"Rod, I’m here to decorate Zeus. Go ahead and wait for the stars. Remember to survey the terrain first to find a favorable hiding place. This 500,000 gall bladder worm is a huge fortune." Lin momo said.

"Boss, be careful, the bravery worm is very fast, if the method is completed, it is important to retreat." Roderick said, and quickly drove Zeus to the front to survey the terrain. Although he was a greedy profiteer in his bones, he was also very loyal. He didn’t want the Phantom of the Opera to have an accident, and the title of a double-headed god of death gradually became louder and louder. In time, it was bound to surpass shine on you, a smiling polar bear, and be better than blue. This was what Sakry wanted to see.
Lin momo flicker appeared in the master control room, and Ling called two screens to calculate quickly. After a few seconds, Phantom of the Opera launched a violent cannon to the comet with a diameter of seven kilometers.
Compared with comet Phantom, comet Phantom is very thin, and its diameter is already seven kilometers, but this behemoth still can’t stand the baptism of cannon light, and it quickly collapses and breaks, and soon the ice cubes escape into the middle of the sky to create an arc barrier.
The growth factors formed Lin momo throwing out fear thorns, a strategic creature with terrible attack power, which will haunt the gall bladder worm for a while, hoping to make those power source bombs explode a few to verify the specific power.
I am afraid that thorns will grow rapidly, but the growth can’t meet the requirements. Nerinsisso can throw out some tears of Yasha. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer products of this elf family.
Yasha tears in the birth of plants are divided into five colors according to purity, orange is the lightest suitable for those environments, and purple is the strongest resource, even in the hinterland of desert, which can make drought-tolerant plants grow vigorously and change the landform, while green is the most expensive one, which has great life energy for Lin momo.
This time, the Phantom of the Opera will be left with green and purple Asha tears, which are less pure. Lin Sisuo wants to go to the Elf Port to buy again, but I don’t know that Jill and Dale don’t live there.
Fear of thorns, with the help of Asha’s tears, grows very vigorously, and in a few seconds, it pulls out thick roots and clings to comet fragments, showing its teeth and guarding this place.
Suddenly, the thick vines stretched out to the Phantom of the Opera, and they didn’t give the maker a face. Lin momo quickly sailed back and quietly waited for the bile worm to approach.
The worm cloud came earlier than expected. These guys are very clever. After seeing the fear of thorns, they threw out more than 20 stone balls to clean up the "road".
The zerg power source is to launch a large-scale star war. The older the high-end weapons are accumulated, the greater their power will be. Several groups of outer fear thorns will meet and try to devour these delicious-looking big stones. I never thought that the shock wave would cover them completely and then blow them to a little residue.
"My god, how many years have these bile worms accumulated to have such a powerful power source? I’m afraid I have to pay a certain price to attack the insect tower. "Lin momo gritted his teeth and sent out some purple sand tears to the screen. How long can it last depends on the vitality of fear thorns. It takes hundreds of stone balls to decorate in vain.
I am afraid that the thorns will crawl too slowly and swim towards the insect cloud, and the thick vines will be entangled. After encountering the explosion of the stone ball, I will continue to pull out the branches and entangle them.
Phantom of the opera, if you don’t watch the war and move quickly towards the distant star, the gall bladder worm will see the target and want to run more crazily, pouring out the power source bomb and creating a tragic scene.
"Boss, come to our place." Roderick handed me the sound. There is a planet here whose equatorial orientation is full of ravines. The darkness in the abyss is just suitable for star cruise ships to hide.
"Get it, go." Momo Lin locked the Zeus wave frequency signal and ordered Cui Hetang to dive.
Charm needs to observe the zerg’s movements and make ammunition allocation, but also to test the ship’s energy system. She has to share some work. Cui Hetang is a full-time helmsman, especially in the abyss and ravines.
Phantom of the opera, seven times around, finally meets Zeus. It’s hidden enough here to turn off the signal. I believe the method of gall bladder worm is found.
Lin momo touch the thinking step action plan "obviously previously lured that a set of bile worm can no longer deal with it is best to divide them and break them one by one, but it’s easy to do this? Is it difficult to continue to make fear thorns? Well, it’s not a bad idea. Char helped to produce enough seeds months ago, but you should also pay attention to skills and choose the right position when sowing. "
With this idea, Lin momo’s horse show action figure appeared on the deck and left him with very limited time. It is necessary to decorate the puzzle before the bravery worm arrives.
Lin momo moves rapidly and gently steps on the rock wall to sweep forward, but thick roots can always grow in the crevices behind him. The four accesses to the gully here save a lot of trouble, and soon the dark part of the abyss becomes extremely active.
"Can the prisoner’s predecessors hold up a mirror shield so that our two ships can avoid these fear thorns?" Lin momo’s sowing and sowing while the boat was connected.
Hearing this, the prisoner curled his lips and thought about the price for a moment. "But I want a reward of 2,000 units for refining crystals to ensure that you plants last for an hour."
