Jiuzhong put away the scroll of the national war mission, which explained to all the people present, "Maybe everyone is still wondering what action I am taking you to launch. Now I can tell you that we are in the first map of the national war mission. Our action this time is to complete the national war mission and finally open the border blockade!"

"ah? !” Everyone was surprised when they heard the news.
Zhou Dingguo m not m not his bald head, saying, "leading, we didn’t find the border task scroll, didn’t we? How can you still do the national war mission? !”
"Yes!" They also have the same question with Zhou Dingguo.
Nine heavy responded, "hey … didn’t find the border task scroll, how is it possible to do the national war task! In fact, by coincidence, I had already found the scroll of the frontier mission the day before the Heaven Alliance launched the decisive battle, but this matter was of great importance. In order to block the news, I didn’t tell you! "
"Oh, I see!" Everyone suddenly.
"The scroll of frontier missions is not the point …!" After explaining the border mission scroll, get down to business and get to the point.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Snow Crowd
? "The focus is on the frontier tasks we are about to launch!" Nine heavy a face of serious way "xìng, I needless to say, the important task of his relationship whether we can open the border blockade, also will directly affect my plan to deal with the invasion of the five countries, so absolutely not lose! What I’m trying to say now is that the frontier mission is full of dangers and difficulties. You must keep up the spirit of being extremely active all the time, and you can’t slack off at all, otherwise you will die in a small way, leading to unnecessary consumption of effective forces, which will directly affect the success or failure of the national war mission! Do you understand? ! !”
"Understand-! ! !” Originally, in the face of the national war task, their players who are crazy about spending money in hell dare not ignore it. When they hear Jiu Zhong’s serious speech again, the degree of attention will be raised to an unprecedented height.
"Don’t act rashly, steadily and steadily, and advance at different levels!" Nine heavy commanded, "vanguard scout! !”
The so-called vanguard of Hellfish Flowers is the flower protection corps commanded by Wang Baobao, known as the cannon fodder corps, and some people call them anthomaniac troops.
At first, the combat players of the Flower Protection Corps were all normal people before they entered the army, but since they entered this army, they have been brainwashed repeatedly by Wang Baobao, and all of them have become hardcore anthomaniac.
Most of the players who join the Flower Protection Corps are of average quality and self-motivated. In short, they are all average players. These players can’t get high or low, and they can’t get into the regular main force, but they can also reach the minimum standard, and they can leave the reserve and enter the regular army. So they are all concentrated in the same flower protection corps in Wang Baobao, which is also not self-motivated and knows that they are addicted to flowers all day. [This chapter is provided by for you.
Therefore, according to the other main forces, the combat power of the flower protection corps is a little short, but it is not inferior to other main forces in fighting spirit.
Under the brainwashing of Wang Baobao’s anthomaniac thoughts, the fighters of the Flower Protection Corps have a fearless spirit of sacrificing for beautiful women.
"Brothers, we have the opportunity to show again! Give me a shout …! " Wang Baobao led the Flower Protection Corps to shout, "I will go through fire and water for the sake of beauty! !”
"To beauty, go through fire and water, in diligently-! !” 700,000 flower protection corps waved flags and shouted, just like a fan group cheering for idols.
"Well, follow me! !” With a call sign, Wang Baobao led 700,000 legions of flower protectors, and walked along a white mountain road toward the depths of the mountainous snow-capped mountains.
The flower protection corps opened the way ahead, and the army moved later and slowly marched.
The army advanced less than five kilometers, and the flower protection corps that explored the road ahead came to two opposing and towering peaks, just like two snow peaks of Tianzhu, which changed abruptly.
The first part of the Flower Protection Corps just passed between the two peaks. Suddenly, the snow peaks on both sides suddenly trembled, and then the sound of "rumbling" came from the high-altitude clouds.
"The enemy, alert! !” Hearing the change, Wang Baobao immediately directed all the people to pay close attention to the alert, and looked up from left to right. However, because of the distance and limited vision, even though they could hear the abnormal sound, they could not find the source of the abnormal sound.
They can’t see, but some people can see.
Hearing the abnormal sound coming from the two snow peaks, Jiuzhong immediately used his "critical eye" to gain super vision, broke the cloud barrier, looked through the clouds, and looked at the top of the snow peak, and saw a huge amount of snow-white stuff pouring down from the two snow peaks like an avalanche, but it was not snow, but thousands of snowmen like cháo.
These snowmen were originally hung on two snow peaks, but now they find intruders and rush down from the peaks collectively.
"Baby, take your people back at once!" Seeing the true face of the abnormal sound, Jiuzhong hurriedly gave Wang Baobao an order to retreat, and at the same time said to Feng Dance, "Girl, there are thousands of snowmen rolling down on the left and right snow peaks. You should immediately build fortifications, delay and buy time for the flower protection corps!"
"Brothers, withdraw! Get out! !” Received orders from Jiuchong, and Wang Baobao quickly retreated with the exchange corps.
At the same time, the phoenix dance, which also received the order, also issued an order to the Wanfa Legion, "Ice division, divide the troops left and right, and release the magic glaciology of the group! !”
