Jose Passareira almost blurted out, "Great!"

The quick answer surprised Chang Sheng and angulo nearby.
Then the two coaches laughed.
Passareira also some embarrassed, his answer is too urgent … What if he is looked down upon?
In the laughter, Changsheng said to Passareira, who was in embarrassment: "There is one thing I need to make clear to you-the first team is not as beautiful as you think …"
Then he briefly introduced the problems that Passareira had to face.
Angulo beside is not the first time to listen to, these words always win away Carlos Campo from him, also once said in front of him.
Changsheng didn’t hide the problems he encountered, nor did he cheat young children about the problems they had to face. angulo especially appreciated Changsheng, and his heart was really worthy of my favor!
He always tells young people the problems he will face, and then gives them the right to choose freely.
After listening to the words of the ever-victorious, Passareira acted very calmly, which made angulo on the sidelines interested.
You know, the previous Carlos Campo, after hearing this, was surprised and then angry, clamoring for the boss to settle those people. Although naive, in angulo’s view, this is what a normal child should do.
Passareira was so calm, as if he had already known this situation.
Changsheng also saw something wrong.
He said to Passareira, "It seems that you are already mentally prepared?"
Passareira nodded: "In fact, when I saw the starting lineup of the first team in the last game, I affirmed this, boss."
Changsheng was surprised: "How do you know?"
"There are factions in the dressing room of team C, boss, so I don’t believe it will be as clean as a blank sheet of paper in the dressing room of the first team." Passareira said quietly.
Changsheng looked at the obviously precocious child and then laughed loudly.
Because it suddenly occurred to him that such a young man appeared in the dressing room of the first team, coupled with Carlos Campo, what an interesting thing it would be!
I’m afraid those bastards don’t have the energy to be right with themselves anymore, because they have to deal with a rapidly rising emerging force in the locker room first!
After laughing, Chang Sheng said loudly, "Good! But it’s more than that. I didn’t ask you to go to the first team to gain experience, Jose. Actually … I’m going to let you start in the next round of the league! "
Next to angulo thought he heard wrong.
Jose Passareira, who used to look calm when facing the complicated dressing room situation, also looked surprised at this time.
Looking at Passareira’s surprise, Chang Sheng continued: "To be honest, I have no one available, and the rest of them are either unwilling to be used by me, or I am disdainful … I am short of manpower, and I still need one person in the central defender. You are going to fill this vacancy, Jose. You don’t have time to adapt to the professional league. I want you to play your role right away, just like that game. Can you do it? "
He mentioned the game, and Jose Passareira’s thoughts went back to six months ago in an instant. It was a game and a debut that he changed his destiny …
Since then, his whole life has undergone earth-shaking changes.
It was also a expect the unexpected, making an unprepared appearance.
The team’s central defender was sent off with a red card, so we must strengthen our defense and fill in this loophole.
At this time, the boss found him and asked him to play.
He agreed without hesitation, just as he promised to go to the first team without hesitation today.
Is this the inevitability of fate?
Jose Passareira spoke after a brief surprise. He said, "If I can’t do it, boss, will you be driven away? Just like that time in team C, right? "
Changsheng touched his nose. How does this boy know everything?
"Hey, that’s not your problem, boy." He said to Jose Passareira.
In fact, Passareira already knows the answer. He said seriously, "Then I will definitely do it!"
"Hey, don’t talk big!"
"Just as the boss said that you would lead the team to avoid relegation successfully, so will I!" Jose Passareira ignored the ever-victorious speech and repeated it for sure.
Ever-victorious found out why he would look at this boy so pleasing to the eye, because the two of them are basically the same kind of people!
In order to win, in order to believe, you can have confidence beyond your own strength. When no one appreciates this kind of confidence, it is an idiotic dream, a crazy talk, a fool or an idiot.
However, in fact, it is only clear that it is always winning. Behind this self-confidence beyond others’ understanding is a heart that never gives up, and an obsession that never wants to be a loser again.
Perhaps only people who have experienced the same thoughts can understand each other.
So Chang Sheng didn’t criticize Jose Passareira for his arrogance, but slapped Passareira on the shoulder very hard, raised his head slightly and said, "Good! Have ambition! Come with me now! "
Passareira hesitated: "Now? I don’t have to tidy up … "
Changsheng waved his hand: "We don’t have time to waste, Jose. Coming back after training will give you a chance to say goodbye to your teammates in Team C. "
With that, he took Passareira away.
Angulo looked at the back of two people leaving, relishing what he had just seen, and then he shook his head.