Lin momo bargaining way "two thousand units of refined crystal? You are really good at taking advantage of the fish in troubled waters. The price is too high. Even if the zerg attacks, you have to resist one end. So let’s make a deal. "
"Hum, you don’t suffer. Those bile worms will inevitably destroy these plants. It may be easier to make a deal here." The prisoner was just about to take his belongings to the bow in two minutes.
Seeing the prisoner raise his hand and release thirty-six fist-sized crystal balls, these crystal balls are connected in series to produce a similar repulsive force field. The outside rattan tries its best to attack and use its strength. The greater the strength of Big bounce, the greater the Phantom of the Opera Zeus is temporarily installed.
With the prisoner’s hand to arrange the matrix, Lin momo throws out the fear thorns more casually. He moves without being entangled by vines, and then returns to the ship when the insect cloud is coping.
The leader of the gall bladder worm in the ravine covered with insect clouds gave the order that the two human ships must be towed back, and they dared not slack off and pursued all the way. However, human beings were very cunning. They were blocked twice, once with black liquid and once with earth plants. They lost 500 gall bladder worms and 300 power bombs before arriving here, but it seems that human beings have arranged it properly.
The gall bladder worm is also very resistant to the fear of thorns. These plants are very strong in vitality. When they are finished, they will be blown to nothing, so they can rest and worry. Otherwise, leaving a little residue may revive, which may be really difficult to deal with.
"hissing" the leader of the gall bladder worm twitched short whiskers and dropped more than a thousand power source bombs, followed by the spread of energy shock waves in the ravine. The prisoners stared wildly at the power source.
When the power bomb broke out, it was very strong. The prisoner vomited blood at the bow and cursed Lin momo’s ancestors in his heart. It’s really hard to earn these two thousand units of crystal refining.
"Kaba" 36 crystal balls destroyed 24 prisoners and added 24 palm-sized mirror shields to supplement the matrix nodes.
Power bomb power is mainly blocked by fear of thorns. Phantom of the Opera and Zeus are relatively weak here, but it is also Lin momo who didn’t think of anything in advance because of such a power once.
The prisoner spat out a mouthful of blood sputum and didn’t worry about this minor injury. I’ll ask Lin Sisuo for some good therapeutic drugs later, and I believe I can recover in a few hours.
The gall bladder worm also knows that the 700 power bombs left by the human ship are no longer used.
At this time, the leader of the gall bladder worm divided more than 100 swarms into the ravine to clean up and spy on it. It saw the Phantom of the Opera drilling here from a distance. Although the temptation has disappeared, the human ship must be hidden here
At the cost of nearly a thousand bile worms, the worm cloud finally found the enemy hiding place and immediately bombarded with 500 power bombs.
"Poof!" The prisoner raised his hands and sprayed blood. He turned back to the cabin and shouted, "Fuck Lin Xiao! I can’t resist these power bombs anymore. They’re so abnormal. "
Momo Lin is slightly sorry. I didn’t expect the Zerg to come. This power bomb seems to be free of money. The defense matrix outside is inching apart, leaving a few mirrors and shields.
Was about to call back the prisoner zerg last two hundred power bombs also fell near the ravine collapsed hundreds of meters high rock wall hit the phantom of the opera.
Volume 6 record! Strange bug list Chapter 333 Light blade
In the ravine, there is a huge smoke and dust, and the tangled rotation in the bile worms is quietly waiting for the human ship to appear.
Marta hit the corner and stabbed hundreds of meters high to the side, and the stone wall became debris. At this time, the defense matrix was long gone, and the prisoner’s injury was aggravated due to the energy impact caused by the explosion of the power source.
"Bad luck! This injury will take at least a month and a half. "The prisoner’s dusty deck was fine when he was evacuated just now, otherwise how much damage might it have suffered?"
Lin momo didn’t take a picture of the prisoner’s face, and he was going to verify the physical strength of the Yi nationality youth. The elders of the Yi nationality blew it up, but if it must be tested in actual combat.
Su Baba led the Li youth deck to separate, and everyone held a piece of refined crystal in their hands to display their bodies.
See the surrounding rock collapse stones have been ejected to Lin momo feel this ability is not so outstanding.
Subaba shouted, "Brothers, Captain Lin is our boss and our rear boss. Don’t let the boatmen look down on us, let them see the real leader of the Li clan."
The words sound just fell, and several young people of the Li nationality took the lead in crushing the refined crystal. As we all know, refined crystal is extremely hard and it is incredible that it can be crushed abruptly.
Lin momo has been doing careful observation through the deep and remote eyes and found that these forces do not make the brute force crush the crystal, but through some unique shock to complete this kind of work. If it really makes the brute force far from being uniform, it does not even leave a slightly larger crystal.
After the face of the young people of the Li nationality is sucked into their nostrils, they emit heavy or thick khaki light and wave their claws to fan out.
"Huhuhu ….." Every time the young people of the Li clan flapped the hull, they moved forward one point and even discharged the aftermath of the explosion of the power source and sailed outward.
"Not bad! Force clan is born to be an expert in rowing. If they are cultivated, they can really do some wonders. "Lin momo shines at the moment. Although it is expensive to cultivate force clan, they are the best thugs. It will be of great help to the future development if boatmen ask them to honestly not disobey orders.
