Dzogchen’s nine-storey appreciation of refining gas is not a breakthrough in the realm, but mainly a process of qi accumulation. The so-called Buddhist in dzogchen’s ancient books has a special comment on this. "This realm is said to have been separated from the dirty wisdom and exposed. If dzogchen interprets the meaning, all the methods contained in the refining period know that this spirit is silent and complete, so it is more convenient to say that it is better than this."

Gas refining in dzogchen is a special realm. How many gas refining monks want to refine dzogchen, but they can’t help it. During the gas refining period, Shou Yuan ran out of nai Lao; There are also many monks who stop at this edge after practicing gas refining dzogchen, and eventually they fall down the road of uniting.
Tsukidan is really difficult for monks.
If Sun Hao practices step by step, it is also likely that Longque’s secret land will be promoted to refining gas. dzogchen did not expect that Sun Hao entered the realm of refining gas in dzogchen because of refining and refining.
At this time, Sun Hao is not yet 19 years old, and at this time, if Sun Hao wants to build a foundation in his hand, especially an existing foundation Dan, he will probably be able to build a foundation successfully within half a year.
After entering the gas refining dzogchen, Sun Hao also hesitated whether to start building a foundation now, but for two reasons, he finally resisted the temptation of building a foundation.
One of the reasons is that monks can refine their breath when they enter Tsukiji, but they can’t go in. Once Tsukiji is built, they will lose the opportunity to enter the Takushoku, and they will lose a chance.
Chapter one hundred and seven Qingyun Zhanzhou
The main reason is naturally that the twelve-building-foundation pill is to help the monk break through the nine-layer shackles of gas refining and enter the ten-layer gas refining, and finally let the monk refine gas for a week and reach the twelve-layer gas refining before reaching perfection. dzogchen will build the foundation again.
Although the classics have not recorded the twelve foundations, nor have they said what benefits and dangers will be gained from such foundations, it is faintly revealed in this secret law that only in this way can the foundations be condensed to a higher level.
Sun Hao came to pay attention to his own foundation. No doubt, it is a solid foundation panacea. How can Sun Hao let go of this opportunity?
Make up your mind, Sun Hao, make up your mind, build a calm heart, and look forward to the arrival of Longfinch’s secret realm quietly.
More than half a year later, Sun Hao waited like this and flashed by.
For more than half a year, Sun Hao systematically strengthened his own ability, which not only consolidated his own ability to refine gas, but also strengthened dzogchen’s ability to repair others.
During this period, Xia Jing Xia An sisters accompanied Sun Hao to study in the Royal Tibetan Pavilion for a month, and Sun Hao’s rigorous attitude towards learning also affected Xia Jia sisters, especially Xia An Tibetan Pavilion, which was rarely quiet. At this time, she finally had such an eye for Bai Sun Hao’s third library. His knowledge was far beyond ordinary monks.
In the past six months, Sun Hao’s biggest breakthrough was in character seal. After several years of hard practice, Sun Hao finally refined a lot of character seal, but he kept it secret and carefully collected his own bag. If this thing is released, there will be another storm.
In half a year, Sun Hao’s sword stab also made great progress. The speed of a sword stab is faster than that of the momentum.
The alchemy continues to make progress. Sun Hao, relying on Aoki Zong and Zhulinyuan, has refined most of the second-class elixirs that know the prescriptions, and Sun Hao found that he has reached a very high level of control over the flame temperature because of refining the sacred inflammation. Sun Hao has been able to reach half of the second-class elixirs, so the rate of alchemy will be very scary to tell. Don’t say that Sun Hao has concealed most of the information about alchemy from Zongmen. Xu Zongzhu, the veteran second-class alchemist, has been willing to worship the wind.
November 22nd is an auspicious day.
The emperor led the kings of Xia State and the four patriarchs to go out of the country for three miles to welcome the residents into the city.
Sun Hao, together with 20 longfinch secret brothers, went to meet Sun Hao, the hunting king of Junshan Mountain. Naturally, Sun Hao was in the forefront of the younger brothers. However, apart from Aoki’s younger brother, his younger brother was noncommittal about Sun Hao and did not quite recognize his first identity.
Jun Shan will hunt to participate in the younger brother’s 25-year-old Dragon Bird Mystery, which requires him to be 30 years old. Among the four brothers, he is 25 years old and 30 years old. The tough brother is not very angry with Sun Hao, the king of hunting, without Jun Shan hunting.
Aoki Zong and the royal family are the biggest winners of the Junshan Hunting. There are five younger brothers of Aoki Zong who have obtained the qualification of Longque Mystery. The five younger brothers of Aoki Zong are Sun Hao, Tong Li, Liu Zhiyuan, Zhuo Yuping and Xu He. Apart from Sun Hao Tong Li’s qualification of Junshan Hunting, the three of them respectively represent the array hall, Dan Qi Tang and the patriarch. The younger brother of Aoki Zong is naturally Sun Haoshou and even Zhuo Yuping Sun Haoyuan. Who knows that this younger brother will be quite hostile to himself? "Brother Sun!
