"agree!" Everyone nodded and said

Augustus nodded with satisfaction. He knew that arcado, the German head of state of Berlin’s military, still had uncompromising power, which was why he dared to come up with an integration plan. What he needed was a strong empire with heavenly heart. If he were the great prime minister who revived the German aura and became a grandfather like Bismarck, no one could stand in his way.
Chapter 313 313 More like an emperor than an emperor
The meeting has confirmed that arcado decided to implement it immediately. In view of his previous life as a university teacher, he is not particularly good at intrigue, and most of the means will only stay to please the professor and the main level.
Although he has been in the officialdom and the army for nearly two years in his life, his level is only an entry-level level compared with Augustus, a mature politician who looks at his grandfather in He Lv.
However, he is confident that he has less ability to distinguish between good and bad advice. At present, Augustus’ advice to him is very superficial, and he has no spare time to think about whether there is a better way, because if he does not take this opportunity to rectify it, he will eventually fall into a vicious circle of unbelief like Hitler.
Moreover, in front of so many big people, he must also show the autocratic power of the Fuehrer, or else he will rule these bosses from all walks of life again in the future? You know, Krupp and Bos, the leading figures in business, Augustus and Merkel, the important political figures, and several military generals who are already sweating.
Arcado naturally waved and Anna went to the wall behind her, grabbed the words at a decorative table, carefully stretched the line and took the words to arcado’s side and put the exquisite phone in front of the head of state.
Arcado grabbed the words without looking back and then said, "Get me the Berlin Garrison Command called Rennes (renamed Rennes? Duruman) teachers pick up the words. "
He waited a while before he heard the words. Where’s Ryan? Duruman teachers sound arcado also not nonsense immediately to the point "I’m arcado! Is there a problem with the German head of state taking over the command of the Berlin garrison personally? "
"My head of state! The garrison will always be your most trustworthy force! I will join the army immediately! " Arcado believes in soldiers the most. Ryan? Duruman followed arcado from the beginning of his career, which was supported by staunch arcado supporters, so that he could take the position of commander of the Berlin garrison.
"Martial law the Defence Forces Army Command immediately. I’m going there to relieve the Army General Command of all duties. Is there a problem?" Arcado asked hazily.
"No problem. Does my head of state suppress all resistance?" Words there without hesitation asked.
"I teach you to suppress all resistance," Aka looked at the room and wiped his forehead. The officials said, "I will solve all problems before."
"yes! My Fuhrer! Arcado? Long live Rudolf! " Where’s Ryan Duruman stood at attention and answered.
Put words arcado and call the SS headquarters words Reinhardt? Heydrich arcado immediately ordered the deployment of SS martial law in Berlin. After a few years, Berlin once again smelled of blood and smoke.
Arcado pushed the chair up after he finished talking. He patted his trouser legs and smiled and said, "Gentlemen, does anyone want to go to the Army General Command to watch the fun?"
"I’m willing to accompany the Fuehrer," Augustus said with a smile. "The Fuehrer won’t dislike me as an old man in the way, will he?"
"Why?" arcado wore a coat handed by Anna and turned and walked to the door. Augustus got up and bowed with his hands behind his back. Krupp and Merkel also got up, followed by another government official.
While arcado started here, the alarm in the garrison barracks in Berlin rang heartbreakingly. The soldiers rushed out of the barracks with rifles and parked rows of trucks. The doors of the warehouse were pushed by the soldiers, and all the officers on duty had reported to the headquarters. The whole sector was full of running officers and soldiers.
Less than ten minutes after arcado’s announcement, the first truck full of soldiers left the gate of the camp, followed by the second and third trucks, which quickly drove through the road card and rushed to the road to downtown Berlin
By the time arcado took his Mercedes-Benz, his gate familiar with the headquarters of the National Defence Force had been occupied by soldiers with rifles. He was familiar with the gate and everything. When arcado worked here for nearly ten years, he was all-powerful here. Half of the time now, the engineering officers here are still studying.
At that time, there were general Sikert and general Hammerstein here, but now sickert has died in a foreign land, and general Hammerstein has long been away from the stage of the German team, and now arcado’s own German head of state has returned to this place where he once struggled, without some emotion.
