That’s not comparable at all. He thinks Qu Si should be worried that he broke people with one punch.

The scene looks very bloody. Song Xing feels that if he is found, his body will be unbearable, and he will silently retreat to the back and then hit someone.
He froze. Looking back, it was a small bowl of facial expressions. He was relieved and said carefully
"Scared me to death. I’m still your brother."
"What happened to her brother?"
"It’s a little scary" Song Xing consciousness answered and then to react pulled a smile embarrassed turned around and laughed.
"I’m just passing by."
Behind him, I heard something coming. Qu Si Gherardini looked at the’ small white face’ years ago and then patted him on the shoulder and said
"I know you, you have a small future. Keep it up."
It is said that he helped Qu Xiaowan to talk.
Song Hangsong a sigh of relief is want to leave the song four and stretched out his hand and took his face with a smile and said
"Come on, since you are also a little sister classmate, let’s talk about it."
Song Xing smiled very reluctantly. He didn’t want to.
Fortunately, I saved him when I was bending a small bowl.
"Four elder brothers" small bowl twisted eyebrow disapprovingly looked at him.
Qu si shan shan let go
Qu Xiaowan shouted at Song Xing and said, "Go home first."
Then he went to the front and shouted "Go home" at a bunch of cousins inside.
Everyone stopped looking at the small bowl and laughed awkwardly.
Who betrayed them! ! !
A bunch of people, look at me. I think you finally went home with Qu Xiaowan.
A bunch of people are walking together. Is it lively to talk to each other?
People go a little far, such as Song Xing leaned out from behind the tree and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he wiped his head and sweated and went to them to beat people. This is a look where someone else has long since disappeared.
"Look at the sample without any injury." Song Xing shook his head and then went home leisurely.
Although he has always been with a bunch of people, there are always accidents. He secretly saw a bird’s nest here for the first time, which is just waiting to come and dig it out.
Be careful to climb the tree and look at a bird’s egg inside. Song Hang was extremely satisfied with this turn.
Life in a small bowl is very simple. Do you study on weekdays? Come back to cook after school every day. That is, when the family is busy, when it is not busy, several brothers cook it by themselves.
When I was working at home on weekends, I was as diligent as my brothers.
"Small bowl, it’s seventeen, Lao Wu. Do you have any articles of association?"
When you are working, everyone is curious about it.
Speaking of which, everyone is greedy for a small bowl.
Good-looking, hardworking, powerful and junior high school students, everyone wants to marry someone back.
Yu Qu’s family is protecting this. You’re married, so why bother?
They don’t think it’s anything, although it’s a bit bluffing, but this man is so powerful that he married Qu Xiaowan, which is more powerful
"Articles of association? Also, everyone helped me find my small bowl. After that, I want to be married, "Wu Manzhu said for sure.
"Into the uxorilocal?" Everyone was amazed.
"This, this, your family has four boys, and this is adopted by wife." Everyone is very reluctant to accept this news.
"What’s the matter? My little bowl generation can afford this son-in-law without marriage. People who are adopted by adoption should also pick and choose well. They can’t be short of arms and legs. There can’t be anything wrong with their bodies …"
Wu Manzhu began to talk about his own requirements.
The curved small bowl is on the side as if I didn’t hear it. I continue to hold it in my head and dig the ground. I just hold the hoe and tighten my hand.
Son in law
Qu Xiaowan pursed her lips and couldn’t say how complicated she was, but she believed her mother.
She knows exactly what kind of life this brigade of big and small daughters-in-law leads. Compared with this, this is unreliable.’ Outsiders’ are definitely not as good as family members.
Augmentation is the best choice.
It’s just that the mood is still a little complicated
It’s a pity that the people working next to you are working harder and harder when you think about Qu Xiao Bowl like this.
It would be nice to get married back, but no one wants to let their children go because of their adoption.
it’s a pity
What a pity
In a sigh, it was time to go back to school soon.
The news that you don’t get married after a small bowl is fast. As soon as she comes to school, she sees a lot more than usual.
Qu Xiao Bowl also doesn’t care as usual. When a person comes to the position, he is about to put the bag and then he is stunned.
There is an extra plastic bottle in her desk, which contains half a bottle of golden honey. She consciously looks at Song Xing over there.
His face has a few puffs, and his white face is particularly conspicuous. Many people are around him, talking and laughing with him, and from time to time, there are people who owe their hands to poke him.
It’s funny to poke his teeth and grin.
Like feeling the line of sight of a small bowl, he looked over and gave her a yi tooth, then pointed to the table and continued talking to them.
Qu Xiaowan’s mood is even more complicated.
Finally, when no one was there, Qu Xiao Bowl walked over with something and said softly, "I can’t have it."