Leading by two goals

However, Linsen on the sidelines still dare not relax, and Manchester City still dare not relax.
In an ordinary game, a score of 2-0 will be said to have mastered the absolute initiative at half-time, and at half-time, especially when there is not much time left in the game, it will be said to be a sealed victory, but this is not an ordinary game. It is a knockout game. Two 90-minute games add up to a 100-minute game, let alone a half-time result. Even one game can’t be said to decide everything.
What’s more, there is a goal away from home in the knockout stage.
It looks very good to be two goals ahead of Manchester City, but in fact, Liverpool needs to score a goal, so the outcome will be unpredictable, because it will be an away goal, which means that Liverpool will return to home. If optimistic, the theory needs to score a goal to eliminate Manchester City.
The simple thing is that Manchester City still need to concentrate and strive to continue to expand the score, because only in this way can they be more from the second leg.
In the fans’ songs, Linsen looked serious while Benitez looked angry.
The reason for the anger comes from the defense. Because almost all the two goals were given by the players, the first goal should not be rushed forward when Kuyt has already taken part in the attack, while the second goal is responsible for guarding David Silva Lucas. It should not be thrown away so easily.
Two goals behind, now Liverpool hope to pin their hopes on attack.
But now Liverpool’s attack is also in trouble. The arrow figure Torres root can’t take advantage of Kong Pani. Babel on the left and Kuyt on the right are also defending more than attacking in the contest with Robert.
Judging from the current situation of the game, it is suspected that Manchester City has occupied the square in the third contest of the season, but Linsen knows that the situation has changed compared with the previous two games, and he has somewhat taken advantage of the uneven formation of some opponents.
First of all, Torres has just returned from injury, and secondly, Liverpool still lacks a key player, that is, Argentine Mascherano. You should know that this Argentine iron waist is still the best player in the first contest between the two sides, and he locked up the Manchester City core David Silva in both contests, but the Argentine was absent from the game due to injury. Benitez gave the replacement to 22-year-old Brazilian Lucas, but he is far from Mascherano. The simplest measure is David Silva’s performance.
Two key figures, one missing and one out of shape, Liverpool can still count on one person they have been counting on for a long time, that is their captain Steven Gerrard.
It was Gerrard who met his opponent in the same game, that is, vidal
Vidal, who has been in excellent form recently, is different from Harvey Martins, who still has ups and downs from time to time. After half a season of running-in, he has gradually become an indispensable figure in Manchester City’s midfield. Lin Sen gave him a game to keep an eye on Steven Gerrard, especially to guard against the other side’s long-range shot, because it was Steven Gerrard’s last-minute long-range shot that cost Manchester City three points.
So far, vidal has done a good job, and the Liverpool captain has not created any fatal opportunities
In the seventy-first minute of the game, Benitez finally lost patience. He made a last-ditch attempt and replaced three people.
Aquilani, Voronin, and Liera are in battle.
But not all the last attempts can work, and it is not certain that the attack will be strengthened by changing the attacking players.
When the referee blew the whistle, the city stadium burst into a warm applause, and the score was 2-0.
In the first round, Manchester City won two goals and sealed the opponent to be continued.
Chapter 90 Race
Like Ferguson’s passion for horse racing, there will always be people left behind in the final chase.
Three days after Manchester City defeated Liverpool, Arsenal took the lead in the 32nd round of Premier League.
In the away game against Burnham, Arsenal finally scored a goal from Nasri, and just as Arsenal fans were preparing to celebrate another victory, a Manchester City player helped his old club in the second minute of stoppage time. A goal was given to Manchester City four times and even Slade.
Unlike Arsenal, this round of other strong teams have scored big victories, among which Chelsea’s 7-1 bloody victory over Aston Villa at home is the craziest. Aston Villa once beat Chelsea in the first leg, while Manchester United swept Bolton four goals away. Even Liverpool, which just lost to Manchester City in Europe, won Sunderland a 3-0 victory at home.
Manchester city? Lin Sen still chose to rotate, but the score was not big enough, but it was enough for two-to-one.
After a 90-minute battle at Anfield Stadium on April, Manchester City finally reached the semi-finals of the Europa League by drawing Liverpool 1-1 away and 3-1.