I am also very respectful to Sun Hao, that is, four of the five royal brothers have participated in the hunting in Junshan Mountain, two princesses and two princes, and a cousin named Xia Guo, who is not the first but also the direct brother. These five people follow Sun Hao around like Aoki Zongdi.
Sun Hao’s drop of blood became Xia Guo’s own sacred image. Dongba, the priest of Xia Guo, did not preach Sun Hao’s nine-foot purple light to the outside world, but told the emperor that the emperor attached great importance to deliberately explaining the secret situation of five royal brothers, Dragonfinch, when Sun Hao followed.
The most annoying thing about Sun Hao is that Jin Jian’s cousin Jin Jiantang has four brothers qualified to lead his younger brother to refine gas. dzogchen is even more arrogant than Ouyang Du San. He is a tall man with a big black face and scars. Normal monks will treat such scars, but he deliberately stayed to show his glorious record. It is Ouyang Du’s third brother Ouyang Ranger.
It is said that they also have a big brother named Ouyang Yi.
Compared with Junshan who can hunt these dragons and finches, the younger brother is much stronger.
At noon, when the sun was shining, a huge shadow flew over in the distance, and a huge shadow appeared like a black cloud covering the sun.
As far as I can see, this black shadow is a huge flying warship. The huge body of the warship looks like a giant whale from a distance. The silver-gray painted sunlight shines and shines. The warship is quite ingenious in design and has the beauty of light shuttle curve. The overall line of the hull is smooth and comfortable, and the stiff feeling brought by refining materials is huge, but the arc of the warship is perfect and simple without losing the atmosphere.
The bow of a warship is like a triangular boat, with two ancient characters "Qingyun" engraved on it.
This is Qingyun Gate’s top combat power, the battle boat Qingyun.
The battle boat stood in awe, and more than 50 monks raced in high school, but at such a speed, the monk’s clothes were not seen and the silk was swaying, which showed that the battle boat was protected by strange array methods.
When we came to the crowd, the speed of the warship dropped to a huge shadow, which put great pressure on the crowd. Not only that, but with the slow landing of the warship, the huge airflow made it difficult for the monk to maintain his figure and keep shaking, as if he would be blown away at any time. The monk’s heart could not help but feel a sense of strength.
At this time, the people of Jinghua City have seen the huge Qingyun Zhanzhou from a distance, and the streets and alleys are full of people looking up at the distant war giants. Everyone is shocked and once again increases their worship and fear of immortals.
Qingyun Gate specially sent his brother into the land by boat, but it was also shocking.
At this time, Sun Hao saw this behemoth in front of him, and his heart was full of curiosity and heroism. Xia Guo was too small to live in the world, and it was indeed vast. Such a majestic boat made Sun Hao broaden his horizons and strengthened his determination and confidence in monasticism. One day, he would also ride such a boat across the five continents and four seas.
All the people in the war boat stopped at a height of thirty feet, and Emperor Renwu took the lead and all the monks shouted, "Welcome to Zongwelcomes Zongs …"
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Zongdi
Friar Renwu, the leader of the blue side, said with a smile, "Dear fellow proprietors, Chen Fei, this fairy is a real cloud, and I will serve as the door together. Has Emperor Renwu, the leader of the Longfinch Secret Territory, taken part in the Longfinch Secret Territory?"
There is a graceful fairy beside Chen Fei who seems to be a white fairy who doesn’t eat people’s fireworks. Her eyes are like water, but her skin is light and cold. Her fingers are like jelly and white, and pink seems to be able to twist out the water. Her long hair hangs straight, her ankles are blue and dancing with the wind. Emei doesn’t wear makeup, but she still can’t hide her stunning face. This fairy looks indifferent and seems to eat people’s fireworks.
Emperor Renwu nodded and replied, "Renwu, the Lord of the country, has seen Chen Zhenren’s cloud, and his brothers in the secret land have all been in place."
Chen Zhenren! Cloud real person!
Sun Hao and other brothers don’t show admiration and call them real people? Brother then is called exclusively! Even Sun Hao is a little excited at this time, feeling that I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to meet the real person then today.
Godsworn then can soar in the flesh, and the whole continent is in the forefront. Except for rare Godsworn Yuan Ying, then it is often the top fighting power of a big sect.
Hearing the reply from Emperor Renwu, Zhen Chen swept away from Sun Hao and shook his head with a little regret. "Brother Xia Guo still needs to work hard. Twenty monks are refining gas in dzogchen, only three of them are over 25, so it is even difficult to go to Xia Guo to get more resources."
