In those days, the five elements were chaotic.

There are two schools in total, one belongs to Jiang Feng’s father, Ye Fan School, and the other belongs to Taichang School.
Ye Fan’s father advocated that ten thousand people should be enlightened by heaven.
The five elements belong to the heaven gate, which allows people to absorb immortal energy and achieve great achievements in the world.
Unify the whole continent
Five-element people combined with several elders to cut off their selfishness and the chaos that happened in everyone’s Tao Guo
Causing the death and injury of the whole five-element door to be half.
In those days, Jiang Feng still vividly remembered that his father had to push himself into the Heaven Gate. Since then, he has disappeared from the world.
I’m afraid the rest of his father’s relatives have already fallen into the jaws of death
Looking at the door, Jiang Feng’s body rises inexplicably, and his fists hold his eyes tightly, blood red and looming.
"Five lines of doors! Five elements! When you owed me, I will let you return it today! "
Said Jiang Feng fists clenched "tickle! Hey! " Keep ringing
Soon Jiang Feng was relieved. He was arrogant, but it didn’t mean reckless.
Now xiu wants five elements to confront each other. Obviously, there is no comparability between eggs and stones.
"Tiandaomen, you have been silent for so long. It’s time to return something!" Jiang Feng said, "Eyes folded, hands clasped on the chest quickly."
Road spirit force Jiang Feng body hit toward the heaven gate.
As time went by, Jiang Feng’s forehead was dripping with bean sweat.
A moment later, "click!" The rune suddenly cracked, and the fairy essence spread in all directions.
"This … this … he actually sealed the Heaven Gate!" Swallow days pig king body excited to tremble.
The seal of Tiandaomen has broken for thousands of years.
"Hoo!" Jiang Feng heaved a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead sweat. He is now able to open the Heaven Gate to this extent.
Even so, for Jiang Feng, this corner fairy essence is enough for him to make.
Jiang Feng close your eyes and cross your legs and practice slowly around Tiandaomen.
Spilled fairy essence is always poured into Jiangfeng body.
Swallow day pig shook his head face or with some disappointment "although it is a little solution but also lucky! It takes thousands of years to have this kind of fairy energy, and it is just around the corner for me to break through the ban! "
Swallowing pig clenched his fists and turned to look at Ye Feiyan and said, "He wants to practice here for a long time. Come with me and have a look elsewhere!"
Swallowing pigs will look down on the crystal ball.
"good!" Ye Feiyan gently nodded and followed the pig king every day.
However, before she left, her heart was very heavy, and the heavenly gate was already in the sky, so everything was as Jiang Feng said.
Heaven Gate is a sinner who prevents Terran fighters from soaring.
Then she should be! ? Fair this way! ?
Or is it said that it is a kind of torture for her to choose from the door?
"Hoo!" As far as they are concerned, the fairy essence is like a whirlwind around Jiang Feng into physical fitness.
Jiang Feng felt his body strength saturated with a faint feeling of breakthrough.
"Give it to me!"
Jiang Feng huffed and suppressed the outbreak of physical strength all the time, and accumulated more, which will benefit him more in the future.
When it’s like this, it goes by bit by bit.
The assessment is also near the end.
Many people have come out of the forbidden area one after another.
People’s clothes are not renovated, and their expressions are also good and bad, obviously telling everyone about their harvest.
At this time, the deepest part of the fifth floor of the forbidden area.
Jiang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and a wisp of light came out of his eyes. His eyes were as bright as stars, and he got up slowly and glanced around Jiang Feng.
"It’s too waves for so many immortals to stay here!" Jiang Feng corners of the mouth slightly raised.
It’s time for you to give me some after you’ve enjoyed the fairy spirit for so long!
Jiang Feng said, "With a slight wave of his arm, the five elements of heaven and heaven give off a brilliant golden light, exhausting the fairy essence and being stored in the ring by him."
Five elements of heaven ring can store all spiritual powers of heaven.
Even the fairy essence is no exception!
Looked up Jiang Feng slowly said "five lines of door you give me waiting! How much have you taken from me? I want you to spit it out for me twice! "
Say Jiang Feng direct steps toward the forbidden area outside.
All the way to the ground without any obstacles.
Chapter 659 Places announced
Jiang Feng is on the fifth floor from the forbidden area.
Wang Nai, the pig who swallowed the sky, shook his head. Jiang Feng’s strength was certain, but Jiang Feng’s character was really unpredictable.
Does this kid know what fear is?
Swallow the pig king said, "Turn around and come out of Tiandaomen."
However, the king of pigs was angry at the sight of swallowing the sky
Where else is there around? The four seasons are like spring, the rivers are barren, the red flowers are withered, the vegetation is dead, and even the Tianmen is dim.
"This ….. this is how to return a responsibility fairy essence how to become so thin"
The King of Swallowing Pigs was completely shocked. Although there are still immortal essence overflowing from Tiandaomen, it is not enough to make up for the loss of immortal essence.
"Jiang Feng! Jiang Feng! I will kill you! "
The fifth floor of the forbidden area of the king of swallowing pigs roared wildly
His heart is bleeding!
"Come on! When the forbidden area is blocked for two years, no one can smoke fairy essence again! " Swallow the pig king this sentence is almost gnashing your teeth.
Jiang Feng didn’t know what happened in the five elements forbidden area.
At this time, everyone outside the forbidden area has gathered in five lines of people’s eyes, one by one, and each chase’s celestial face has swept away.
"There are people who didn’t come! ?” Five elements of people a face of doubt.
Leaves the elders swallowed a mouthful of saliva eyes four looking for unexpectedly see his daughter "people! My daughter is still inside, please wait a little longer! "
Leaf elder a face of anxious color.