, it will be more troublesome to come. After all, his research country is still in its infancy, and it is difficult to get to the root.
But this is not the case. With sufficient funds, many things will be solved.
Persimmon rest assured
But a second Momo peach descended a sparkling eyes looked at her triumphantly and said.
"Guess how much money I made?"
Persimmon eyebrows
It makes a lot of money looking at a small appearance.
She didn’t expect any return when she invested money to let her play and practice her hands by herself.
She doesn’t know much about stocks, but it’s only been two or three years since Momo Peach was young.
"Hundreds of thousands?" She guessed
According to her understanding, if it was tens of thousands, this little guy wouldn’t be so excited.
Let her think about it. The total initial capital can be almost 500 thousand. It’s not bad to earn hundreds of thousands in two years, but it’s not enough for persimmon now
But …
"Not bad, make persistent efforts." Momo Peach is still young after all, and it has just started. Persimmon is still very satisfied with this.