Emperor Renwu bowed his head with a layer of fine sweat on his face and said, "The real lesson is that Xia Guo will work harder in the future if he remembers the real teachings or forgets them."
Chen Zhenren nodded noncommittally, and then hit Qingyun Zhanzhou’s protective cover with a little blunt edge and said, "Renwu still has four cases of patriarch Longque’s shakotan coast. Come and fight with others and disperse on your own."
Emperor Renwu said hello to Chen Zhenren, the brother of Xia Guo, who named Fajian. The position of the Qingyun Warboat was not low, which was almost the limit height of my brother’s flight during the gas refining period. It was quite difficult for my brother to use Fajian to board the Warboat. Fortunately, I had my own primary key moment to secretly help me. This was the face.
Patriarch’s secret moves are from you, two real people, and many younger brothers of Qingyun can’t help shaking their heads, but their impressions of these shakotan land brothers are poor again.
Friar Xia Guo entered the Qingyun War Boat, and the ground surged again. The take-off was even bigger. Many friars were slightly lower on the ground, and they were blown to the east and west, which was very embarrassing. Many brothers in Qingyun Gate gave a light smile, and all the friars Xia Guo, including Sun Hao, felt hot and dry.
Zhan Zhou Teng traveled for nine days.
It’s enough to celebrate the capital city once a year, and another generation can witness this magnificent overlord with their own eyes.
After the simple meeting of the war boat, two real people left without much words. A monk named Tang Zhi Tsukiji dzogchen smiled and said to Brother Xia Guo, "Qingyun’s speed will not be arranged for you for half a day, but the brothers in the land can be more close to each other."
Xia Guo, you dare not neglect and nod your heads in vain.
Fifty brothers in the secret realm and nature have become a phalanx, and they also need to get familiar with each other. After all, everyone will enter the secret realm together and fight together.
Compared with Xia Guodi, the younger brothers in Qingyunmen’s secret realm are all refined, and the exquisite atmosphere of dzogchen’s repair is deep, giving people a deep feeling that the overall level is much higher than Xia Guodi’s.
Sun Hao has a good memory, and thirty younger brothers quickly remember their names and appearances.
The first person in the team was the white-faced friar Shen Yu with curved eyebrows, a pair of eagle eyes, a sharp aquiline nose, a square face and thin lips. Even Sun Hao, the king of Xia Guo hunting, was just lukewarm and said, "You are ok."
Shen Yu is surrounded by a little girl named Xuanyuanhong in pink. The girl’s white skin is as delicate as satin, and her eyes are pale blue, which belongs to the most charming day. The girl looks like she is thirteen or fourteen years old. At this age, she can practice to refine gas. dzogchen is really good. The little girl seems a little seasick and a little distracted. She seems to be in a daze. She sees everyone "Oh, Oh …" and then she has no text.
There are five younger brothers in front of Qingyun’s brother, who are also very distinctive. They are probably quintuplets, which are like a mold. They are all five big and three thick bodies, and their hair is bulging, dark and hard. They stand upright with two heavy eyebrows and a pair of big eyes, staring at people like tigers, especially those big feet.
These five names are also very distinctive, making it difficult for people to forget them. The boss said, "My name is Brother Li Xin with the title of Sanjin", the second said, "I am Brother Li Sen with the title of Miki", the third said, "My name is Brother Li Miao with the title of Sanshui", and the fourth said, "I am Brother Li Yan with the title of Sanhuo". The last old one who didn’t want to remember was naturally "My name is Brother Li Yao with the title of Mitsu".
Five brothers, Jin Mu, fire, water, soil, five elements, all with three.
Hearing the five brothers introduce themselves, Shen Yu’s face unconsciously smoked. It is quite difficult for the monk to get the title of Qingyun Gate. These five people simply sealed themselves, and these five people will be so shameless and self-styled. He Shen Yu has not got the title of Qingyun Gate now.
Xia Guo, you don’t know this crop. Even Sun Hao couldn’t help but look up and respectfully say, "I have seen five monks with titles."
In half a day, Qingyun Zhanzhou has arrived at Longque Mountain, the entrance of Mudilong Que’s Secret Land.
Longque Mountain is located at the junction of Xia and Moro countries. When there are many red flowers in the mountains, the mountains are full of red flowers. At that time, Longque Mountain jumped like a giant red bird and took off.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Linlin to Linlin day
There has been a dark warship waiting for a long time in the mountains. This warship is a little different from Qingyun’s warship. Compared with Qingyun’s warship’s fluency and elegance, this warship is more bulky and ferocious. It is also engraved with the ancient word "Five Elements". This is the "Five Elements Warrior" of the Five Elements Magic Sect.