Personally, he also tends to recognize Ye Feng’s comeback, self-directed and performed a farce.

It seems that it is better to take the road of black and red. After all, black and red is also red, which is better than lying at home and rotting in silence without traffic.
Since Ye Feng wants to be black and red, let him help Ye Feng add fuel to the flames again.
"Big Side Open" set out to mix and cut new videos
However, he believes that there is still some integrity marketing number literacy, and he intends to release it as soon as Ye Feng lets the baby play the mentally retarded thing
Of course, a newcomer, he is more afraid of being bombed in case the news is not true.
Then isn’t he busy for nothing? The dream of joining a high-paying company has also been shattered.
Da Biankai has seen that other marketing numbers have begun to take rhythm with black Ye Feng.
No, people talk nonsense. He has to hold steady and never talk nonsense without a real hammer.
Ye Feng root is not in the mood to watch live broadcasts on mobile phones.
If the foul smoke from the front net attacked him, it might still make him sad, but now he has a baby in his heart, and these foul words won’t affect him at all
He still can’t figure out what happened to the baby.
"Dr. Zhao, do you mean that the baby has completely recovered? But how good is he? "
Zhao Bo held a stack of test reports in one hand and pushed the bridge of the nose and eye box in the other.
How can he explain it?
He is as at a loss as Ye Feng. Is it possible for this disease to heal itself?
But this self-healing speed is too fast. Self-healing should not be like a mountain of illness and a gradual recovery. How can it be recovered in such an hour?
Can’t really be an elixir to cure Ye Qilin?
"By the way, can Ye Qilin take that pill and show it?"
Ye Feng took out the suet white jade bottle and handed it to Zhao Bo.
As the cork opens, a scent of vegetation instantly overflows their clinic.
Zhao Bo poured a black pill as tiny as millet into his hand.
Although he just specially watched the live broadcast playback and kept the interface in Unicorn Chan’s medicine interface for a long time, he still doesn’t believe that this medicine can cure neurodegeneration.
Right here?
Although it tastes delicious, his fantasy elixir is very different.
This smell seems to clear people’s minds. Many Zhao Bo think that there is an analytical drug instrument in Tongshi Hospital, which can be used to analyze the ingredients of this drug.
He still prefers that these pills are special vitamins.
"Wait for me, I’ll test the ingredients of this medicine, and I’ll be back in a minute. Some babies here draw it. Do you want to show it to the baby first?"
Ye Feng nodded in agreement. He is in a confused mood now, but it makes him feel more at ease in the hospital.
He mechanically picked up a picture according to the doctor’s instructions and read it to Unicorn Chan absently.
When he was still sick in Unicorn Chan, he could read and play to the baby affectionately, and occasionally he could make the baby giggle for a few seconds.
Now he’s not in the mood, and his brain is like a paste. For a while, he thinks that it’s great. For a while, the baby finally recovers, and then he feels that it won’t really be a dream.
Ye Feng read the painting drily, but this did not prevent Unicorn Chan from listening with relish.
When he woke up, he didn’t catch up with his parents to read him pictures.
Unicorn Chan is very interested in this painting. He has never seen this kind of reading for children who specialize in painting.
He didn’t live long, and he was still a cub in Kirin, and he was similar to a few years old child.
At that time, he was arranged to read with several emperors and princesses in his room.
He doesn’t like reading four or five classics every day, but he insists on following them.
In addition, he had seen princess royal hide his words, but after reading the beginning, princess royal found out and robbed him.
He still remembers that princess royal’s face was red at that time, and it seems that he didn’t write anything.
"Can you read slowly?"
Unicorn Chan doesn’t know this world script.
Although Ye Feng read dry, his voice was low and magnetic. Unicorn Chan felt very comfortable.
This plot is also very attractive to him. He looks at the painting face with rapt attention. His furry little head reads a sentence of wiggle wiggle with Ye Feng.
Much like when he was a room, he shook his head when he read the four or five classics.
[This scene is so warm, I miss ruarua’s baby’s little skull]
[Yes, the atmosphere here has become much more comfortable after reporting those people who have been spitting fragrance. Just don’t come in to see Meng Wa’s mouth is not clean.]
[I … I’m eating melons. When can I eat melons? What about the elixir? 】
Zhao Borui returned to the station from the outside.
No sooner had he restored his mobile phone, which had been flying, than a word came in.
It’s his brother Zhao Bo.
He turned and went into the stairs to hang up his headphones. "What’s the matter, brother?"
"I have a strange thing. I analyzed a medicine and didn’t analyze any ingredients."
"That you shouldn’t find your leadership? What do you want with me? I don’t understand your professional stuff. "
"Looking for leadership didn’t this analyzer is the world’s latest model pills are black somehow can separate a pigment? But it’s weird that a color hasn’t been resolved. "
"Then you shouldn’t complain about the machine manufacturer? Or go to the quality supervision department? You forget that your brother is a security bureau regardless of these. "
You have something to say.
Dr. Zhao’s brother QAQ asked for help QAQ
Brother Zhao, if I knew these medicines, wouldn’t I become a doctor? ?
Chapter 17
Zhao Bo has done several drug analysis tests since he was a student.