However, it says that the performance in Shayuncheng is still very successful, but others may be a little dizzy and their feet are still shaking when they are on stage.

The selection is near the end here, and all the students have finished their performances, followed by the heavyweight player of the school-Yu Yu!
No matter how wonderful the performance was and how loud the shouting was, no player can guarantee that he can win the game before Yu Yu appeared. This is the power of the first artistic goddess of White Deer.
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Chapter 46 Goddess of Art
After the performance in Shayuncheng, Shu Huaitai enlivened the atmosphere a little, and then introduced the rotten jade to the stage.
As soon as the voice fell, there was already a warm applause from the Taiwanese side. Almost all the boys were blushing and their eyes were shining. It seems that they have been looking forward to it for a long time, but the girls are hard to lose, especially those who want to compete.
Actually, it is a great pressure for all the contestants to appear on the stage.
Because we all know that if Yu Yu doesn’t have a performance accident, then she must have a seat in ten places, which means that everyone can compete for the remaining nine places, and the pressure has suddenly increased.
This is the reputation of rotten jade, which is recognized by everyone. The goddess of art has no doubt, even the third-grade art students are ashamed of themselves.
And the talent of boys in several art classes is just now, but the reputation of Shayun Town is far from so loud as rotten jade. There are several seniors in the third grade who can perform better than him, but this time they came on stage in tandem.
The audience is not curious. How much is the difference between Shayun Town and rotten jade?
Look at how hurtful this is. Before the performance, everyone agrees that rotten jade will definitely win. I’m afraid I’ll cry if I let Shayuncheng win.
Come out for a long time!
Yu Yu, everyone is on stage in the palm of their hand, laughing at the pure beauty, natural temperament, elegance and calmness. Without his players, it seems that this is a common meal.
"What’s the situation? Is this girl famous? But it looks pretty, "said Chu Meteor.
Wen Ke couldn’t help narrowing her eyes around her. She remembered that this girl left a deep impression on herself when she celebrated the anniversary. She couldn’t help whispering, "It was her."
Chu meteor wondered, "Do you know this girl? Is she Younger? "
Wenke glanced at him and said, "No, but it’s very good at acting. It’s your own temperament or talent."
At this time, the rotten jade has fully prepared the required music. In front of the chair, there is a music stand and music score. In the arms, there is a red and white classical guitar, and there is a piano box next to it. It looks a bit strange.
The audience were puzzled to see that there was a sogeum in it, but why should we prepare two musical instruments?
Chu meteor also some don’t understand and asked "Wen Ke what does this little girl mean? Is it a VIP ensemble? "
From the timbre point of view, the guitar and sogeum ensemble is really easy to produce good results, but won’t the pianist come out in the ensemble?
Wenke showed surprise after thinking. "She’s not going to solo, is she?"
The stage rotten jade has adjusted its tone and said into the microphone, "I want to perform a song that many students should have heard, but it is not classical music, but" Thank you, I don’t apologize. "
There was an alarm at the place where the voice fell. It seems that many students have heard of it.
I don’t understand the classmates asking about "what?" Which star is it? "
"No, you don’t even know this song. This is Wenke’s former famous song, the Divine Comedy in the animation industry. I didn’t expect to hear it here."
Sitting in the front row, Ye You couldn’t help but brighten his eyes. He certainly heard this song and once had a single cycle for a long time. Every time he thought of this song, he felt a sense of excitement when he got into the pool in winter.
Chu meteor seems to have heard the source of this song, and looked at Wen Ke next to him and whispered, "Wen Ke this song."
Wen Ke smiled and said with expectation, "I haven’t heard this song for a long time. Maybe she sings better than me."
"Don’t be ridiculous. It’s just a little girl. She played."
The red pick is beating on the strings. The original song is accompanied by a guitar. Although it is a little less spiritual, it strengthens Lang’s fast rhythm, which coincides with the style of composition, and Yuyu obviously does not intend to copy it according to the original song.
The prelude soon passed, and the jade sang softly into the microphone, which had a sweet taste and made people laugh.
The background of this song is that an animation in China makes the opening song, and it is precisely because of this song that the animation circle in China is ignited with hope. The lyrics tell a simple story, a love story towards the end.
But the beauty is that the lyrics and tunes of this song don’t follow the usual path. The lyrics in the early stage are tender and sweet, and then they turn to high and cold, especially a sentence "Thank you for apologizing, but I don’t need it", which has become the finishing touch and punk style.
This song caused a great sensation at that time, but the level of singers was too high, and there were not many covers.
Wenke was singing alto at that time, and gradually rose to high notes in the second half. Although he didn’t need much skill, he was really demanding on timbre, and it was easy to become a suicide performance.
But for Yu Yu, the real difficulty of this performance is no longer singing but playing.
Although I have practiced for a long time, after all, the tune has been changed, and there must be no negligence in the spiritual height required. The first half of the performance passed a long period calmly.
And rotten jade suddenly put the guitar up and played the piano box, and kept the sogeum singing in the shoulder.
When the audience saw the rotten jade move, they were suddenly stunned. It turned out that it was not a guitar and a sogeum ensemble, but a double performance!
The slender bow suddenly exerted its strength, belonging to the piano, crisp and bright sound, and the rhythm in the second half of the song was originally punk style, and the hand was getting faster and faster, and the long hair danced with the body. It was like a dreamy scene.
Although this has completely changed the original accompaniment, it has added a lot of new ideas, especially the clear and high-pitched sogeum is more likely to stimulate the audience’s heart.
"Oh, my God, this little girl is extremely good at playing guitar, and she can play sogeum easily, and there is no sense of stagnation after changing instruments. Even professional singers can’t do it."
Chu meteor was really shocked this time. He never thought that a high school student could do such a wonderful performance
Whether it’s the singer’s voice or the single choice of musical instruments, it’s shocking enough, let alone the combination of both.
Wen Ke’s eyes suddenly lit up with incredible enthusiasm and excitement. "Although it is not perfect, there are mistakes, but it is far enough for her age. This is a real talent as good as me."
As soon as this is said, Chu meteor is somewhat surprised by rotten jade.
He recognized the high level of rotten jade by feeling, but to what extent, he was not a professional singer, so naturally he couldn’t judge, but Wen Ke said so, which fully proved how high this girl can be.
At the moment, the audience at the scene are boiling, waving and swaying with the rhythm, and many of them are like a concert after singing.
Two minutes later, the sensation lasted for a long time, and the performance reached the end of the rotten jade. The piano bow was pulled gently, and the timbre of the sogeum became soft again. Finally, the piano was bowed.