Bixiao saw that the maple mist fairy was so angry. "Pi, that bitch is so vicious. Today, my aunt insisted that you fall here."

Bi Xiao and Qiong Xiao’s offensive is even crazier. Feng Fog Fairy is Penglai’s younger brother, Zhang Wen, who teaches his younger brother who is an idiot. This piano can be used as a weapon. If you don’t make good use of this thing, it won’t be a waste of resources. Feng Fog Fairy’s first move was scolded with malice and anger, and the nine strings were popped up with the idea of doing nothing. As a result, the situation became subtle. The nine strings and the one chasing people did not release the bundle fairy rope, which was ten ropes. These ten ropes were pulled into a net, all of them were untouchable
Feng Fog Fairy released the nine strings and pulled out a sword toward the piano case. This sword is much smaller than the ordinary sword, but it is designed for the piano case.
The three women slashed their swords in this rope net. The clouds and the snow jade-like stone fairy over there were fighting against the magic weapon, the maple fog fairy, but it was hard to see that they were defeated by Qiongxiao and Bixiao. It was a pearl that flew out and smashed it at Qiongxiao. Qiongxiao didn’t notice that it was smashed red-handed. It was Penglai’s hand. It was also a "plank brick" that Qiongxiao was injured after being hit and flew out of the war. Bixiao saw that her sister was injured and even more angry. She waved her sword more quickly.
After Qiong Xiao was injured, the clouds waved the bucket of mixed yuan, and the snow was no longer shining. The baby competed with a golden light and went to the maple fog fairy cover. The maple fog fairy was fighting with Bixiao and didn’t pay attention to being caught by the clouds.
Xue Yingxian saw that the Maple Fog Fairy was angered and said, "It’s a shame to look after treasures for three nights." Xue Yingxian saw that her two sisters were arrested and took the Aquarius to the Qiong Nighthood to avoid it, but she was caught with a red-handed snow Yingxian and then smashed a treasure to the blue clouds. She was also hit red-handed and fell to the ground.
Three nights and three immortals are two defeats. Once again, they are fighting with Snow Jade Fairy, but they can’t tell the outcome for a short time.
Two people are fighting for each other and don’t want the snow jade-like stone fairy to wear a sword on her chest. Snow jade-like stone fairy was seriously injured by this sword. The magic weapon can’t control falling back into her arms. The golden light of the golden bucket of mixed yuan was also taken. Snow jade-like stone fairy was also taken with the sword of Bixiao, leaning against the tunnel "Elder Sister, save the second sister quickly", but Bixiao attacked the snow jade-like stone fairy and seriously injured it.
After Yunxiao rescued Qiong Xiao, the three immortals walked in the mixed-yuan duel, lost their mana like a mortal, and the snow jade-like fairy lost her sword power. After that, she went to the list of true spirits and went to the list of Maple Fog Fairy and Yue Xinxian, who saw her elder sister’s body falling in grief. Both committed suicide and fell in the list of three immortals.
Seeing that the three immortals have fallen into the sky, Yunxiao sighed, "I’m waiting for the three immortals to be robbed, but now they’re on the list and going to the future. It’s hard for us to have this field in the future. This time, I can’t stay after killing the world of mortals, so let’s go back to Sanxian Island."
Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao said, "Dear Sister, tell me to go back soon." After saying goodbye to Jiang Ya and others for three nights, they also advised Zhao Gong to go back to the mountain to stay away from the big disaster. Zhao Gong saw three sisters who were seriously injured and followed them to Sanxian Island. Since then, they have gone to a lot of disasters.
Mr. Zhang looked at the three immortals list and said, "The panda is coming to see you. I don’t know when it’s over. There are too many people on the Penglai list, but it’s slow."
Panda said, "This list of gods includes the number of gods on Sunday and the number of stars in the Penglai list, but there are more people who are afraid that I won’t be able to protect my Penglai brother."
