"Male" Du Jiwei replied with a full face of shock

"male?" Gao Yike almost didn’t fall from his seat with a quiver.
That’s it. It’s so soft that it’s a man?
Mom, if she hadn’t heard Du Jiwei say this, her brain would have fantasized about how beautiful and amorous feelings this "girl" is.
And it took you a long time to tell me it was a man
Gao Yi can immediately get goose bumps. The original has been turned around and quietly took it back.
Cross-dressing singers are rare, but they are not particularly rare occupations.
Gao Yike doesn’t feel bad about the cross-dressing singer, but the instructor of this program needs to be responsible for his students.
Gao Yike has no experience in contacting cross-dressing singers or choosing songs for them. If she attracts this singer, she is irresponsible to the other party.
People took so much courage to participate in this program, and as a result, they failed halfway because the tutor overreached. Who will bear the responsibility?
So Gao Yike didn’t want to turn around even though she was very novel and amazing about the singer’s singing.
On the contrary, Wu Liang’s eyes lit up when he heard Du Jiwei say that this was a male singer.
If it’s a girl, he doesn’t have any thoughts, but if this guy is a boy, he’s interested
"pa!" He patted the button without hesitation.
"wow!" The audience of Taiwan became noisy.
Everyone thought the first two singers were good, but Wu Liang just picked out the bones from the eggs. Without them, it happened that it was this "man and woman" who turned around without hesitation.
This ya should not have any special hobbies, right?
Many people are YY in their hearts, but this has not stopped Wu Liang from resolutely moving.
Wait until I turned around and saw the singing singer Wu Liang laughing with relief.
Yes, he’s a pretty boy.
He doesn’t look very old and clean, even his hair is standard short hair, which reveals a refreshing feeling.
If it weren’t for his amazing "female" singing in his mouth, it is estimated that many people would think that this is an ordinary boy and there is nothing special except smiling a little feminine.
When the boy saw that there were already two tutors, he turned around, especially one of them turned out to be Wu Liang. At the same time, he sang harder.
At the end of the song, the audience clapped their hands.
"Good singing" This time, Du Jiwei said first, "Let’s introduce yourself first."
"Hello, teachers and audience. My name is An Jin and I’m from Shinan, Quancheng." The boy introduced himself.
"Quiet? Quiet and quiet? " Du Jiwei ask again
"No, it’s the Jin in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the Western Jin Dynasty." An Jin replied.
"Oh," Du Qiwei nodded and then asked, "So what do you do?"
"I’m a singer of Shinanmin Art Troupe," An Jin replied.
"Professional?" Du Jiwei Zheng big eyes.
"Professional" An Jin smiled and said, "And I am a cross-singer who specializes in singing women."
"Wow!" Taiwan audience exclaimed Du Qiwei was also stunned and said, "Professional cross-dressing singer? Why did you come to this stage? "
"Because I want more people to know me," An Jin said with confidence and a little sadness. "A cross-talk singer is really famous in our film, but it’s a pity that many people don’t understand me. They all think I’m a man. Why should I learn to sing like a woman? Even my family didn’t understand me very well. They always thought I was a little, uh, uh … "
"pervert!" Wu Liang spoke the word accurately and directly.
An Jin smiled shyly, but others hugged his belly.
"Yes, that’s what it means." An Jin was embarrassed to say the word directly, but he was embarrassed to say, "So I want to come here and tell everyone through my performance that I am not a pervert. I like singing, whether male or female. I hope my song can prove myself!"
"Wow!" Hearing this sincere remark, the audience clapped their hands in cooperation.
Even Wu Liang followed the symbolic drum for two times.
"Good point," said Du Qiwei, clapping her hands happily. "In that case, you must come to my team because I am a girl. Girls know more about women, right?"
This tongue twister made the audience laugh again.
However, An Jin still smiled and turned his eyes to Wu Liang.
"Come to my team and I’ll write you a song." Wu Liang nodded calmly and simply said.
An Jin’s eyes lit up in an instant.
"It’s a shame for me to go here!" As soon as Du Qiwei heard Wu Liang offer this trick again, she quit. "This is a disadvantage. I won’t do it. I want to complain to the director!"
"That’s it!" Qin Shujun, a student who was just robbed for the same reason, also echoed, "Are you pointing to this move? Does cheat people have the courage to try another move?"
"One move is enough," Wu Liang said blandly. "No matter whether a black cat or a white cat can catch mice, it is a good cat."
"Did you hear that?" Qin Shujun immediately turned his head as if he had caught something, and said to An Jin, "He said that you are a mouse. Can you bear it?"
An Jin laughed and faced a fight with several immortals. He decided to be a melon eater quietly.
Qin Shujun soon faded when he saw that the parties didn’t respond. He stared at Wu Liang and said, "I can’t believe how many songs you can write. Every student can be taken away by you like this."
"Don’t worry," Wu Liang said seriously. "I have a high standard and I won’t argue with you if I don’t meet it."
"Hey, I’m grumpy!" Even Gao Yike couldn’t bear it and angrily ran to him and asked, "What do you mean, you are the one who chose us?"
"…" Wu Liang was embarrassed. He didn’t expect Gao Yi, but they actually thought so.
But think back to what I just said, it seems, is really such a meaning … Wu Liang suddenly became all bad, and his emotional intelligence was even lower, and he knew that such words could definitely offend everyone.
So he quickly explained, "that’s not what I meant. I mean, my screening criteria are different from yours. Maybe you won’t necessarily see it when I choose someone, and I won’t necessarily choose when you choose someone."
"Then tell me how it’s different?" Next to Du Jiwei fanned the flames and asked
To say that these three mentors were choked badly by Wu Liang before, they could seize the opportunity to regain a city. Where would they let Wu Liang go?
Wu Liang thought for a moment and said, "Just like this An Jin. Maybe you think he is a cross-dressing singer, but to me, his voice and skills are like a piece of rough jade. I believe that after I carve him, he will give off a different kind of brilliance."
"good!" This time it was the host who cheered first.
Speaking of which, this guy is miserable enough. He’s been on stage for a long time, but he hasn’t caught a line.
At this time, if the director hadn’t woken up, he would have controlled the rhythm quickly and didn’t let the instructors really choke up. He might still be there in wait for a while listening to Wu Liang and their nonsense.
His applause really interrupted the "tense" atmosphere of several tutors.
"Did you hear that?" After drinking the lottery, the host was a little nervous and didn’t know how to face several tutors, so he turned around and pretended to talk to An Jin. "Teacher Wu Liang said he was confident that you would shine differently, so please tell us which tutor team you chose to join?"
An Jin looked at Wu Liang with bright eyes and said firmly, "I want to join the Wu Liang mentor team!" "
"Welcome!" Wu Liang was also frightened by Gao Yike at this moment. Get rid of her murderous eyes and simply jump off the stage and raise your arms at Anjin.
"I am so enthusiastic about going?"
"Is there really a J feeling?"
Many viewers in Taiwan are burning with divination, and Wu Liang’s suspicion makes some of their previous "guesses" more reasonable.
I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect ya to have heavy eyebrows and a beautiful girlfriend, Heluxue, to be okay with this.
Who said he was a straight man? Damn it, just bend, okay
It seems that it is his true nature to pretend to be outspoken and not love red makeup and armed forces!
Many viewers showed obscene expressions until a singer appeared.