Seeing the arrival of the Fuehrer, the soldiers took the initiative to make way. When arcado walked forward step by step to the gate, he saw a group of distribution officers in the courtyard of the Army General Command. These people just wanted to rush in without saying a word. The soldiers confronted each other, but when arcado came in, they took two steps back and stared at the man in front of them with grief and indignation.
"I just walked for a few days? So many people don’t know arcado? General Rudolf? " Arcado narrowed his eyes and scanned the officers in the courtyard. His eyes were cold and chilling.
Just now, the confrontation atmosphere vanished because of arcado’s words. As soon as his voice fell, dozens of officers and generals retreated to one side, raised their right hands and shouted "Long live the Fuhrer!"
Ten years’ wandering in the headquarters of the arcado Defence Forces has made the youngest general a military myth. All officers who have experienced the darkest years of the Defence Forces know that arcado is a ruthless role. When arcado appeared at the door, these people also knew that there was no need for them to struggle today.
And there are more than a dozen officers left, many of whom are young field officers. Most of them have not experienced the era when arcado was in charge of the National Defence Force. Of course, arcado also knows that at least half of these young people have aristocratic backgrounds. It is precisely because of these people’s aristocratic backgrounds that the Army General Command is so daring to "kidnap" Blauchich’s personal will to form a force against him, the German head of state.
"Congress has passed a bill to reorganize the Army General Command and reorganize the German Army General Staff. Do you mean that you have forgotten your identity?" Arcado asked softly.
"Fuehrer! We are your loyal soldier. "An officer walked out of the crowd and stared at arcado’s mouth." Your disbelief in us is an insult to our army generals! We have sworn allegiance to our country and to you. You should believe us … "
"Letter?" Arcado raised his arm and looked at the lieutenant colonel officer who was about his age. He repeated the word lightly and interrupted the man’s gushing. He looked down at the officer who came out for a long time before sneering, "Do you and your family live up to my letter?"
"Your war plan is really too aggressive! So we should correct your mistakes! We are the Germans who can’t stand the roots! And you are a … "The officer pointed to arcado and shouted out the truth that had suppressed him for many years.
However, he just shouted a few words when a shot came "bang!" The bullet went through his head and flew far away with blood. arcado looked at the man twitching in front of him, but not far behind arcado, Augustus shook his head and laughed.
Anna put the pistol back into the holster of the armed belt and then said coldly, "The first question is that the German head of state must die! The second Fuehrer is the root of Germany! Third, please speak politely to the Fuhrer! If you can’t learn, I don’t mind teaching you to study again. "
"Ryan? Duruman, "arcado waved to a confidant and waited for him to approach before saying softly," I gave you a mandate to handle everything. Is this the result of your work? "
"I’m sorry Fuehrer Please give me a minute. "Ryan? Duruman bowed his head and apologized. Then he turned to the soldiers around him and gave an order, "These people have been killed by treason!"
"bang!" "chug! Chug! " All kinds of guns rang at once, and the young officers in the center of the hospital immediately fell into a pool of blood, and soon the scene was quiet, and the blood was red and the ground air was filled with a disgusting smell.
Arcado a wave an ss officer came up from not far behind to stand at attention and salute "arcado, head of state? Long live Rudolf! "
"The identity of these people to find out someone interrogation clear back to eastern Poland! There is a shortage of labor there, "said arcado, pointing to the dead body. He has never been a kind person. Since he saw those bloody identity nameplates brought back from the front, he vowed to be responsible for everyone who is loyal to others. Since he is responsible, he must take the most cruel way to deal with those who are not suitable.
When arcado walked into the headquarters of the National Defence Force, he put the telescope in his hand in a distant building. Nai sighed and sighed to Paul beside him. "He is stronger than then …"
Two hours later, the General Staff of the Wehrmacht Army was formally established, Marshal Brauchich was relieved of the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the former Chief of Staff Bok was sent to Munich to form a new regiment.
Upon receiving the notice, Brauchich left himself in a small room for more than half an hour, and then refused to be seen off. He returned to Berlin and told the Fuhrer that he had misbehaved. Seven Croatian aristocratic families were bloodbath by the SS, and all the women were sent to Poland, which caused strong dissatisfaction in the Croatian aristocratic circle. This is another story.
It’s much easier than imagined. arcado thoroughly mastered the command of the three armed forces and became the first person of the Third Reich in the true sense of monopolizing the head of state by the military and political circles-more like an emperor than an emperor