After the game, Benitez blamed the team’s elimination on the team’s injuries. He said it was true that Liverpool really suffered from injuries this season, not to mention Alonso body double’s introduction of Italian midfielder Aquilani. Today, the number of games on all fronts is only 15, not to mention the key players Torres and Mascherano.
However, after singing "You will never walk alone" in the stands of Anfield Stadium for 90 minutes, Liverpool fans not only raised the slogan of telling Benitez to fuck off in the stands, but also said in an interview with reporters outside the stadium after the game that Benitez was the one who caused the team’s season difficulties, and it was a decision to let Alonso go.
Not everyone can be Ferguson, even Ferguson was scolded as a waste by Manchester United fans at the beginning of his coaching at Manchester United, and shouted out "fuck off". For fans, the head coach has always had limited patience. You will never walk alone? Liverpool have brought a Champions League. If Benitez thinks this sentence is also suitable for himself, he is wrong. It is outrageous.
Linsen has some sympathy for Benitez because he knows it is a foregone conclusion that Benitez will leave Liverpool after this game.
Talking about the name "Don’t die a rabbit" has frequently appeared in the city stadium bleachers’ songs. Lin Sen’s position in the eyes of Manchester City fans is rising. At this time, it is obviously inappropriate to say that Benitez is today, but football is the same as football in the past. Now Lin Sen treats Liverpool fans in this way. He made up Benitez’s songs. At that time, Benitez was waiting for high spirits. Could he have thought of today’s game?
Linsen doesn’t know if he will have that day, but obviously he won’t wait for that day to come before making a choice.
On April 12, there were still people left behind in the 33rd round of the Premier League. This time it was Manchester United. Of course, this was not good news for Lin Sen, because beating Manchester United was closer to Chelsea.
In the 19th minute of the peak matchup at Old Trafford, Malouda broke the ball on the left, and Joe Cole scored Chelsea’s first goal with his back to the heel of the goal. Then the two sides fell into a scuffle until the 79th minute, when Kalou Drogba scored a goal less than 10 meters from the right side of the penalty area. Although he played a realistic goal in Manchester United less than 10 minutes after coming off the bench, Italian teenager Macheda helped Manchester United narrow the score to 1-2, but Manchester United has already made great efforts.
However, after the game, the focus was not on the score, but on the referee’s goal because of the game, and then the slow motion clearly showed that Drogba was offside in Kalou’s ball. After the game, Ancelotti was not only angry at the ball, but Ferguson directly pointed the finger at the game. The referee thought that the referee’s poor performance ruined the game, and Sir Alex had reason to be angry, because when Terry scored the winning goal for the first time in the season, Drogba was also offside and interfered with Van der Sar.
Manchester United directly gave Chelsea six points.
After the game, Ferguson also had to admit that although Manchester United would not give up their efforts, the team’s hope of defending the title was very slim, because there was no burden for the time being after eliminating Liverpool in another game. Linsen led Manchester City to beat Burnley 6-1 away.
After this round, there are only five rounds left in the league.
Manchester City, the leader, is still at the top of the list with 70 points in 33 rounds. Chelsea continues to bite Manchester City with the victory of the first round. The gap between the two sides is still two points. Arsenal and Manchester United have fallen behind in the last two rounds. Arsenal is five points behind Manchester City, while Manchester United is more than nine points behind.
The championship drama is still in suspense.
In the next five rounds, Manchester City’s opponents are Burnham, Manchester United, Arsenal and Aston Villa Stoke, while Chelsea’s opponents are Bolton, Tottenham, Stoke City and Wigan Athletic Liverpool. The schedule of these two teams is also the objective reason why Ferguson said that there is little hope but he still does not give up hope. Theoretically, Manchester City or Chelsea may still stumble.
Not a wheel, but a wheel.
At that time, Manchester United will welcome Manchester City at home, while Chelsea will go away to face Tottenham Hotspur, the same city rival.
Manchester City’s Europa League semi-final opponent will be Standard Liege.
This was not just decided by drawing lots, but as early as when the opponents in the quarter-finals were decided by drawing lots. At that time, Manchester City and Liverpool, Standard Liege Marseille were in the semi-zone, Atletico Madrid and Valencia, and Wolfsburg and Hamburg were in the semi-zone, which would be the final winners of these two semi-zones.
This rule will be changed by UEFA in three years, when the top four will need to draw another lottery, but not now.