"My demon race is arrogant, and my brother needs the strength of heaven and man to protect him." Zhang Mi looked at the demon race’s face around him with perseverance, which was even worse than perseverance.

"The demon race will never seek hegemony in this life, but I will never allow people to kill into other people’s cultivation materials at will." Zhang Mi’s heart is very firm, but he can’t control it.
"Master, take a rest. If the balance between death and creativity was so easy to master, you would have been a man all day long."
"The number of roads between heaven and man has been robbed only by the achievements of Hongjun’s ancestors and ancestors, so it won’t be so simple." The expression of destruction can hide the trace of worry in the eyes, and she has already lost herself and Zhang Mi’s cause and effect.
In the previous life, Zhang Mi spent several years destroying hydrangea, which gave birth to the spirit of the device. In the era when Qin Huang Ying Zheng went against the sky and destroyed the saints, she fell with Zhang Mi and was reincarnated.
But no matter in that reincarnation, she was silently guarding Zhang Mi’s side and never left. When she really recovered her memory, she could call Zhang Mi a master even if there were several times of affection among them.
"I’m just a master’s instrument. I can call my master’s sister before I recover my memory, but now my master and I already know everything. I’m not qualified to call my master’s sister. I’m just a spirit." This idea is imprinted in the destruction of the soul.
"Destroy how many times have I told you to call my sister? You are a human being now, not an instrument!" Zhang Mi had some headaches. After she recovered her memory, she never called her a sister again, regardless of whether she was ordered to destroy.
And every day with a straight face, I have been guarding my side, which moved Zhang Mibi, but my heart was also destroyed. This kind of action is half dead.
"Master, I am your instrument, and I will always be whether I become human or not, but from the moment you gave birth to me, my destiny is to protect you unless I am completely destroyed." Destruction shook his head, and there was a touch of law in his eyes to erase his attachment.
"Come on, you haven’t slept for a year. Although we don’t need to sleep now, it is necessary to rest. It’s not that you don’t know that people who can hurt me in this world won’t hurt me. People who want to kill me don’t have the strength to kill me."
Looking at the destruction, Zhang Mi was very heartbroken. She didn’t blink once when she realized the way of death for a whole year.
"Master, you can’t do this. You practice death power, but your strength drops a lot because of the balance of the law. If you are disturbed when you are closed, all your efforts will be wasted. I must stay here." My short body is more determined than my heart.
"Since you call me master, I will order you to have a rest as a master!" Zhang Mi face plate than severe to the firm destruction said.
"I’m not leaving!" There are already some watery sounds in my lovely big eyes, and I feel a little trembling and destructive, and I want to cry more than I feel sad.
"I am a spirit, I don’t deserve feelings, I am a destructive hydrangea, and I am the most powerful instrument of my master. If I cry, I am even more unworthy of my master’s instrument." I resisted the bitterness and tears in my heart and turned my back on Zhang Mike’s tears, but I couldn’t help it.
In order not to let Zhang Mi find that he can start his own ability, the water droplets in his eyes are evaporated to be continued.
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"Don’t ask me to receive the prize. I’ve won the Nobel Prize for the third time, so leave someone else a way out," said the protagonist in the Nobel podium, Depressed Bi.
Chapter 66 Heaven and Man Woody
Zhang Mi can naturally find that destruction has opened his mouth, only to find that all the words have been said. At this time, he has reached the point where he can say something, sighing slightly and insisting on destruction because destruction is the same in all reincarnation memories
Being reincarnated by the spirit of the instrument, a person’s true spirit is incomplete, and his nature is always a child with defects. Even when he grows up, his nature still stays in the childhood stage.
"Maybe later, we can ask the master to help us make up the true spirit of destruction so that she can grow up and find her own way and happiness." Zhang Mibi’s efforts to master the power of death are also partly due to the protection of destruction
Never leave the eternal life to guard such an action, even if Zhang Mi’s heart is made of stone, it will be moved.
My eyes closed and I just fell into the feeling of the avenue, and a divine thought broke through. In Wang Gangyin, there was an unquestionable tone. "Zhang Mi’s martial world came, and Wu Zu led the twelve martial arts saints. You are the person who robbed the door and took the knife. This game is led by you, and Chen Yiming will cooperate with you."
"Remember that if you practice death by sitting in a sitting position, you will never understand it. If you want to understand death, you can bring death to the enemy with your hands. You can understand everything when you witness death."
The sound disappeared. Zhang Mi Nai opened her eyes. She didn’t want to kill, but Wang Gang ordered the absolute law to violate "Destroy you and wait for me here."
