Xu didn’t expect that he would be so easily stunned the next time and then said, "Nature is willing!" "

The Fourth Elder said, "Prestige and merit have passed, but one thing you have to do is to have the talent to learn the martial arts of Ziyue Changjiao. Isn’t it a joke if the leader of Ziyue Changjiao can’t learn the martial arts of Ziyue Changjiao?"
Xu said, "To what extent have you learned?"
Four elders said, "Sonic martial arts" Purple Moon Howling "needs to learn three-layer swordsmanship," September Long Sword "needs to learn six-layer footwork," Nine Clouds Landing on the Moon "needs to learn six-layer spiritual practice, and" Taiyin Mantra "needs to learn more martial arts, which means that learning level is not required."
I heard that Xu was suddenly dumbfounded.
Xu’s talent is good, but it was brought out by the system. If Xu is allowed to learn directly, how can he learn?
If you can’t become a leader, you can complete the seventh main line, get more rewards, learn so much martial arts, and become a leader.
This is an infinite loop.
The first two promises are still somewhat conscious, and this one is completely obscured.
Suddenly Xu looked at the four elders and said, "That … Four elders … I have an affair. Please don’t tell me."
The Fourth Elder said, "Go ahead."
Xu said, "Well … I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially serious obsessive-compulsive disorder in my practice. If I can’t become the leader of Ziyue Sect, I especially don’t want to learn so many martial arts of Ziyue Sect. Do you think I can become the leader of Ziyue Sect first, and then I can learn these martial arts for you?"
Four elders immediately denied "no! Ridiculous! If Elder Three fails, he can directly become the leader of Ziyue Presbyterian Church? "
Xu Tan tunnel: "Look, I’m the leader of Ziyue Long Education. Please set a time for me, such as a week or a month. If I can’t finish this time, will my status as a leader be abolished immediately?"
Four elders annoyed tunnel "what obsessive-compulsive disorder is ridiculous! How can you say such absurd and funny things when you are a fighter in the late congenital period? Do you think it is possible for you to make this request yourself? "
Xu immediately bitterly suo suo neck.
Xu Lai didn’t think that his statement was successful because he had the idea of giving it a try, but now he was rejected with a wry smile.
However, if you don’t finish it, you will get more loading index, and you will learn these martial arts yourself. However, it is impossible to complete these martial arts by making yourself talented and learning them yourself when the seventh main line stipulates.
Am I going to face the situation of being erased?
Or take out tens of billions of dollars from the black ice to earn the prodigal index and then convert the hidden props in the prodigal props mall into the forced index?
But … This is too extravagant?
Hundreds of billions …
Xu bit his teeth and said, mom is almost wiped out by the whole system. Is this just a few hundred million? It’s a big deal … just earn again. It’s a big deal not to be the fourth richest title. What can be more important than being alive?
And Xu love dearly when it is about to lose tens of billions of two elders suddenly mouth.
"I think so."
The fourth elder Zheng looked back at the second elder and said, "What did you say just now?"
The second elder was silent for a while and then said, "I think Xu Shuo can make him a leader for a month. If he can’t learn those martial arts in a month, it won’t be possible to remove his post. I remember Mr. Na also said that when he was young, he often had to complete all kinds of strange actions to satisfy his obsessive-compulsive disorder, otherwise he could practice with peace of mind. Since this is his way of practicing and learning, what can’t we respect?"
Two elders suddenly promised to let everyone stare big eyes again.
Even the three elders couldn’t believe it. They looked at the two elders honestly and thought that the two elders would agree to make such a request.
Is this a joke?
"Do you really want to promise?" asked the Fourth Elder.
The two elders looked at the consternation and said, "I really want to promise."
Chapter seven hundred and ninety The worse property
Xu Shi was dumbfounded because Xu also couldn’t believe that the two elders would agree to this request.
This is almost impossible, but it happened at this time.
Second, why should Elder Xu continue to help?
Do the two elders have some origins?
But if these two people have any origins, why are they strangers like passers-by when they meet?
