Besides, these are purely his private affairs, so it’s better for her not to get involved.

He she
There seems to be nothing really depressing.
Mu Xin, how about you stay in the car and wait for me? I’ll come soon.
Okay, she blinked in confusion and agreed
Yeah, just listen to the music when you chat, and then teach her how to play music when you leave the car door.
She needs to be taught once to understand.
At this time, he wanted to talk about something, only to find that she came in a hurry without her mobile phone, so he gave her his mobile phone and told her to take it. Don’t leave casually when it’s dark. I’ll call you about it.
You should be careful.
I know. He looked around. This is the hotel parking lot. It’s very quiet. Will she be afraid alone? It’s late, Mu Xin. Will you be afraid here alone?
I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to look at him now. Will I be afraid? I won’t know that she’s upset until he leaves
Gao Lang hesitated, um, for ten minutes, I’ll wait for me in ten minutes at most.
He dropped the car door and walked towards the ladder.
The more I walk, the quieter I feel here. I didn’t feel anything just now. After a few steps, he went back to the car. The light was on, so I couldn’t see anyone because of the glass. The party venue was on the sixth floor. Mother said it would take him three or four minutes to get back and forth in A5 luxury suite on the seventh floor. Can he get back in ten minutes?
If father is here and grandpa is there.
Into the ladder, there are also a few who are the goblins in section 1487.
There are also a few people inside the ladder.
He gave them an ordinary look and didn’t pay much attention.
A few people seem to be friends chatting about what they have seen these days.
Go to the first floor of the ladder
At this time, a woman said that my friend was robbed in the parking lot yesterday, robbed of more than 10 thousand yuan in cash and lost a set of jewelry in Lian Gang. Now the security is really bad
Ah, who is it? That
Yeah, just for a few minutes
Bad luck
A few people chatted, but they talked loudly and thrilling.
Here we are on the seventh floor.
When Gao Lang went, he turned around and went to the stairs. It was actually twenty floors to this building. When he was looking for the stairs, he just turned around.
Alang is mother’s voice.
His mother is waiting here.
Mommy, give me the phone.
He shouted anxiously that someone had taken the bag in his mother’s hand and found it. He quickly dialed the number and rang several times. Why didn’t he answer it?
Linda Gao asked Alan what happened. By the way, everyone is still waiting for you in the room.
Linda Gao said where Gao Lang still listened.
Now his only worry is whether she will be all right.
I really did something stupid again. Why did you leave her alone in the car? Is it peaceful now? Idiot, he’s such an idiot. He’ll hate himself. He threw away his mother and hurried to the stairs while fighting in a hurry.
The music bell rang again for a while, and the mobile phone finally got through.
As soon as he heard her soft voice, he felt at ease. He was not afraid, but he was fine.
On second thought, he swore, too. Why did it take so long to answer?
I-I didn’t take long to answer. Shen Suer actually hesitated for two or three seconds. What happened to him? What happened to you?
Gao lang is embarrassed.
It seems that he is too nervous. Section 1488 Who is a leprechaun?
Gao Lang woke up on his cell phone and said, I’m fine. Now go. Stay where you are. Who told you not to know the door?
Yes, yes, he said, he said he knew me, and she mumbled something.
Gao Langgang relaxed a little and suddenly gave up.
Is it like asking him?
Who? Who’s letting her open the door?