After watching this video, Zhao Bohao went to the forum and found two summoner videos with the same style. The result was that the summoner won, but the summoner made all kinds of wonderful moves and innovative artistic conception.

After watching it, Zhao Bohao can’t wait for someone to log in to the game and practice it well, so that they can taste their own wretched thirty-six styles.
"Dinner" Zhu Lin interrupted him with a shout. yy quickly dropped her brain and ran to the restaurant. He didn’t want to know where Zhu Lin leftovers were left, so she was depressed to death.
Seek reward, increase and abuse the Lord
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= = = Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Workshop was established = = =
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Workshop was established
Zhao Bohao walked quickly to the restaurant and saw that the big round table was already filled with all kinds of delicious food, including braised prawns in Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish, braised R sweet and sour tenderloin and fried pork ribs with scallions.
"It’s so fragrant. Come to Zhu Lin. Let’s drink a toast." Zhao Bohao then raised his glass and drank the white wine in it.
"Cheers" The rest of Zhu Lin and Li Sao Li Shu also looked at each other and then drank the beer in the cup.
"Let’s have a drink together. Zhu Lin will join our villa and have another drink." Zhao Bohao finished and filled another glass at Dundun.
"Cheers" everyone drank it off again.
"Coming to this third cup is to celebrate the formal establishment of our workshop, Chuangshi Workshop." Zhao Bohao squatted down for a cup again.
"Cheers" Although Mrs. Li doesn’t know what a workshop is, she knows that Zhao Bohao is happy and has not stopped him from continuing to drink.
"Now move" Zhao Bohao three glasses of wine belly suddenly feel refreshed to eat food, which is like not eating for several months, and Zhu Lin is not to be outdone, but a burst of binge eating.
After the meal, Sister-in-law Li and Zhu Lin cleaned up the table. After a while, Zhu Lin returned to the living room.
"Zhu Lin, you are my person now. When do you think you will move to the villa?" Zhao Bohao came straight to the point after seeing Zhu Lin arrive.
"Why are you so annoying when you talk? What do you mean I’m your person? I’m at best your employee and I haven’t signed up." Zhu Lin looked at Zhao Bohao’s face and was depressed
"It’s not all the same. I’ll hand-write you a copy of the contract. You can type it yourself when you go back, and you have to move here as soon as possible and continue for a while. I need your help," Zhao Bohao said to Zhu Lin.
"Ok, these are small things. I’ll go back to the apartment now and move things. I should be back in two hours." Zhu Lin thought about it and rushed to Zhao Bohao and said.
"Well, you just need to speed up the car in the garage. When you come back, I will send you a small gift, which I think you will like." Zhao Bohao nodded.
"Ok, then don’t delay me. I’ll go and leave now." Zhu Lin said and turned around and walked out of the door. Then she heard a car roar and saw a red supercar with unparalleled speed rushing out of the garage and driving away in the distance.
"Hello, Chuangshi Company? Do I want to order an eco-warehouse? Or is it a problem to deliver it there in an hour? No problem, right? Then I’ll make a payment quickly." Then Zhao Bohao hung up.
"What a smart girl! Hehe!" Zhao Bohao looked away, picked up an apple and sat on the leather sofa.
"Sister-in-law Li, if you send the game warehouse to me later, let them arrange the game warehouse in Room 2 of the building. I’ll go back to my room first." After eating the apple, Zhao Bohao got up and walked into the house.
"I’m back." Zhu Lin stopped at the door of the apartment with a dazzling super run and ran to his room.
"Zhu Lin, why are you back so early? Aren’t you going to work?" A girl who shared a room with Zhu Lin said to Zhu Lin while dancing live.
"Luo Xue, I came back to move things, and you are still broadcasting live. Wear more clothes and be careful to catch cold." Zhu Lin replied and went straight back to his room to rummage through things.
"Dear babies, I’m going to get something to eat. I’ll be with you later. I love you." Luo Xue dropped the live broadcast and went to Zhu Lin’s house
"Baby, you are moving. Why did the company arrange an apartment for you?" Luo Xue leaned against the door and looked at busy Zhu Lin.
"It’s not Luo Xue. I just found a new job and the boss arranged a place for me to live." Zhu Lin said while packing his clothes
"Ha ha, it seems that my sister has to bear the high rent here alone. It’s really hard luck for me." Luo Xue covered her head with grief.
"It’s okay, Luo Xue. I have paid the rent in advance until the end of this year, which is enough for you to find a new roommate." Zhu Lin said to Luo Xue after packing the last dress.
