Lori took a look at the strike. This girl is amazing. An understatement is that the guests put her and herself in the same position.

Although she is a cousin of Fu Yechen, she really has no friendship with Fu Yechen, so whether they are friends or enemies is left to her to balance.
In the end, I said that the crime of ignorance seemed to forgive her.
I heard that this is the adopted daughter of Qingcheng Mountain Jijia. One adopted daughter is so fierce. She is a little curious about what this Qingcheng Mountain Jijia is like. If she can stay longer, she is going to go to Qingcheng Mountain.
Fu Yechen didn’t know what she said to Sheng Yingying, but she was never seen again at the mothering banquet, and this episode didn’t affect everyone’s good mood at all.
Before she left, she helped the old lady with her physical examination, and then she naturally got the old lady’s request for Gu Pianpian’s physical examination.
For the first time in five years, I didn’t sit so quietly in the summer music to shape my mood, but I still suppressed my excitement. Gu Pianpian felt her pulse and asked her about her physical condition.
Compared with five years ago, her body sentence is now popular, that is, it is like being reborn. Now she is in good health and asthma is not serious.
And judging from today’s understanding, Mo Yungui is right. Her eating habits have indeed changed a lot now, but as long as she is in good health and does not suffer from late rejection due to abnormal conditions, she will be safe in her life, which is what everyone wants to see.
It doesn’t matter to everyone whether it’s Gu Pian or Sheng Qingqing.
She can continue to be caring and engaging, and there are two more people who love her. She is much happier than when she was called.
Remembering the past may not be a good thing for her. Let it be. It’s good.
Gu Pian was deeply impressed by the strike. She remembered that Qingcheng, a girl shopping mall, mistook her for Sheng Qingqing when she saw her. She and that Sheng Qingqing must be very good friends, right?
Her eyes were red when she cried, and her expression was fresh in her memory. When she remembered it, she wanted to cry with her.
She was the bridesmaid at the wedding yesterday, and she carefully arranged the veil for her. The tacit understanding made her feel strange and more comfortable than when she was with Yan.
There is love at first sight in this world, and she and Fu Yechen are barely.
There are friends in this world. She and Xia Shengge must be.
"Do I look like your friend Sheng Qingqing?" Gu Pian-pian asked with a smile when the strike finished checking her body.
"Very similar!" The strike made no secret of smiling at her.
"Then where is your friend now? I wonder who looks so similar to me that even you admit your mistake!" Gu Pianpian is really curious.
"It may be a little difficult. She is now leaving a large group of our friends to travel around the world for fun. She may not return to China for a while. I will introduce you when she comes back one day!" Going on strike gives people the feeling that they are sincere, especially when they say this, they look at Gu Pian’s eyes, their eyes are firm and they smile, which makes people have to believe.
Gu Pian felt that the eyes were too kind for no reason and nodded. "Well, we have a deal!"
When she returned to Qingcheng Mountain, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening. After leaving her family, she took the last flight back and went directly to the hospital.
Although she called Ji Nanfeng, he always said that everything was fine, but she still couldn’t help worrying that she knew little brother’s temper too well, and it was too difficult for him to recover honestly.
Where can Xiao Zhang manage him or her? Every time she calls Xiao Zhang, she will be taken away by him without saying a few words.
The most important thing is that she got the exact news from Wei ‘an, indicating that Zuo Kanger had gone abroad, first went to Hong Kong, and then went to the Australian police by Qingnian. There is no doubt that Zuo Kanger was not restricted from leaving the country, but someone was sent to monitor it 24 hours a day.
And three days after the annual meeting, I will come to Qingcheng. After I come to Qingcheng and Zuokang to complete the transaction, I will arrange Zuokang to escape from Qingcheng
Ji Nanfeng really didn’t rest when he went to the ward. He probably heard the door before the window and turned around to see that it was a song. His eyes were full of spirits. "Are you back?"
Didn’t you say you wouldn’t be back until noon? Why didn’t you tell him when you came back before? He could let Xiao Zhang pick it up.
Before he came to the party, he walked over three or two steps and took his finger with a calm face. The cigarette said coldly, "Don’t you know you can’t smoke?"
Ji Nanfeng smiled wryly. "I’m just too bored by myself. You know that Xiao Zhang is too incompetent to take care of people. You can be considered back. You don’t know that you have missed you for the past two days!" JiNa wind embrace strike because of abdominal wound body is not very straight down strike ear please way
But she was really angry when she went on strike. How can he smoke when he is so seriously injured? He has to quit smoking for two or three months. Why doesn’t he cherish his health so much?
Ji Nanfeng also knows what a strike is. Since she returned to China, he has smoked a lot less. He smokes four or five packs a day when she is the most fierce. That’s when she just went abroad. He hates her and complains that she can’t sleep.
He really misses her. He misses her so much. She was all over his mind when he was smoking just now.
He knows smoking is bad, but he can’t give it up!
Chapter 316 You are a lai
"Well, I know I’m wrong. I promise you, I’ll give up smoking immediately and then I’ll throw away all the fireworks. I promise!" Ji Nanfeng took out his cigarette case and lighter from his pocket and threw it into the trash can with precision.
