"Everyone’s presence in Xuanzong, my family, really makes me proud!" Green non-success waved his arm.

Several graceful brothers brought a bowl of tea to everyone.
"The patriarch is welcome!"
Elder Bei Yuan Zong got up at once.
For example, Emperor Xuanzong of Heaven gave a ceremony and casually said, "I have no choice but to bring something with me this time. I hope the patriarch will accept it!"
The child behind him got the message.
Take out three jade boxes from the bag, each of which is very beautiful.
"This is my cloud-dodger. With him, he can fly, even if the fairy tries her best."
Children proudly said 1
Play the second jade box at random
"This is the heavenly sword. Although it is not a peerless weapon, the outside world is also very rare." The child continued to introduce.
Random third jade box open
Chu householder’s face suddenly changed.
I didn’t bring anything of value in this hurry.
The child has introduced the third thing: "This is Yin and Yang Pei, but the fusion of Tianshan fire jade and Zi Shan cold jade is of great benefit to practice."
Elder Bei Yuanzong waited for their introduction.
At this time, when I saw the Chu family master, I was indifferent to each other. It was random and not nonsense.
"Lord Xuanzong heard that there was a piece of Xuan Bing in your family for ten thousand years. Because I lived in a brother who was seriously injured, I needed ice therapy and hoped to borrow it for a while."
"Of course! We won’t take it away, but we will bring our brother and practice in Xuan Bing for a few days. "
The elders of Beiyuan Sect went straight to the theme.
"This time, we brought a lot of things as a reward. These are gifts. I hope the patriarch can promise."
Chapter 129 Unexpected flip
This time, the elders of Beiyuan Sect were obviously prepared.
Soon ordered the page to bring this time one by one to the day Xuanzong master Qing Yun.
Tianxuanzong’s facial expression
Root can’t see what she is thinking.
Then twist a head to see asked Chu householder "I don’t know what Chu householder came this time! ?”
"This …"
Chu householder turned red and looked very embarrassed.
Compared with the sincerity of North Yuan Sect, their hands are really hard to say.
Aside the housekeeper pulled a Chu householder suo suo head and mouth and said, "householder! I think that little sincerity is playing us. Why don’t we just go? ?”
Chu householder is very hesitant in his heart.
My heart was shaken by Jiang Feng’s words.
As far as he is concerned, the elders of the Northern Yuan Dynasty suddenly said, "Chu Guzhu, you didn’t say that you wanted Xuan Bing for ten thousand years and didn’t know what it could bring! ?”
"This ….." Chu householder turned ugly.
Green non-success at this moment is wrinkly to knit the brows.
Shame on yourself!
Anyway, it’s embarrassing enough. Don’t embarrass yourself once.
Chu householder was cruel at this time and said, "It’s a man named Jiang Fengren who came to let me meet with him! ?”
"Jiang Feng! ?”
Green non-success show one leng.
She knew that Ye Xiaoyue didn’t know that his current name was Jiang Feng, together with Jiang Feng.
Green non-success show one leng.
"Who is that! ?”
Chu householder’s heart was "hitched" with a wry smile, but he didn’t expect to be cheated by that little girl.
Aside the housekeeper is stamping stamping.
"Ah! I know that small is a lie! "
"Maybe …" Chu householder Nai shook his head.
The patriarch of Beiyuan couldn’t help smiling when he looked at them. It seems that they won this time.
"That’s right! He gave me a letter hoping that Lord Xuanzong could read it! " Chu householder still unwilling.
Take Jiang Feng out of his arms and give him an envelope for a female brother to pass.
His move made many people laugh their heads off.
In particular, the elders of the Northern Yuan Dynasty couldn’t help mocking the sentence, "Xuan Bing has no treasures in ten thousand years as a transaction, so it’s too disdainful to borrow it with a piece of paper."
"Chu householder! The impression in your heart and mine is greatly missing! "
These words
Shame on Chu’s family, the head of the family is flushed, one by one.
Master Chu is the orthodox door of the Emperor’s family.
Chu householder is in charge of the orthodox door when he got up and took the housekeeper to leave.
North Xuanzong elders is a satisfiedly smile.
"Wait a minute!" Qingyun suddenly raised her head and said to the Chu master, "I can lend you Xuan Bing for ten thousand years!"
"What …?"
The elders of Beiyuan Sect were immediately shocked.
When I grew up, my mouth looked incredulous and I quickly got up and said, "Lord Xuanzong, these are our wishes. If you are not satisfied, we can take out some more."
It’s not just the elders of Beiyuan Sect who are shocked.
Even the Chu family supervisor was shocked.
I didn’t return to my mind for a long time, and the surprise came so suddenly that I was desperate. I didn’t expect that Emperor Xuanzong would suddenly promise him.
"This … this …" Chu householder immediately incoherent.
"You say this is true! ?”
"Xuan Bing can indeed lend it to you in ten thousand years, but you have to promise that there will be no damage!" Green non-success stared at Chu householder.
"white! White! I will definitely follow the rules of Tianxuanzong! " Chu main mouth said
"I took so many things in Bei Yuan Zong and they brought a paper envelope. Why should I give it to them? ?” One side of the child when discontent.
"Shut up!"
The elders of the Northern Yuan Sect should reprimand the children.