At that time, the Phantom of the Opera and Zeus rushed out in tandem, and various attacks poured out from the two ships and blasted into the rotating worm cloud.
There are still some fear thorns in the ravine, and this time they come out to join in the fun, which brings a little trouble to the gall bladder worm more or less.
Lin momo never lacks courage, and if he falters, he will not live at this time today. The lighter is the only weapon to solve the gall bladder worm, but 500,000 gall bladder worms make people feel numb.
Phantom of the Opera launched a charge, and the hull emitted a lot of blue light, and then God limited the magnetic force to kill and shoot it out and spend it everywhere along the insect cloud.
In the dark "clouds", countless light rays flashed at first, and then a large number of insect corpses fell like a rainstorm.
Roderick didn’t cheer, just relying on Phantom of the Opera to cast a ship’s lighter to solve this bug cloud, which is different from the wishful thinking. The centripetal force generated when the bile worm rotates makes the attack slightly distorted and offset.
After the Phantom of the Opera cast its magic limit, the energy was unable to make ends meet, and even the cannon light was hard to follow. Cui Hetang quickly sailed back and fell into the insect cloud field alone.
A large area of gall bladder worm has been monitoring the strength comparison. This ship’s lighter has made 210,000 gall bladder worms into the past. I almost couldn’t imagine that I would achieve such a record before I changed it. However, this is not the time to be proud. Another 290,000 gall bladder worms are vicious and shrouded like a giant hand trying to seize the Phantom of the Opera.
"Boom" a layer of wave light appeared on the surface of the planet, followed by 30 beams of light into the insect cloud. These beams are far more lethal than God’s limit. Magnetic killing is a method of mass killing with few quantities.
The beam of light is naturally Zeus’ release of the C-class ship. After the lighter light dissipates, it will smash a small piece of insect cloud, which has enough room for 20,000 bile worms to die. The Phantom of the Opera has to retreat safely.
"Uncle Captain, look, there are 260,000 bile worms left, and our chances of winning are not high!" Incarnate son some worry said
Although Lin momo has repeatedly weakened the strength of the insect cloud, these bile worms are not louse worms, and their body defenses have been imposed on each other. The consumption of ammunition is much faster than the usual battle, and it will be a "business" if you flee here now.
Nearly a hundred kilometers of ravines in Fiona Fang have collapsed and destroyed, and the area covered by insect clouds is not small. Phantom of the Opera and Zeus are caught in the middle, and they can’t escape. They can’t bite the bullet and rush.
260,000 bile worms rose up and attacked to engulf the two ships in the center. Gradually, the light method was used to resist the insect clouds approaching the ship’s shadow and was completely involved in the darkness.
Several young people of the Li nationality were so scared that they collapsed to the deck in the distance. The ferocious worm face of the Zerg bile worm was so clear that the two ships were completely surrounded by hundreds of meters, and it was hard to imagine the speed of forming a thick "worm group"
Harley pushed the jumping dragonflies to the limit. Lin momo released the geomagnetic storm ball in combination with the blue blood meteorite. Roderick didn’t spare the ammunition and insects, so he went back as much as he could. The Phantom of the Opera and Zeus launched the ship warfare skills with the current situation method.
As time went by, Payne and other crew members came to the deck to cooperate with the attack. Even Yu Tianxing was invited out of the cabin to kill the gun light and escape the net.
The young ducks of the Li nationality rushed to the rack and Connor distributed them to decompose the ray guns. These guns were because Sakry’s weapons had been collected by Harley and the eyes of the battery area had to be taken out for emergency.
There are a lot of bile worms, and the young people of the Li nationality can always hit the target if they don’t learn to aim and shoot.
Sixty young people saw the energy shield temporarily resist the zerg charge and picked up the gun attack, but there were still some trepidation. Look at the shaky energy shield, it must be lasting.
Zeus was equally lively, and the pioneer robot flew to the bridge and fired all the weapons in the battery area to launch a fierce attack. This is a life-and-death competition. Only when the "worm group" is broken up can there be a chance to make a detour.
Another wave of insect shadow impact to Lin momo suddenly eyebrows move in the state of immersion source.
Listening to the sinking blade Gao said, "I haven’t been out for a long time to exercise my bones and muscles. If you are willing to sacrifice the blood absorbed in the previous battle, I can help you a little with the help of the blue blood meteorite."
Lin momo immediately paid attention to it and couldn’t help asking, "There is already a lot of blood absorbed in front, but I feel that the nine Niu Yi hairy root method shows a clear numerical ratio after the Zerg Jingxue enters the blue blood meteorite. Does it keep changing?"
"That’s natural. It’s hard to receive a blood volume of 1%. Every blood device has to go through a long period of killing for thousands of years. Are you determined?" Sinking blade asked with emphasis
Lin momo natural and unrestrained response "just JingXie important pros and cons I also see through? Since the fallen predecessors have the idea to help, it is best to solve the outside bile worms once and for all, or let us quickly clear the insect tower. "