Two elders pressed their hands, raised an eyebrow at three elders and four elders, and then glanced at Xu.
Since Elder Two makes faces, let’s say that Elder Two did it for a reason, but it hasn’t been explained yet.
Three elders and four elders forced their hearts to be shocked and decided to temporarily unite the two elders.
The three elders are the leaders of the radical faction. Naturally, I hope that the leader Xu Cheng has no resistance to the two elders’ front.
The second elder looked at Xu and said, "Now that you are the leader of Ziyue Presbyterian Church, we will have a good day. Please hold an inauguration ceremony or inform all the members of Ziyue Presbyterian Church by email. Do you have any questions?"
Xu said "no"
"Since there isn’t, come with me and I’ll take you to the training room. I hope you can really not let me down for a month."
The two elders got up and shouted at Xu Ang with their heads held high and went out.
Xu leng leng and then nodded at all this just followed the footsteps of the two elders and went out.
When the second elder Xu walked in the room, it was natural to talk like a frying pan, because today the second long was honest and partial, which made everyone feel very confused.
Can Xu De make the Second Elder so eccentric?
This question seems to have to be answered by two elders alone.
At the moment, Elder Xu Er has entered the ladder and headed for the top floor.
The top floor is closed to outsiders, because more than 30 training rooms have been created on the top floor, which is to practice martial arts for the congregation of Ziyue Chang on weekdays.
Without a word, the second elder took Xu to the training room of No.1 Middle School and said, "You will practice here in a month."
Speaking, Elder Two took out a few books and said, "These are the book of writing jade magic, the book of September sword, the book of purple moon howling, the book of nine clouds landing on the moon, and the book of lunar curse. I hope you won’t let me down in a month."
When Xu took these books, his face was still flattered and said, "Second Elder … May I venture to ask?"
The second elder asked, "What do you want to ask me to help you?"
Xu smiled and scratched his head. "I’m flattered that you suddenly helped me, because I had some temper with you just now."
The second elder’s expression has always been very dull, but suddenly he laughed. "Because if you have to say whether we have something, you should call me Brother Yiwu."
"Five elder brothers?"
Xu Gang and some become speechless moment suddenly wake up surprised tunnel "you … you are the worse five? Brother Wu! "
The second elder laughed, "I’m not stupid enough at last. I felt a little familiar when I first heard your name, but I can tell that you are the new entrant to the worse gate on the 13th after I have seen the photo that belongs to you. What the worse gate has to do is to strengthen the strength of all the martial arts in order to cope with the three magic religions. If it’s normal, I must sharpen you, but the war between good and evil has broken out. I don’t know when it will sweep like the original bomb. I hope you can’t let me down."
Xu Jian, the second elder, just smiled and said, and his expression became dignified, which immediately cleared his conscience.
Xu solemnly promised, "I will never let you down! It’s … Does the leader of Purple Moon Sect have any pledge? Can you say that you are a token of the leader of Ziyue Changjiao? "
The second elder said, "Yes or no, I’m here. What do you want with that token now? Can’t you take it again after a month? "
Xu Lima said bitterly, "Don’t I have obsessive-compulsive disorder?"
Two elders stared at xu, "who will really believe your so-called obsessive-compulsive disorder? You just practice hard! I will naturally give you the token when you go out! "
Xu You has shrunk his neck bitterly and can expect to limit the system and judge that he has completed it. Don’t give yourself a pass because you don’t have the identity of the leader of Ziyue Long Education. That’s completely finished.
Fortunately, as the two elders away from a mechanized cold sound has rang in my mind.
"Congratulations to the host for completing the seventh main line"
Hearing this, Xu heaved a sigh of relief, and the whole person almost collapsed.
This is really a relief.
Xu hit the limit system panting. "Fortunately, fortunately, you are really rainy! What reward can I get now? "
"The host can be rewarded for completing the seventh main line"
"Congratulations to the host for gaining three million experience points"
"Congratulations to the host for getting the 200-point loading index"
"Drop the third reward, choose one from the other. May I ask the host to choose the 200-point Wulin Index or hide the props in the third Wulin props mall?"