Ji Nanfeng watched the strike or ignored her. Suddenly, she held her hand on the injured place. Oh, where can she be angry with him? She asked, "What happened? Did you hit a wound? Lie down and let me see!"
Ji Nanfeng took the opportunity to hold it tighter. "I don’t feel bad about the wound. I feel bad about you when you are angry. If you are angry with me again, I will probably never get well in this life!"
I realized that when I was ashamed and annoyed, I reached out and gently hit his waist. "Hu said that you are a liar!"
"I’m here because you didn’t know on the first day that you wouldn’t be angry with me. You can scold me whatever you want!" Ji Nanfeng doesn’t matter. He has been scolded by adults at home since he was a child, and he has long been used to it since he grew up.
Ji Nanfeng said that he bowed his head and kissed the lip of the song. He didn’t dare to struggle for a long time. Ji Nanfeng just relaxed and looked at the song and said, "Your painkiller doesn’t hurt now. It doesn’t hurt at all. You have to help me with the pain!"
It’s always first-class to look at him like this, but I still tried not to give him a good face. "You lie down and I’ll see your wound!"
The scab on the surface of Ji Nanfeng’s wound is not as red, swollen and bloodshot as before. The surface of the wound is very dry. He said that the wound itches very much in the past two days, and it is a new granulation inside. It is relieved to see him recover and go on strike.
"I’m relieved. The doctor said I can leave the hospital the day after tomorrow. I don’t want to stay here unless I wait for you to come back and pick me up!" Ji Nanfeng said it was true.
He is jumping, and when the case comes to the point, it’s really a waste of time for a director to recuperate here.
This case has a wide range of implications, besides smuggling, there are also bribes. Perhaps Qingcheng is really stormy this time.
Now that things have reached the previous stage, he is not afraid of the southerly wind. He believes that Skynet will be able to live up to its national emblem one day.
Ji Nanfeng has returned to normal diet. It is early that Xiao Zhang brought chicken soup from home and stayed up all night, which is the most suitable for keeping fit.
Come in and see the strike. "Sister-in-law, you are back!"
The boss is too difficult to serve. The key is disobedience and threatening to hit him. He is really devastated both physically and mentally.
After Ji Nanfeng passed by with a look, it was natural that the Ministry omitted and swallowed the swallowing channel "Sister-in-law, I will give you soup!"
Ji Nanfeng has a good appetite. If you want to recover early, you naturally have to eat well. There is still a tough battle ahead. You can’t hold back your health.
Shengge watched Ji Nanfeng finish breakfast and Ji Nanfeng took the initiative to say, "You just came back from Fengcheng and went back to have a good sleep. You see you have dark circles under your eyes!"
Even if you don’t like to boast, the girl is still a little unhappy when she is said to have dark circles.
Waiting for her to stay up late and work overtime in the formal hospital class is often accompanied by dark circles.
"I dare not dare my wife to be beautiful. I am distressed. By the way, you can help me change my clothes. It is really uncomfortable to wear this patient!"
JiNa wind pointed to the garment a face of abandon.
The strike nodded, but she also planned to go back. It was more than two days before she was worried that her mother would miss her daughter, too.
Xiao Zhang didn’t say, "Where does the old sister-in-law have dark circles? You’re not happy to say that!"
Ji Nanfeng glared at him with a look that you don’t know shit.
Ji Nanfeng confirmed an important clue last night, which he didn’t tell anyone and Xiao Zhang didn’t know.
He was very upset. He smoked last night because of that incident. He is the most important person to him. He has owed so much to his mother and daughter and doesn’t want to bear her again, but he has his beliefs. He is a people’s policeman and he has his duties.
But he took up his responsibility and was about to hurt his favorite person.
"Eldest brother eldest brother, what’s the matter with you …" Xiao Zhang saw that the eldest brother had been absent for half a day outside the window.
JiNa wind took half a day to turn my head "it’s not a celebration of flight to? When will we arrive in Qingcheng? "
"I checked at two o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, rest assured that Liu Dui and them have all arranged!" Xiao Zhang’s deployment to the boss is his heart. Even in the hospital, he can bring down those monsters.
Ji Nanfeng nodded and lost in thought again. When he checked Xia Yongguang’s case, he detected the abnormality. Plus, he sent someone to personally contact Xing Jiamu. After Xia Yongguang’s death, he knew that his mother had almost been surprised several times. He confirmed that the so-called jumping into the river was not an accident but a premeditated one.
The singer’s mother didn’t come back from the dead, but she didn’t die at all. It is most suitable to investigate her husband’s cause of death and fake death, and she can only stay away from Lancheng to save her life. She changed her name and let her father receive Qingcheng.
Everything is his own idea, and he doesn’t think about the status of the singer mother to the drug Lord.
Xia Yongguang died in Yunnan. Naturally, he had to start from Yunnan until he found out that Peng Tao died two years ago. He found out about Peng Tao’s mistress.
And all these clues are aimed at the singer mother.