He put his arm around her and sat aside.

Hold her in your arms and touch her head. "Why does the cloud suddenly want the child to tell me so much?"
What a beautiful face [
A red face is like a lotus flower, and a thin waist is like a fairy.
This face, which once fascinated him, looks so calm now.
There is not even a trace of throbbing.
Once again, my heart was confused.
She is still so beautiful … This face is still so fascinating.
What the hell is wrong?
He was not happy when she wanted to have children of her own.
He has won her heart but not the joy he imagined?
The trace of the silent moon is deeply puzzled and also puzzled.
He still doesn’t want to believe this girl who has been infatuated with him for hundreds of years, and he really doesn’t like it.
If the cloud moved his lips slightly and looked at him intently, "Liuji is because I like you."
Her lips evoked a bitter smile and said softly, "Isn’t it normal to want to like having a child?"
What is the real reason is clear to her.
Because I feel I can’t figure out the man in front of me.
Feel that he may leave himself one day.
I feel that she can’t hold on to him anymore.
Women’s intuition is very accurate.
Because she was afraid that the child she wanted would hold him.
With their children, they will always pull [
Ji Yue Liu Yan looked at her with her eyes straight and her expression seemed serious.
It feels as if he is listening to her carefully again.
Ruoyun bit his lip and said with a wry smile, "Is it difficult for you to ask for a flow mark?"
"No … Section 1115: Do you really still love me?
It feels as if he is listening to her carefully.
Ruoyun bit his lip and said with a wry smile, "Is it difficult for you to ask for a flow mark?"
"It’s not like this …"
Silent moon with a sigh and a hand hugging her.
His present situation … is not suitable for considering children [
Besides, he doesn’t want to have children until he knows his heart.
"The cloud, I can’t consider the problem of children now."
At last, he had no excuse to deceive her because she was unfit to conceive.
If the cloud looked at him with loss and said quietly, "Then when is the right time?"
"If it’s the flower princess, you don’t want her. Do you have children?"
Silent Moon Liuji frowned and said calmly, "Ruoyun, are you doubting my words?"
If the cloud gently shook his head, "I am … I am afraid …"
When she spoke, her whole body trembled slightly.
Silent moon flow mark leng leng, dark and deep eyes gently flashing a "what are you … afraid of?"
If the cloud hugged him and said in a low voice, "I’m afraid you won’t have me in your heart anymore …"
"Afraid that one day you will not want me, afraid that you will like the princess, afraid …"
She didn’t say anything else, she was crying in a low voice.
Silent moon with a sigh bowed their heads and kissed her lips gently.
"How could I not want you in the cloud …"
"I tried my best to save you. How could I not want you?"
If the cloud closes its eyes and its long eyelashes quiver gently, he will kiss himself.
"Liuji … Do you really still love me?"
After a lingering kiss, she blushed and looked at him with blurred eyes.
Touch her face and look at her for a while before slowly saying, "If I really loved a woman, you are the one" [
If the cloud was silent for a moment and smiled, "Really? Do you really still love me? "