Zhang Wendao: "More than 10,000 younger brothers are enough. Although we can’t keep them, we have left a root. All these people are loyal brothers in Penglai. After all, there will be those disloyal generations when there are more people. I will leave them to cross the magic robbery."
Chapter sixty-seven Panda array three mountains
Zhang Wen, the panda after the Three Immortals List, ordered him to come to the front of the three mountains and two armies. This panda looks like a panda. He was taught by Zhang Wen not to transform, and now he is still a prototype.
The panda was leaning on a bamboo stick with a wine gourd hanging from it. As soon as he appeared, the monks in Xiqiao became worried. The panda was a "saint" and he wanted to intervene in this matter, so Xiqiao was doomed to failure. Unless the saint appeared, it would be futile for more monks to help Xiqiao.
Before burning the lamp, he said, "I don’t know if it’s a matter of saints coming here?"
"I’m not a saint," said the panda. "I’m involved in this robbery. I’m here to spend the robbery. Just come and I’ll finish the robbery."
The panda said that he was not a saint. Others who believed in the panda said, "I’m here today. If you can beat me, I’ll let you pass through these three mountains. Otherwise, you can follow me to the prison in that barracks and wait for the saint to save you."
What can I do if I light the lamp to see this panda like this? Now all the monks of the three religions, Twelve Jinxian, are imprisoned, leaving only a few younger brothers to teach others. Now the only younger brother, Xuan, is still in the Jinggong.
So Shen Gongbao traveled three mountains and five lakes to bring many younger brothers to Xiqiao, but these people didn’t repair enough cannon fodder, and they didn’t reach Penglai people before, and now these people will have it when the panda comes to block the array
The burning lamp sent the brothers of the three religions and three generations to fight against the panda. When the panda saw these cannon fodder people, he laughed. "You are planning to make an excuse based on this. Today I will send you an excuse."
Panda casually throws out a chapter to see the Tai Chi diagram composed of Yin and Yang, but it is somewhat similar. This object is Zhang Wen’s refined Yin and Yang diagram. As soon as this diagram comes out, all the monks of the three religions are involved in the diagram, and the monks of the three religions are collected as much as they come, so when they have a cup of tea, the monks of Xiqi leave more treasures and burn lamps, and the other three people in the cloud are collected into the Yin and Yang diagram.
The panda took a sip of the wine gourd and said, "What are you waiting for so soon? Go back and tell your teacher to ask him for help."
If this panda is so rampant, it will kill seven and a half people in Sanqing, but Sanqing is also white. Now it is likely that the list of gods will be full immediately. After all, this panda has caught a lot of three brothers, and now it is only a few dozen people on the list of gods, which is still far from the number of days in that week.
Lao Heyuan couldn’t help it, but he couldn’t help it. Sitting in Kuiniu, he came to the front of the two armies and saw the panda saying, "Daoyou really did too much."
Panda said, "I will have you in the Sanqing Middle School. I also want to pull you here this time. Can you waste these days?"
Tongtian said, "Taoist friends are confused. How can I not be a saint? Nowadays, Taoist friends in Xiqiao don’t go against the sky."
Panda laughed. "If I hadn’t been robbed in Penglai, this robbery would have been your interception and extermination, not my robbery in Penglai. You and other saints can take the number of days before someone can change it. Can friends be white?"
Tongtian laughed. "Taoist friends want to rob me. Although I have to be full on Sunday, there are many people on my cut-off list, but I can’t stop teaching."
"Daoyou will know the end of Penglai in the future. Today, I want to tell Daoyou not to be the first person to be calculated." But the panda learned Zhang Wen’s calculation thoroughly, so in a few words, he said that his heart was not as connected as it used to be. After all, in the future, the second sage of Penglai will fight against the five saints or six saints of Hongjunmen. If these saints work together, they will be afraid that the second sage of Penglai will fail. Now the panda can provoke the three cleanups and reduce the strength of the saints of Hongjunmen, but they will also be more or less sure in the future battle.
Although tongtian’s heart is moved, it doesn’t show that he secretly remembers the panda’s words, "Daoyou will meet Daoyou Penglai today."