At the top of Meinv Mountain, where Zhao Gangyuan lived, a huge crack tore the world in half, and a suspended continent with a size of a million times less than that of the earth appeared, which penetrated through the crack and completely divided the original earth into two halves.
There is a continent sandwiched in the center of the continent where the earth is transformed. According to the area comparison, the earth is torn in half, as small as table tennis in front of the sun.
Laughter resounded through the heavens and the earth. "Bullshit God, bullshit, virtual old Woody is back. Everything in this world is what I once did to me. Let the animals cry. Pain will always put your souls on the red-violet fire and make you suffer the most painful torture in the world for thousands of years."
Woody’s body is like steel casting, and his bronze skin contains the power to destroy the world. Behind Woody, twelve ways make everyone tremble and feel everything in the world.
"There is something wrong with Wu Zu. The world is very different from what you said." One of the 12 Wusheng Middle School looks dignified
When he was integrated into this world, the feeling of death filled his heart and made him feel scared. He scanned the world and found that the world was many times wider than their birth certificate, Taoism and martial arts.
Moreover, he also found that there are many obscure places in the world, and he broke through them with his mind.
"It’s a little fucking different, but the virtual is still dealing with my acquaintances in that year, and the breath is still here, which is enough." Woody mused that he was relieved to see the familiar breath and virtual appearance in his heart.
"Don’t worry, I have reached the peak of the realm of heaven and man, which is the strongest in all the world. Now there is absolutely no one who is my opponent. Even if Pangu is reborn, I can smash this world with one hand. Although there are some changes, there are few really strong people."
"And I come out from the martial world, and there is no fear in the world. Even if there is a strong man, how can we nullify the enemy’s will?" Woody has a confident face with a look of contempt.
"Garbage, remember me?" Hand gently stretch seal strength and memory fat was Woody avatar to the front of Woody face with a smile than cold momentum is to make the fat body bones shattered.
Around him, the momentum fluctuates wildly, and a little bit more than a horrible smell cracks appear around his body.
"Woody, how dare you come back?" Can fat the first sentence than proud Woody was so angry that his face was transient than gloomy.
"There’s no place in the world where I dare not go in Woody. Since you dare to look down on me, I’ll let you die in exhausted pain." With a turn of the wrist, the rule chain was plucked out by Wu’s hostility and obesity.
Swaying like a dark red flame will be extinguished in Woody’s full face, looking forward to the whole body bone fragmentation method to move fat and fly over.
"This is the deepest place in hell. Red-violet fire can make people feel all the pain in the world. If the soul is still alive, it will never go out. This is a punishment for you to look down on me and to attack me that year."
"How is that possible?" Seeing the flame fall on the fat body and the flaming red-violet fire will bring poor pain to the fat body, but Woody sees that he thinks it is absolutely impossible.
In Woody’s face full of amazement and disbelief, the red-violet fire really burned like he thought, but after only a moment, all the flames disappeared and were burned by the flames. Not only was it not reduced to ashes, but the healing momentum of all the injured parts of the body rose wildly.
Immortals, immortals, emperors, ladders, saints and heaven!
It was not until the early days of heaven and man that the fat breath stopped rising. "After destruction, it was a poor life. Destruction was to create death and a new life. I finally became white."
"Thanks to Daoyou for helping me, but you have poor cause and effect in the robbery. Although I can’t bear it, the great robbery of all beings in heaven and earth can erase you." Fat glanced at Woody’s face and shook his head.
"You red-violet industry fire helped me become a Taoist, then I will destroy the world fire and let you fall. This is not a disgrace to you." Before a full face of anger, Woody continued to make a serious opening.
But because of his fat face, seriousness and sincerity, Woody roared like a big insult. From his mouth, "Young players, you just entered the realm of heaven and man. You are an ant to die in front of me, Woody."
A straight punch seems to have no power in general, but the fist will fall on the fat body at the moment he reaches out.
And that fist, which seem to have no power, carry a terrorist force that can turn heaven and earth into chaos.
Punch out the fat body, fall apart, lose consciousness, and the soul begins to collapse. Even the immortal true spirit is shaking wildly.
If Woody punches fat again, he will die.
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"Don’t ask me to receive the prize. I’ve won the Nobel Prize for the third time, so leave someone else a way out," said the protagonist in the Nobel podium, Depressed Bi.
Chapter 67 Fat do death brigade
There is a sense of death in the fat body, and all the vitality passes away crazily until the fat life is completely cut off. His body is lying like a rotten log, enjoying a little more life.