"He’s got cocoons, and you’re out there, and the waves are breaking again. I won’t call you Xia Han unless I cut you off today."

"You’re a harpsichord player who didn’t even point a cocoon at the tip of his left finger. You’re also called Mao Xiaoqin player. It’s not serious if you take care of it. Let’s talk about blaming me. Why don’t you tie up the old man? Even if it’s persecution, it’s his persecution of you and me."
Suluo shouted loudly with a stiff neck, but he was shivering.
"Don’t come here. You’re being unreasonable."
Xia Han hum a smile.
"How do you want to reason with me? Come here. I’ll let you go if you talk about it."
Forcibly hold back your heart and panic, mom. Life is like a play, and you fight hard by acting.
Suluo wronged sobbed with grief.
"You see, although you practice Xiaoqin very hard, I am even more bitter. I helped you write a good song and went straight to Changsha. They were fired. I was still scolded by netizens. Even if I didn’t eat dinner when I came back, I was tied up by you. How wrong I am."
"Ha ha"
It was a good performance, and the audience reacted very funny.
However, there is no egg. Xia Han doesn’t buy it. He still bites his teeth and stares at him. There is only one meaning in his small eyes. You continue to pretend.
Shit, that can enlarge the move
Suluo’s painting style changed as if he who sees through the world of mortals said with a long sigh.
"This patroness in the vast world, we are actually small and special. We are born in the water and inhabit the branches. It’s all like fate. We always dance with shackles, seemingly free, but seemingly comfortable but unhappy.
I’m also very sorry about your delicate and beautiful cocoon on your left fingertip. There are nine unsatisfactory things in life. Now that it’s happened, we will get angry again. Please let go of the knife and let’s talk it over. "
However, there are still no eggs.
"Ah Bae Down"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Mysteries and where to play
I can’t remember how many unequal treaties have been signed. Anyway, no matter what the Xia Devil asks, you don’t need to listen to the pipe and nod.
It’s over. Aunt Wang’s dinner is also ready. There’s a fragrance coming from the table. Xia Han’s belly is growling. Let suluo finish his meal first.
The baby woke up, too. Everyone sat around and prepared for dinner.
"Brother Bao hasn’t come back yet" asked the knife.
"Brother Bao went to the headquarters of Chihiro Music Platform to discuss the release of the baby’s new song, but he will be back soon. Do you want to wait for him?" Yang Baobei replied.
"I didn’t wait to eat." suluo finally escaped from the clutches and decided to turn his grief and appetite when he sat at the table.
Tear the roast chicken and a chicken leg directly. I was just about to gobble it up, but I found my baby apprentice staring at the saliva.
Ok, let’s start with this drumstick. Who let you be my precious apprentice?
Get up and tear another one. I was about to put it in my mouth, only to find that Xia Devil was staring at him with a bad complexion.
If you are wronged again, you can’t live this day because you are all uncles.
"The chicken’s ass is yours." Make another knife with the knife
The dining table laughed again.
Reading in sections 63
a ball of
"How to arrange the trip behind the baby?" Gao Feng asked over dinner.
"Brother Luo, brother Luo, and I have a brand to look for me as a model." Baby Yang also asked.
"You, Baby and Mother Tang take her to record CCTV interviews, and then shoot two advertisements, a knife house and a Xiahan family children’s song album. When Brother Bao comes back, we’ll say that the baby costume endorsement is also synchronized."
In a few words, it is determined that the follow-up worker suluo feels that he is beneficial to eat a chicken wing
However, Gong Yu tore off the chicken wings of the big roast chicken first.
"And the teacher told you that it is very important to go to the Chinese and foreign music performance exchange meeting."
Completely collapsed. Oh, my God, will I let people eat well?
"If you don’t go, I’ll be so busy that I won’t go if I die. You’ll go and play, pack up and leave. What do you want me to do?"
Suluo quit his job and stared at the last chicken wing. However, his hand slowed down and the knife robbed him. He sat in a chair and stopped eating.
Gong Yu: "Things have changed this time, not just playing. Do you know there is a big unsolved case in classical music?"
I don’t know.
"Hey, you don’t even know this. You’re a blind man," Xia Han despised.
"At the beginning of the tenth century, a large number of medieval poems and dramas were found in a monastery in Germany, most of which were created in the 1113th century.
During World War II, an unknown German musician was influenced and touched by these medieval classics and wrote a secular song with soloist, chorus, instrumental accompaniment and magical scenery.
And the first performance in Frankfurt shocked the world, but the whole city was bombed before it was released. After the musicians and the troupe department were killed, many people still wondered if it was really so shocking. It has always been a historical mystery. "
Speaking of this Gong Yu, I went on to say, "Now it is suspected that this huge manuscript has been found for decades, which is very likely to be true, but the manuscript is seriously damaged and the fragments are hard to recover."
This is news that shocked the music industry, which coincides with the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war. At that time, not only will German musicians come with fragments of manuscripts, but world-renowned musicians and scholars will gather at this exchange to try to restore this magnificent music giant from the wreckage. "
"I’m not interested in this academic and archaeological matter. I’m not going anyway."
Without chicken wings, there is no life to be loved. Su Luogen won’t listen and burst into tears. Give me back my chicken wings.
"But the dean says you have to go."
"Give me a break, sister." suluo didn’t understand what he could do. He shook his head desperately and interrupted Gong Yu. "I’m a vagrant. I won’t take part in such a great thing. If I don’t think about that, it’s better to think about where to play tonight."