Where is that desk?

on the second floor
Draw me a picture of the second floor, just like the one you drew, my child.
That’s very simple. Andre picked up a pen and came to the second floor. You see, this is the waiting room, the living room, a hidden room on the right, a room on the left, a bedroom and a dressing room. The noteworthy writing desk is in the dressing room.
Window in the dressing room?
Two windows, one here and one there, Andre drew two windows in that room. In his sketch, the dressing room is a small square in the corner, and next to it is a rectangle, which is the bedroom.
Caderousse looked thoughtful. Does he often go to Auteuil? He asked.
Go there two or three times a week, for example, one day he will go there for a day and a night.
Are you sure?
He has asked me to go there for dinner.
It’s a good life, Caderousse said. There is a house in the city and a house in the town.
This is the advantage of money.
Do you go there for dinner?
Probably go
Where do you eat? Do you live there?
If I am happy that I am there, I feel at home.
Caderousse looked at the young man as if he were trying to find out the truth from his heart. Andre took a cigar case from his pocket and lit a cigarette quietly. When do you want him to say that 500 francs to Caderousse?
I’m going to lie to you now
Andre touched twenty-five gold Louis from his pocket.
Is it gold? Caderousse said no, thank you.
Oh, you despise it
On the contrary, I respect it, but I don’t want it.
You can change it, fool. There are five more coppers in the gold market.
Exactly, and the money changer will follow your friend Caderousse and ask him which farmer will pay the rent in gold coins. Stop talking nonsense, I’ll give the silver coins. Who is that five-franc silver coin with a round face?
But will you and I have 500 francs with us? Then I’ll have to hire a porter.
Well, leave it at your concierge’s. He’s very reliable. I’ll get it.
No, God, I have no time today.
Okay, God, I’ll leave it with the porter when I go to Auteuil.
Are you sure you can get it
of course
Because I want to use it to hire a housekeeper.
Come on, are you done? Well, aren’t you going to torture me anymore?
Never mind that Caderousse’s face has become so gloomy. Andre is afraid that he will have another change. He doubles his cheerful and casual air.
How happy you are! Caderousse said people would say that you have got your property.
No, it’s a pity, but when I got it,
I will remember my old friends, and I won’t say any more.
Because your memory is so strong.
What do you want? I’ll pay you back. You’re trying to rip me off.
I really want to give you another good piece of advice.
What advice?
Leave your diamond ring, and we will all be involved in it. Your stupidity will ruin both of us.
How come? Andre said.