"yes! !” After receiving the order, the ice division quickly split into two parts, moved to the left and right snow peaks, and sang group incantations in the same tone. After a spell, two groups of ice divisions pushed their palms forward almost at the same time, and in front of them, they crashed into an ice peak with a height of more than ten feet, followed by two ice peaks spreading forward rapidly. In the blink of an eye, two glaciers were formed, blocking both sides and building a straight channel for the people of the flower protection corps to retreat.
As soon as the two glaciers formed, thousands of snowmen rushed down from the snow peaks on both sides and killed them.
"Booming" a copious noise, the snowman rushing down from the snow peaks on both sides all crashed into the glacier built by the two ice division teams, and were abruptly blocked from castration.
"Cut … cut … cut-boom! !” The two glaciers lasted less than ten seconds, then they were overwhelmed and washed away by thousands of snowmen, and all the snowmen coming down from the peaks on both sides poured into the middle of Gu Dao.
However, within ten seconds of the persistence of the two glaciers, most of the flower protection corps have been successfully pulled back. As long as less than 10,000 people are slow, they are submerged by the snowman, and even a bubble hangs back.
"Iron wall legion, iron legion combination war, blocking the snowman cháo! The legion attacked the divisions, the legion of arrows, the ground attack, and the air cavalry air raid! The auxiliary division of the Wan Fa Corps then supported it! " Nine heavy in an orderly way will be a command issued.
The legions were ordered to move quickly, and according to the instructions of Jiuzhong, they formed a huge fortress-shaped war, which was tit-for-tat with the snowman cháo and launched an attack!
Although the number of snowman cháo is amazing, with the appearance of 500,000 to 600,000, and the level is not low, it is still not enough to see under the impregnable defense and overwhelming attack of hell.
The troops of Hell Blossom were devastated and sweeping, and it only took less than twenty minutes to slaughter a huge number of snowmen cháo.
After the battle, the battle losses were counted, and counting the 10,000-strong escort corps team that was initially hanged, only less than 50,000 troops were damaged. For Hell’s total force of eight million, it is nine Niu Yi Mao.
"The first battle was very good, which was a good start!" See minimal combat losses, nine very satisfied nodded and said, "the next step is to make persistent efforts and keep it up! Ok, keep moving! !”
Chapter two hundred and ninety-six Ice Prison Snowman King
? At the command, the army will continue to go deep into the continuous snow-capped mountains to provide you with the chapter.
After crossing the distance of tens of kilometers, I entered a short peak group in a short time. Dwarf is relative to the previously seen snow peaks in Wan Ren. Compared with the players, this peak group in front of us is still daunting.
Seeing this abrupt and distinctive short peak group in front of him, Jiuzhong suddenly waved his hand and shouted, "Stop moving! !”
They smell speech immediately stop, with beside nine heavy Shen Yue asked "tiger, what’s the matter? !”
"Don’t you think the terrain in front is a bit strange? !” Jiuzhong pointed to the short peak group road ahead.
"It’s a bit strange …!" Shen Yue thoughtfully said, "There are towering peaks all around, but these snow peaks are so short, which is a bit of a sense of disobedience! However, the scene here is clear at a glance, and there is no hidden danger! "
"Hey … if you can see it, it’s not a hidden danger!" Said the nine heavy fished out the eight-foot mirror from the backpack. "Good steel is used on the blade. Now is the time for you to come in handy! Let Lao Tzu detect and see if there is anything fishy here ~! !”
"What at this moment? !” Xiang Xiang princess looked at the mirror in the hands of nine heavy, a face of curious way.
"Eight-foot mirror, one of the three great artifacts in Japan, came back from the Japanese area, function detection! But you have to spend money to detect 10 thousand gold coins at a time! " Nine heavy explanation while typing the keyword "monster", confirm the "detection", eight feet mirror light up, in the light screen appeared a sparse, but the number is not a few red spots, motionless stopped there.
Nine times and one contrast position, I found that these red dots are exactly corresponding to the short peak group in front of me. "Shit, there is something fishy!"
"Big brother, what are these red dots, blinking? !” Luan son also curious baby looked at nine heavy hands eight feet mirror asked.
"This red dot represents my search goal! There is something strange in these short peaks! " Nine heavy under all the people ordered, "all have, attack formation! Wan Fa Corps is ready, this short peak group in front of the target is free to bomb! !”
"get ready!" The phoenix dance Yu raised her hand and was spirited, and she didn’t let a man, "attack! !”
As the phoenix dance commanded, all the 1.5 million people of Wanfa Legion attacked, and all the magic turned into a vast colorful waterfall, pouring down the short peaks in front.
"Boom! !” It’s like a carpet bombing of a piece of ground by a bomber group in reality, and it explodes again and again, and the short peak group in front of it is turned upside down for a time.
The short peaks in the short peak group were blown away, but what Lu showed inside was not a rock, but a giant monster with a size of more than ten feet. It turns out that these short peaks are actually disguised by these giant monsters.
These giant monsters look like the snowman that everyone encountered just now. The difference is that these monsters are much bigger than the snowman just now, and each monster has six arms.