I really feel a little hungry after what he said. "Do you want to help me prepare food? A bowl of noodles! "

Feng Jiangyi sighed a little and finally raised her hand to caress her little face. "What should I do with you?"
Bowed their heads and pecked at her lips with a smile.
Seeing that Feng Jiang’s clothes soon left the building, I was often homesick. I just sat down and poured a glass of water for two or three mouthfuls and drank it all.
Today, although I didn’t find the list, I have gained a lot. At least Feng Qinglan saw the sand table. At least he also got back the communication evidence of Nanyongguo, a local official
I believe they can know a lot in the letter!
Miss Chang waited for some time and saw the door pushed open. Feng Jiang came with a bowl of steaming noodles, put the bowl of noodles in front of her, and then set the spoons and chopsticks.
"Eat it while it’s hot. If it’s not enough, I’ll let the kitchen make another bowl."
Although it is noodles, it looks very rich, especially the ingredients are abundant. Moreover, the noodles cooked in the kitchen of the restaurant are all cooked with thick soup, which is even more energetic. There are also many vegetables and two beautifully fried poached eggs.
Chang Xiangsi took a few mouthfuls of noodle soup before she began to eat it. Even though she was very hungry now, she behaved gracefully when she ate, but she didn’t worry at all, but she was not slow.
Feng Jiang Yi looked at her eating noodles and her heart was full of happiness.
With a sigh, he said, "Don’t slip away like this again, okay? I don’t know where to find you in case of danger, at least tell one or two or leave a note. "
Chang Xiangsi swallowed the noodles in his mouth before answering "I know!"
I ate a few more mouthfuls and looked up and asked, "What did you get from going out this morning?" ——
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Feng Jiang’s clothes nodded. "I went to see Qing Mu Gong, played a few chess games, drank several cups of peach blossom tea and listened to him playing the piano for a while. I didn’t expect that Qing Mu Gong even knew how to cook."
But even so, he found the clues and confirmed his guess.
"You are very elegant to run to his side to enjoy the discovery? Do you think he will have anything to do with Chang Xiang? At the beginning, I often asked who would teach me to play the piano. It happened that I invited him. "
I still feel that Qingmu Gong Chang Xiang can’t drag on!
"I don’t think it’s too shallow to go to him to play chess with him today. Although Qing Mu Gong is in other people’s ignorance, the chess path is still somewhat similar. I doubt that Qing Mu Gong is very often convinced that people and Qing Mu Gong are often in phase! After all, the face of the mask is like none of us know! "
Chang Xiangsi stopped eating noodles and put chopsticks in the bowl. She looked a little heavy. She suspected that Qing Mu Gong still looked so young. Anyway, Feng …
But the face of the mask is really unknown to anyone.
"You doubt is right. Anyway, I always feel that Qingmu Gong can’t get away from it. We’ll test him later! There’s another thing you must know about Chang Xiang. Have you found a red Zhu Shazhi on Chang Xiang’s left hand and tail finger? I saw that Qingmu Gong Shou had it, but looking back, Chang Xiang Shou didn’t. "
Feng Jiang Yi thought for a moment, but I really didn’t notice that the physiognomist looks like "that old thing. Do you think I will pay attention to these things?" But it’s a lot easier to think that the old thing is a fake, but I don’t know where your father really went. It’s estimated that there is a fake constant! "
"My dad …"
Often acacia shook his head "since I wake up, it should all be this fake truth … I don’t know! However, Chang Huanhuan loves me for many years. If she knows that her admirer is not her real father, she will be happy! "
"Chang Huanhuan loves Chang Xiang?"
Feng Jiang’s clothes are a little hard to digest. Before this news, I felt that I often gave birth to other feelings relative to my daughter, and I felt that the dead old man was disgusting enough. Nowadays, people often like Chang Huan …
Chang Xiangsi nodded, "That’s true. Chang Huanhuan loves Chang Huanhuan. I wanted to betrothed her to others before Chang Huanhuan swore to death. Since then, my aunt has been looking for me many times. Chang Huanhuan has always hoped to live in Qingyun Pavilion. She likes me very much and wants to threaten me. Later, I was imprisoned by Chang Xiang and often disappeared."
I suddenly feel that Xiang Fu is really a mess at this thought, but I didn’t expect that the last Chang Xiang was not really Chang Xiang.
I heard that Feng Jiang’s clothes laughed and saw that Chang Xiangsi stopped eating the sidewalk. "Eat some more and we’ll talk about it when you’re finished."
Acacia often ate a few mouthfuls of noodles and drank some soup. Finally, after eating a poached egg, some of them couldn’t eat it. Putting the bowl aside, Feng Jiang’s clothes frowned lightly.
"I remember that you would eat half a bowl of noodles before going to bed in Xiangfu! I’m still running around for lunch today, so I should eat more! Is it uncomfortable again? "
"If you can’t eat it, if you eat it again, if you throw it up, it’s all for nothing just now."
When she was poisoned, she was in a bad mood and was prone to insomnia. Later, she took these panaceas every day, but her appetite decreased a lot. Every time she ate some, she felt that her stomach began to clog. If she ate more, she couldn’t help but spit out what was in her stomach. Otherwise, she wouldn’t eat again as soon as she felt sick in diet.
Feng Jiang Yi held her hand lovingly, counting the days in her heart, hoping that Xuan Dance would appear quickly to relieve her poison.
"Then I won’t eat. Let’s put this for a while. I’ll clean up what I just said about Yu Qingmu Gong. I doubt that Qing Mu Gong should or doesn’t have this identity. On weekdays, the people he contacts are some expensive ministers in the court. Although they played, what did they talk about later? Is it known to others?"
Often miss silence will recall that Qing Mu Gong, except for the first meeting, became her piano player in Xiangfu, which always brought her a feeling that she was about to step into a trap.
"In that case, let’s observe him more!"
So elegant as a lotus man can’t think of his great ambition and that he may be a constant.
If it’s often the case, it’s really blind for her to cry for months!
A ebony box was placed in front of Feng Lisu, and Feng Lisu looked puzzled.
"Laojiu, this is …"
"the imperial concubine of the emperor found some officials in various places in my phoenix.