As noon approached, the two men were seated one after another to prepare for dinner, but there was an urgent step outside. Wang Yingkai saw the bearer with a flustered face and reprimanded him, "What’s going on? What’s going on?"

The bearer was his entourage, but he didn’t respond to Wang Yingjie’s reprimand, or he walked up to Wang Yingjie with a face of panic and handed out a piece of paper.
Writing a lot of articles these days is generally a pass, and Wang Yingkai’s face quickly turned black after reading this pass. "Well, he is really a Beiyang!"
Duan Qirui this listen to some wonder, however, when he took the Wang Yingjie handed me this letter, after a few eyes, he also quickly gave birth to anger in his heart!
"How dare they!" Duan Qirui threw the article and then directly got up. "If they dare to make this Chinese federal empire, I will immediately send troops to Jiangning to flatten the three towns in Wuhan!"
At the same time, Zhao Dongyun, the temporary residence of Tangshan Zhao Dongyun, couldn’t help laughing when he looked at this piece of Zhang Dong published in his hand. "This piece of Nanpi is really old! He dares to say’ Chinese Federal Empire’! "
Chapter two hundred and seven Empire of the Chinese Federation
In October and November, 1996, when Yuan Shikai was assassinated in the northern provinces of China, especially Zhili and Shandong and Henan provinces in the three eastern provinces, which led to the continuous turmoil in the Beiyang mutiny, many governors in the south did not sit idle and wait for the results of the Beiyang struggle to kneel down.
Moreover, many governors in the south, especially Zhang Dongduan, are all sophisticated bureaucrats, and their ways of doing things are completely different from those of the new warlords such as Zhao Dongyun in the north. At least they don’t communicate with Zhao Dongyun and Wang Yingkai, and they can’t wait to know everything every day.
Many governors in the south, that is, Zhang Dong published several innocuous letters in the early stage, mainly to persuade Beiyang generals to exercise restraint, but then when Beiyang generals fought to the death, many governors in the south did not have much interest
Even though they have been clamoring to send troops to Beiqin Wang Duanfang and Yinchang, they have put aside their past high-profile and then buried their heads in rectifying the provincial army. In the past two months, Duanfang has quickly cleared up a large number of officers who tend to be Beiyang, and then took control of the ninth town stationed in Jiangning, the 27th HunChengXie in Jiangxi and the 31st HunChengXie in Anhui at the level of middle and senior officers.
And Yin Chang is unwilling to lag behind. After kicking off some senior officers of Beiyang School, he also managed to control Jiangbei HunChengXie.
It’s not just the two rivers and Jiangbei that rectify the army to expand and prepare for war. In fact, southern provinces such as Huguang, Fujian and Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi and Yunnan and Guizhou have all accelerated the pace of compiling and training new troops!
In addition to rectifying the army, the southern governors also conducted frequent and secret alliances, relying on the leader of the southern governors, Zhang Dongwei, and the support of the Manchu etiquette. In fact, the southern provinces soon reached an alliance situation similar to that in the Geng Dynasty.
From the mid-October, Beiyang started fighting without the support of a southern governor, so it can be seen that the southern provinces have no affection for Beiyang, especially after Yuan Shikai died, let alone support it.
In the hearts of many southern governors, Beiyang’s rise this time is a serious rebellion, which is even more forbearing, let alone letting them bow to the heads of Wang Yingjie or Zhao Dongyun. Whether Wang Yingjie or Zhao Dongyun talk about prestige and qualifications, they can generally say Beiyang style, but if this so-called prestige and qualifications are released to the country, it will not even count as second-rate.
Before and after the year of Geng, it was naturally Li Hongzhang who was the most important official of the Han people in China. After Li Hongzhang died, although Yuan Shikai was the heir of Beiyang, many important officials in the late Qing Dynasty could not be suppressed. For example, when Zhang Dong’s family wrestled with Li Hongzhang, did you hook up with Min Fei in North Korea?
In addition, there is Cen Chunxuan, a respected official in the country, and then several Manchu officials have a lot of actual prestige. These two people, Duan Fang and Xi Liang, are a few in the political arena in the late Qing Dynasty who can compete with Han Chinese officials against Manchu officials.
When it comes to prestige, it’s not really Wang Yingkai and Zhao Dongyun’s turn. A group of governors in the south are better than them.
In this case, when the north is in turmoil, naturally, you can’t expect the southern governor to be able to get Wang Yingkai or Zhao Dongyun from Beiyangli. At this time, they did not hesitate to raise another leader’s banner, that is, Zhang Dong!
In the face of the turmoil in the north, it is not the first time that the southern provinces have joined forces to protect each other. They did it once in the Geng Dynasty. Now, although the situation is different from that of that year, it is a fact that the capital fell into the war in the north.
In particular, Wang Yingkai forced Guangxu to write the abdication edict with a gun, which caused great shock to the southern provinces. Duan and others refused to recognize the validity of the abdication edict
However, even though the southern governors, especially those Manchu governors, are unwilling to admit it, the fact is that the capital has fallen into the control of Beiyang, including Guangxu, Cixi and Xun, and a large number of royal families have been arrested and placed under house arrest, even if a few have escaped into the embassy district, it will not affect the overall situation.
Beiyang generals jointly attacked the capital before and then attacked it by encircling it. Plus, the confidence of the Manchu royal family was still relatively high. I didn’t expect that Wang Shizhen would rebel against Feng Guozhang before the battle. It was so simple and miserable that the Manchu royal family was very tragic and lost the third opportunity of hunting in the west. Guangxu Cixi Guangxu’s several emperors and brothers all fell into the hands of Beiyang Army.