Panda said, "I’ll see how powerful kill array is this day."
Tongtian with a move, the four swords of Xiqi Zhuxian immediately flew out and fell into Tongtian’s hands, and the four swords were waved in Tongtian’s hand. The pandas came to see this Zhuxian array, and they saw it hanging due east, killing it due south, hanging it due west, trapping it due north, and hanging it due north. There was a door in front of it with a murderous look, and the evil wind was rustling.
Panda said, "It’s a pity that this array is really the first in the wild, but it’s not perfect. The array lacks one thing, but it’s 30% less powerful. Have you got these four swords for many years?"
Tongtian said, "I can do it myself. This array has not been perfected, and I know that it is not enough days, but now it cannot be perfected."
Panda laughed. "You are a saint and you are joking with me. There are four swords in this array, but it is only a joke that the four saints are missing the figure. The Taoist friends are joking with me, but they are not people."
Tongtian said, "Since Taoist friends are here, they must tell us whether Taoist friends know about this incident?"
Panda said, "Heaven and earth have not killed the immortal sword array, but the creature in the chaos of the boss’s body is the boss. I don’t know that this immortal sword is also the boss. It was calculated that Luo Hou Hongjun was sanctified and killed Luo Hou. Do you think this array is in the hands?"
Tongtian thought that the teacher would not leave this thing, but he didn’t want to come here. "What do Taoist friends want?" Tongtian wants to make a deal with the panda
"What’s the requirement? I want to lend you 3,000. I don’t know if you have a friend?"
Tongtian said, "Brother Penglaimenduo, that is, brother Yunwu Mountain, is not too rich to let Taoist friends go further and further than I did when I stopped teaching?"
"I don’t want to be on the list of all my brothers in Penglai if it’s not this big disaster. It’s all about the fly ash generation. I want to go or be a Taoist disciple, but what I can do." The panda actually told Tongtian that this big disaster will eventually lead to the natural white of the saints in Tongtian. Penglaimen arrested all the three disciples alive, but none of them were on the list. Now the list is full of Penglai pandas, and then they want to go to Tongtian for three thousand brothers in the world of mortals, which means they want to go to the west.
Tongtian said, "Those who don’t make the list in Daoyoumen can also come to my master." Tongtian doesn’t want his younger brother to go to the west. After all, this younger brother will also share his fortune. If he loses 3,000 younger brothers, he will lose 30% of his fortune. The most important thing for a saint is his fortune. Will the panda give him 30% of his fortune in one breath?
Panda said, "Taoist friends don’t want to let it go. In the future, Taoist friends will regret it. Don’t blame me for not saying this beforehand."
Tongtian said, "I have to worry about Taoist friends in the future. It is better for Taoist friends to take my cousin’s being original today than to have a fight with Taoist friends first."
Panda said, "I want to see the power of this immortal sword array today."
Chapter 60 Don’t bully me
This borne and panda talked about it for a long time and didn’t start work. Finally, they didn’t settle it before deciding that the four doors of the World War I Sword Array stood side by side, but the four swords hung on the four doors were the four swords of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword of the Sword. If he picks Jin Xian to see it, he will also fall into the war.
The panda slowly walked through the four doors with a bamboo stick and said to the sky, "Daoyou, do you watch the array?"
The panda took a bottle gourd and took a sip of wine. "I can break the array now after watching this array."
Seeing that the panda was so rampant, Tongtian said, "I want to see you like a broken array?"
The panda went to the sky with a bamboo stick and hit a clear thunder. When the panda dropped the bamboo stick, the thunder was dissolved. The panda said, "Taoist friends, don’t underestimate me, or you should kill the fairy sword array."
Tongtian launched the battle, and the sword of Zhu Xianjian moved slightly and fell to the edge, but it was firm but gentle. The panda rowed toward the panda, throwing a picture of Yin and Yang and turning it into a Tai Chi. The firm but gentle face of Zhu Xianmen was immediately stopped, and the panda slowly walked into the door of Zhu Xianmen.