"Then I’ll give you a ride." Luo Xue finished and helped Zhu Linqi with a backpack and walked towards the ladder.
"This is your car," said Luo Xue, surprised to see Zhu Lin put the luggage on the sports car.
"Boss, he asked me to move." Zhu Lin jumped out of the car and was ready to move.
"I’m going, too. I’m going to help my baby. After all, you’re so beautiful. If your boss is up to something, it’s over." Luo Xue suddenly flashed a tree in his eyes and then hit the door and jumped out of Zhu Lin Super Run.
"Well, then," Zhu Lin thought, there was nothing wrong with directly kicking the gas pedal and flying off towards his new residence.
Super run all the way at high speed, and the last horizontal swing stopped in front of the villa.
"Xiaolin came back with friends." Li Shuzheng said hello after watering the flowers in the garden and seeing Zhu Linlai.
"Li Shu watered the flowers? I went to Luoxue. Let’s go." Zhu Lin said and walked with Luoxue to the villa.
"Little Lin is here. There is a gift he is going to give you in your room. This is" Sister-in-law Li told Zhu Lin Zhao Bohao when she saw Zhu Lin coming.
"This is my roommate, Luo Xue. She’s here to help me move things." Zhu Lin introduced Luo Xue.
"I’ve met sister-in-law Li. My name is Luo Xue." Luo Xue gave a gift to sister-in-law Li.
"Go to your building. The door is unlocked." Li Sister-in-law then continued to get busy in the living room.
Zhu Lin and Luo Xue came to Room No.2 together, which was not only huge, but also furnished with everything, especially a huge big bed, which really made people want to stop.
"What on earth is your boss doing? How can he arrange such a good place for you to live?" Luo Xue was a little confused and stable.
"Nothing. What is this?" Zhu Lin finally noticed that Zhao Bohao said that the gift turned out to be a super expensive ecological game warehouse
"Wow" Zhu Lin exclaimed directly hugged the game warehouse to give up.
"What are you excited about a broken box?" Luo Xue said with a burst of doubt.
"This is an eco-game warehouse. The cheapest one is one million rb." Zhu Lin said with a look of excitement.
"One million, you’re rich," Luo Xue said with glowing eyes.
"Are you satisfied with my gift?"
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The fat sheep also died for a reward. On the same day, a total of 1,000 coins were rewarded and one more was added, and so on.
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= = = Chapter one hundred and sixty Heavy fighting = = =
Chapter one hundred and sixty Heavy fighting
Zhao Bohao leaned against the door and gently spit out a smoke turn and proudly rushed to Zhu Lin and said
"Thank you. I didn’t expect it to be such a precious gift, but I will pay you back the money." Zhu Lin got up and walked beside Zhao Bohao.
"If you don’t pay me back, it’s a welfare for me. After all, sharpening the knife doesn’t mistake the woodcutter?" Zhao Bohao said domineering.
"This is interest." Zhu Lin suddenly kissed Zhao Bohao on the cheek and then blushed and ran behind Luo Xue.
"This is" a face of Meng Zhao Bohao did not notice that there were others in the room.
"Hello, I am a good friend and roommate of Luo Xue Zhu Lin." Luo Xue generously came to Zhao Bohao and shook hands with him.
"Smooth with hooks" feels tender and smooth to Zhao Bohao’s palm. When Luo Xuesong held his hand, he deliberately hooked Zhao Bohao’s little finger nail.
"Hello," Zhao Bohao said dully. Looking at the woman in front of him, he had an unspeakable feeling.
"Zhu Lin quickly let the ecological warehouse recognize the Lord first and then get ready to enter the game, and how can your friend go back?" Zhao Bohao urged Zhu Lin what kind of feeling he threw.
"It’s okay. I’ll go back to Zhu Lin myself. I’ll see you later." Luo Xue made a decision and got up and walked to the door.
"Come on, I’ll see you in the game later." Zhao Bohao also left Zhu Lin’s house.
After seeing Zhao Bohao leave, Zhu Lin finally sent a sigh of relief, then took off his clothes, took a shower, changed his clothes and got into the game warehouse.
At the end of the vice, a number of players flooded into the vice, including Zhao Bohao and Zhu Lin.
A white light flashed across Zhao Bohao and Zhu Lin, where both lines appeared. In the blink of an eye, Schilling also appeared around them after a light.
"Are you all right? Do you think the main program is going well?" Zhao Bohao said at Youlan Dream.