Plus, regardless of whether it was forced or voluntary, the abdication edict was actually promulgated, but the seal was genuine. In fact, from the legal point of view, the southern provinces have lost their allegiance and it is impossible for them to bow to Wang Yingkai.
In this case, I fantasized about the Zionist cause, discussing with Yin Chang and other Manchu governors, and then turning around, I expressed my loyalty to Zhang Dong!
Their demand is simple, that is, to keep Aisingiorro’s throne!
That is to say, they accept imitating the British virtual monarch system, and the emperor keeps his name in vain, and he doesn’t want anything!
And Zhang Dong is very unhappy with Wang Yingkai and Zhao Dongyun, the leaders of these northern warlords. Come and play with your New Deal. You have to rebel against Zhang Dong. It seems that all the northern generals, whether Wang Yingkai or Zhao Dongyun, are careerists who have ruined the country and the people!
In addition, a Confucian brother, like many scholars, can just dislike the so-called Republican China people who have had an emperor for thousands of years. Once there is no emperor, what is it?
Of course, Zhang Dong, the leader of the Han etiquette, can’t accept Guangxu’s continued stay in the Chinese minister’s toilet. In recent years, he and Yuan Shikai have jointly promoted the constitutional monarchy.
He seems that the emperor still needs it. Otherwise, who do you want Tianshi to sell all his talents to?
But times have changed now. Although the emperor has to have it, it’s better not to take charge of any military affairs. Naturally, when I wait for Confucianism to take care of you, the emperor should not worry about learning to go to those emperors. It’s okay to practice Dan sawing wood, occasionally play with leopards and see an elephant. That’s a model of how the monarch and the minister get along!
Moreover, if you promise them, then a prime minister will come!
At that time, it can’t be said that there are ten thousand people, but absolutely ten thousand people!
Many reasons add up to see that many governors in the south also support themselves, and the troops in the southern provinces seem to add up to a lot. At least there are several towns and several associations. If we practice training again, it is estimated that it will not be difficult to make up a dozen towns.
As a result, as soon as the southern governor connected a "Chinese federal empire" in series, it officially entered the historical stage!
I didn’t continue to call it the Qing Empire class, regardless of whether Guangxu was forced or voluntary. The abdication letter can’t be true. I don’t admit it, and there is no way to add it. These days, many people are still worried about fighting against the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Han Dynasty, and they are also trying to win over many Han Chinese dignitaries. The end party and others have taken the initiative to suggest that the name of this country should be changed, so that the Qing Dynasty class will no longer be replaced by a tall one
As a result, these people thought about it and came up with a name of the "Chinese Federal Empire", and then issued a general statement saying that they would continue to respect the first imperial emperor in Guangxu, the capital.
On December 2, Zhangdong Wuhan called representatives from the so-called "Congress" southern provinces to discuss the so-called constitutional systems and so on.
However, Zhang Dong became the first imperial prime minister, Yin Chang became the secretary of the war department, and Beiyang’s sworn enemy, Cen Chunxuan, also ran from the sea with a fart and a fart, and then took on the responsibility of the branch secretary. First, in the first cabinet of the newly established Chinese federal empire, except Yin Chang, he was all Chinese ministers!
It is to show the outside world that this definitely does not belong to Manchu government or cabinet, but to Tianrenge!
However, this is the appearance, because the names of Manchu governors who are loyal to the Chinese federal empire have occupied nearly half!
From December 2nd to 3rd, almost all governors in many southern provinces successively issued a statement supporting the Manchu people in the Chinese federal empire, including Duan Fang, Governor of Liangjiang River, Yin Chang, Minister of War and Governor of Jiangbei, Xi Liang, Governor of Yunnan and Guizhou, Enming, Governor of Anhui, Rui Liang, Governor of Jiangxi, Lian Kui, Governor of Xinjiang, Rui Hu, and so on.
At the same time, there are a large number of Han governors, including Zhou Fu, governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, Ding Zhenze, governor of Fujian and Zhejiang, Zhao Erfeng, governor of Shaanxi and Gansu, Zhao Erxun, governor of Jiangsu, Chen Kuilong, governor of Zhejiang, and governor of Guizhou, Pang Hong.
After the news arrived in Tangshan, Zhao Dongyun was also worried about Zhang Dong’s establishment of the so-called Chinese federal empire.
Because the struggle between Zhao Dong Cloud and Wang Yingkai dates back to the former wars with Feng Guozhang and Wang Shizhen, although it was very fierce, it was all a Beiyang struggle anyway. This struggle is not to say that it is the leader of this country, but the position of Beiyang.
How to say it? The struggle of Beiyang bosses is nothing to do with life and death. Although Feng Guozhang lost the battle, Wang Yingjie still lives well. Even if his heart is disgusting, Wang Yingjie still has to eat and drink after Feng Guozhang declared the wilderness. After all, Beiyang bosses have come together for many years. Many people used to be friends and have a lot of friendship, but their respective interests have made them draw swords.
Take 10,000 steps back and say that no matter who wins or loses, this meat is rotten in the Beiyang pot. Once Wang Yingkai and Zhao Dongyun win the battle, the next step is to unify Beiyang and further develop Beiyang.
However, Zhang Dong has joined forces with his southern governor to create a so-called Chinese federal empire, which has already hurt the overall interests of Beiyang.
If Zhang Dong, they really get out some Northern Expeditionary Army, and then kill Zhili and defeat Wang Yingkai and others, his Zhao Dongyun field is no better!
Chapter two hundred Tianjin talks (1)
Zhang Dong and the southern governor jointly created a so-called Chinese federal empire at the beginning of December, which poured cold water on the fierce Beiyang War!