"Your body is where all the extraordinary meanings lie."

"The temple … do you want to choose another E-class natural disaster world to try water for a change?"
And the other side
Su Jiao has been uneasy since she was taken away by Yan Liu.
He heard that Yan Liu took Su Jiao for a whole day in class, and nothing unusual happened. At the same time, he missed Su Jiao as if he were possessed.
Think of his amber eyes, think of his slightly absent eyes in the rose moonlight, think of his fluffy black hair shirt, thin body and half jade clavicle
Then he couldn’t stop being upset. He didn’t know what was wrong with himself, like he had a disease.
After a busy day’s work, he unconsciously drove to the villa in the western suburbs and was annoyed when he reacted. So he just arrived at the door and another 360-degree great bend drove away, which made him very surprised to see the master coming home from the monitor to meet the housekeeper.
He went to the banquet house, opened expensive wine at the bar, drank as drunk as a fiddler, and went to the exhibition hall with a pearl amulet, looking at those sky-high prices and inviting top painters to draw pictures.
In the picture scroll, God looks sideways and looks like a galaxy’s earlobe, and pearl tassels are rolling with snow.
Feast blame is almost greedy. Touch God’s silver hair, white neck and pearl tassel.
The thick belly refers to the temperature of ink and rice paper, but he seems to have mercy from this paper and ink
be close/near at hand
Out of reach
He laughed at himself. "Ha …"
No one told him whether it was right or not. It shouldn’t be that he couldn’t help but always think of that young man who was absolutely gorgeous in Amb Lee.
When the housekeeper came, she saw that the banquet was drunk. He was stunned and quickly called someone to come and take people back to the bedroom.
"Congratulations to the players for joining the world of natural disasters!"
"The world of natural disasters … rolls the dice …"
"The choice is successful!"
The thick mountain breeze confuses people’s eyes, and the pines are covered with layers of thick snow white, dazzling and stinging.
Banquet blame opened his eyes and found himself stuck in the thick snow with his sleigh legs on his back.
He looked down and saw his own ski equipment, and he was holding an ice sculpture and jade carving boy.
He soon realized that he had become a player as before and entered Rush’s "natural disaster world"
But …
The little boy snorted, his cheeks were red with cold, and his eyes were pure and beautiful. "It’s so cold here."
Hangover pain faintly floating banquet blame identification for a while hoarse voice asked "pity?"
The little boy blinked. "Brother?"
As soon as the banquet was blamed, I suddenly realized something. His voice was hoarse and his body seemed to shrink.
He consciously looked around here, where the snow was cold and snowy, covered with pine trees and the ground, and not far away, he could see the roof covered with thick snow with local characteristics, and there was a faint figure like ants in the scattered houses-there was no doubt that it was a resort
Everything seems normal except that he suddenly became smaller-if the resort didn’t turn into ruins in the memory of the banquet and impress him.
Feast blame fierce clenched feast flow wrist.
"Well … it hurts …"
A familiar robot boy came to his ear-
"Avalanche will open in 1 minute! Please be prepared to escape! "
The banquet blamed the pupil for shrinking and dragging the little boy away. "Go!"
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Don’t be afraid it’s just a small avalanche …