Yang Xian told him to rest at ease, don’t worry, and then returned to the main account to rest for a while. After that, Pei Cuiyun came in to thank Yang Xian.

"Thank you for saving my body!" Pei Cuiyun said that at this time, she had washed her face, Joan’s nose was delicate, her mouth was red, and her eyes were like autumn water with a pink neck and a jade body with a faint fragrance.
Yang Lan was stunned. During the day, her face was smeared with mud and she was still an ugly girl. At one time, she suspected that Wang Xuan should be unexpectedly changed into clothes after washing. It was so beautiful that it was exciting.
Although Yang Ying was stunned, he gave a short hand and said, "The girl is welcome. General Pei came to be the Sui minister. If you find you, you must bring it back to Da Sui."
Pei Cuiyun’s eyes drooped and his heart was slightly lost. It turned out that it was just a pursuit order, not because I turned around and quit upon it.
Yang Xian sighed lightly. Brother Yi married a girl with no background. He is white. Now the Sui Dynasty is gaining momentum. He doesn’t want people to catch hold of him and cause the Sui Dynasty chaos, even though the third brother is a very nice person.
"Maybe it’s the best to miss it, just like the third brother said." Yang Xian muttered to herself and walked to the side of the case, picked it up and watched it carefully in the spring and autumn.
After an afternoon of thinking, Wang Shichong hasn’t made a determinism yet, which decision depends on Zheng’s fate and Wang Shichong’s fate, and he has to be very cautious.
When he had a hard time making a decision, the soldiers came again. This time, the news he brought was even more frightening. Someone in Luoyang City secretly took refuge in Li Shimin. They tried to open the gate to welcome Li Shimin into the city.
Although they were wiped out, it was a wake-up call, telling Wang Shichong that I’m afraid more people will choose to take refuge in Li Shimin.
Too Wang Xuan’s hasty language made Wang Shichong not fantasize too much.
It seems that Luoyang City is very dangerous. He must go back to relieve Li Shimin’s threat to Luoyang in order to keep Luoyang City.
Retreat! A voice roared in Wang Shichong’s mind and gradually took over the wind.
At this time, Duan Da sounded outside the door, "I am asking for it."
Wang Shichong took a deep breath and said, "Come in."
Duan Da came in to salute and looked at Wang Shichong. "Have you ever made a decision?"
Wang Shichong sighed and handed Duan Da the latest Junbao "Chen Wang, please have a look first"
Duan Da read the letter with a shocked expression, and was too alarmed, which showed that he could violently attack Luoyang City in Li Shimin. Can he hold it? The answer is dangerous.
Wang Shichong’s pacing is like hammering two people’s hearts. Retreat is sure. How does the key retreat? Will Sui Jun watch Zheng Jun retreat?
Duan Da suddenly coughed, "Only by making peace with Da Sui can we successfully return to Li to save Luoyang."
Wang Shichong raised his head and attacked Nanyang, which means that Yang You will agree to make peace? Sui Jun has the advantage now. They are just like cheetahs waiting for Zheng Jun to retreat. Once there is a flaw in Yang You’s personality, they will definitely not miss this opportunity.
The dominant situation will not choose summation, which is the key to the problem.
Peace is not something you want to ask. Wang Shichong thought sullenly that Wang Xuanshu came in a hurry. "Dad’s big deal is bad."
Wang Shichong was surprised. "Why did Sui Jun kill you?"
Wang Xuanshu shook his head and said, "Dad just scouted around and found the guards."
Wang Shichong is one leng, too. The king of the country holds three thousand guards. Now Luoyang is besieged by Li Shimin. How can the guards appear here?
"Bring them here!" Wang Shichong said.
Wang Xuanshu bowed down and "was the father", turned his head and stepped out with a smile on his face.
Half an hour later, Wang Shichong’s face was even more livid. He never imagined that he had killed a woman and killed Pei Renji. Although Wang Shichong had been guarding against Pei Renji, an important official like Pei Renji could win over him and never kill him unless he was guilty.
It’s too bad that a woman killed Pei Renji and almost destroyed Pei’s family. What do other ministers think? What will the people think?
They will definitely think that Emperor Zheng and Jun Zheng are both lecherous!
What can’t be done after a woman kills a minister?
At this time, Wang Shichong has already understood why there will be rebels. At present, it seems that although the rebels have been temporarily suppressed, how many rebels will there be later?
Wang Shichong’s heart is cold at the thought of this. Zheng has made a decision in the future.
Wang Shichong got up. "Somebody!"
Chang’ an Tang gaozu had a military newspaper in his hand, and he couldn’t see the failure of Xiangyang war. The king of Qin made a decision without authorization and suddenly attacked the valley of letters, which made Tang gaozu not know what to do.
This incident proves that the soldiers of the Qin Dynasty are elusive, and that Datang is a traitor. Moreover, with Li Shimin attacking Luoyang and slaying Wang Honglie, the two countries of Tang and Zheng must not be allied.
Although Tang gaozu was dissatisfied with the fact that the king of Qin had destroyed the plan, Tang made Luoyang die and ruined the face of Datang. Li Shimin trip still made Tang gaozu dark and cool. This Wang Shichong is the lesson.
What to do next? Li Yuan is a wise man, and he has many more choices than Wang Shichong. Since Wang Shichong has broken down, it is better to take Luoyang at one go. If we can take Luoyang Xiangyang and occupy Luoyang Datang, we can connect Bing, the Central Plains and China, and both materials and troops can take shortcuts.
At the same time, it’s even more unrealistic for Hebei to transport only by means of excessive behavior. If we take the Central Plains, we can benefit the Yellow River to transport materials and troops, and we can even attack Dou Jiande from both sides!
At the thought of this, Tang gaozu asked the food problem carefully and finally decided to send troops to support the king of Qin and Luoyang!
Chapter 556 and []
In winter, the sun sets early, and the world falls into darkness, and the whole world seems so sad as the west wind sweeps across the sky.
Yang You paced the corner of the makeshift room, and the brazier was burning, which made the room very warm. Outside, there were worlds apart. Du Ruhui, Yang Dong and other scribes were drinking tea in the room, while Cheng Zhijie and Luo Shixin were holding a horse from Tuguhun’s old place, Qinghai, and their faces smiled.