Today is doomed to be the fall day of Progia!

When Mancroft was in emergency command, suddenly a plane swooped over. The gun of the plane’s heavy machine gun was aimed at the broken window of the headquarters, which was a row of emergency bombs!
Without the cover flash, the heavy machine gun bullets didn’t give Mancroft a chance to react. Not only Mancroft but also the chief of staff Dujevich was unlucky!
The aircraft is equipped with heavy machine guns, all of which are 25 mm caliber guns. Even the iron plate will be punched with a huge hole at high speed. Is it human?
Unfortunately, Mancroft was hit in the chest by a huge heavy machine gun bullet, and there was a big hole in his fist. Mancroft screamed miserably and fell flat on his legs, and he couldn’t die again.
Dujevich, the chief of staff, was lucky that a bullet hit his right arm and his whole arm was bounced off. Dujevich was in unbearable pain and screamed wildly. The staff officers rushed to hold Dujevich to stop him from bleeding. Now Mancroft has no one to take care of him. If he dies, he will die. If the commander-in-chief dies, he can’t die. Otherwise, how can he fight again?
Zheng Tianci, the pilot outside, also broke out in a cold sweat. It was too risky to move just now. The flight altitude was only a dozen meters, and then the plane was quickly dived and then stretched. It almost flew over against the top of the headquarters and pulled up. Even if it took a second, it would be a crash!
However, the effect is absolutely wonderful. This shuttle bullet directly entered the enemy headquarters, and there will definitely be a big fish hit. It is absolutely fatal to hit such a close-range oversized bullet!
He didn’t expect that this shuttle bullet actually killed the commander-in-chief and accidentally injured the chief of staff. It was definitely worth it!
The headquarters was completely paralyzed for a short time.
The fighting outside is in a more tragic state. The Chinese revolutionary army and the Russian army have no counterattack!
It’s only been an hour since the first wave of fighter bombing, and the heavy artillery of the Russian fort in Progia has suffered heavy casualties, and it’s hard to resist the thunder offensive of the Chinese Revolutionary Army any more!
Sa Zhenbing looked at the situation in Progia from a distance and saw that it was almost time to sink a way. "Order the Marines to immediately go into battle and land on the beach to occupy Progia!"
Several warships filled with marines rushed towards the beach in Progia.
At this time, the Russian army has been frightened by all the ministries, and the current chief of staff, Dujevich, has not yet woken up to cooperate with the ministries.
By the time Dujevich finally woke up, the Marines had landed, and soldiers were carrying rifles and submachine guns behind their backs, attacking crazily!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and ninety-six The first brigade
Dujevich looked at the beach, and the soldiers of the Chinese Revolutionary Army cried and understood that the tide was gone. At least more than 2,000 Chinese Revolutionary Army rushed to the beach, and these Russian troops could not resist just relying on the base!
How to resist? Now the Chinese revolutionary army is attacking on three sides by sea and land, with more than 20 planes, more than 2,000 marines and more than 10 warships in the sea. It is impossible for the Russian army to defend Progia with more than 2,000 people now!
Even now, there are still many heavy machine gun shelters in Russian positions, which have been suppressed by aircraft naval guns to prevent effective blocking!
Dujevich’s heart is full of unwillingness but there is nothing he can do!
The firepower of the Chinese revolutionary army is getting more and more fierce. If we don’t run now, we’re afraid we can’t run if we want to!
Dujevich roared, "Order all military departments to withdraw from the battle and retreat to the northeast!"
Dujevich ordered 2,000 Russian troops to give up their defense and retreat to the periphery of the fortress. Run out of the fortress of Progia first, and then you can’t keep your life here!
Three thousand Russian troops in front of the North Sea Fleet of the Chinese Revolutionary Army didn’t even support for half a day and were completely defeated.
The Marines quickly occupied the key positions of the Progia fortress, organized defense, and the troop carriers quickly arrived at the harbor pier. Teams of army troops rushed to the military port with heavy artillery weapons.
Impressively, it is the first brigade of the first division of the Chinese Revolutionary Army in Mukden, and it is also the real trump card of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. The most powerful brigade is to lead the team to replace Guo Ye’s new brigade commander Wu Dan. To ensure that Sakhalin Island can be taken in the shortest time, I have to say that Zhang Yi and Xu Huaijin have enough money to send even the most elite first brigade!
Sa Zhenbing, Wu Dan, first boarded the Fortress of Progia.
Although Sa Zhenbing’s level is much higher than Wu Dan’s, he has the final say in the naval battle. The command of Sakhalin Army needs to be handed over to Wu Danlian, and the Marines have to obey Wu Dan’s command temporarily!
Sa Zhenbing laughed. "These Russian troops are really vulnerable. Hehe, it’s up to you how Brigadier Wu will command the battle."
Wu Dan smiled and replied, "Commander Sa wants the first brigade to board Sakhalin Island, and the Russian army on Sakhalin Island is tantamount to betraying the death penalty. The army that can challenge the first brigade in the end of the day has not yet been born! You will patrol the waters of Sakhalin Island and block the Russian Pacific Fleet for seven days. Sakhalin Island will completely fall into the hands of our Chinese Republic! "
Sa Zhenbing nodded slightly, so it’s no wonder that the first brigade of Wu Dan’s pride is too strong. This is a strengthened brigade. All the troops together are not 7,000 heavy machine gun battalions, heavy artillery battalions and automobile battalions. There is also a tank battalion specially equipped with 15 tanks!
So powerful, don’t say that ordinary infantry brigades have no problem even attacking an ordinary infantry division. Zhang Yihu has armed this most confidant powerhouse to the teeth!
Wu Dan shouted, "The first brigade of the Marine Corps guarding the Progia fortress on the spot is dispatched to the northeast. This time, it is always necessary to kill all the escaped Russian troops!"
At Sa Zhenbing, Wu Dan nodded and walked quickly to the car!
A brigade of 7,000 people is fully equipped with more than 300 cars, which are loaded with either fuel or shells, or a large number of soldiers are full of soldiers and rush towards the Russian army!
At this time, it’s only been three hours since the Russian army retreated, and the Russian army’s speed March has only just run out for more than 30 kilometers. It’s easy for the first brigade to chase them!
Just after three o’clock in the afternoon, the soldiers of the first brigade saw the Russian army ahead!
At this time, the Russian army also found out that Dujevich, the Chinese revolutionary army, was scared to death. What happened? How did the Chinese revolutionary army make track for it so quickly!
At this time, it is impossible to dump the Chinese revolutionary army again!
Dujevich roared, "March quickly and occupy the mountain peak in the northeast quickly, and defend it according to the danger. Let’s fight with the Chinese revolutionary army!"
Death forced the Russian army’s potential to explode, and a sprint rushed to the peak to deploy defense urgently!
Wu Dan looked at the mountain with a telescope, and the Russian army took a sneer at the joke. Just like this, a hill wanted to stop my first brigade from dreaming!
Wu Dan drink a way "artillery battalion tank battalion precursor will blow up the mountain in front of me! The heavy machine gun battalion carried out fire suppression. The first regiment is ready to attack and give you two hours to take the mountain to annihilate the Russian army! "