Xu palm before a heart move immediately appeared a flame a water polo.

"This is very interesting. You don’t need to bring mineral water when you go out. You will never die of thirst anywhere."
If you let Qi Xin, a master of this kind of power, know that Xu has a water control technique because he feels that he will not die of thirst, he will be annoyed and slap him.
You know, the power circle of water control and fire control can all exert the power of terror. Maybe it is to solve the thirst problem?
This product is really a waste of time.
After learning how to control water, Xu then turned his mind to Tonghe Dafa.
What is this Tonghe Dafa?
Xu looked at the introduction and then almost jumped out of bed with excitement.
Tonghe Dafa can’t be used as an auxiliary achievement method alone.
I prefer Tonghe Dafa to the nine-character mantra!
Because of Tonghe Dafa, Xu’s overall strength can be upgraded to a higher level!
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-two Tonghe solution
What is Tonghe Dafa? Give an example.
For example, it is impossible to make the angry beast change, because the whole person seems to have become a wild beast, but after the implementation of Tonghe Dafa, Xu can have various attributes of the angry beast and the human form continues
That is to say, after Xu made the angry beast change, he could still display his various skills normally.
Anger beast becomes terrorist defense ability, and the enhancement of terrorist power can’t make Xu’s strength change qualitatively?
Even if there is a sword and rain ahead, it can be seen that the defense ability of the angry beast is amazing
This is the same as the Dafa, which is the transformation method.
After learning about Tonghe Dafa, Xu was so excited that his face was a little hot and hot that he immediately learned Tonghe Dafa at 30 o’clock.
At the same time, Xu hit the Wulin props mall and found the five swords page in the sky.
Now you can learn the third sword of the five swords of the sky.
Five swords in the sky, the third sword is called phantom sword.
The phantom sword is as powerful as the sword in May, but it has some attributes more than the sword in May.
Flash sword attribute is fast thunder sword attribute is locked retreat phantom sword attribute is assassin attribute.
The phantom sword comes out with four swords flashing, and the enemy can’t tell which sword is Xu Jian. By the time the enemy knows, his life has already been harvested.
Xu was very satisfied with this sword. He directly spent 210 points on the Wulin Index to buy it, and spent another 30 points to force the index to learn.
Then Xu took out a game-writing protocol and made a breakthrough.
Xu spent 90 points at a time to buy three crash courses and made three breakthroughs.
Early congenital fighters break through the realm of mid-congenital, mid-congenital, mid-congenital and mid-congenital.
There are still dozens of points left to break through, but if we break through now, the martial arts we will know will not keep pace, because these martial arts are very powerful for the early innate expectations, but when we make a promise, we will face very powerful opponents, and these martial arts will not be enough to watch.
Therefore, it is the safest choice for Xu to break through the realm of congenital metaphase
Moreover, Xu Bixue’s magical power is incomplete, which can support Xu to break through the realm of congenital late stage. If Xu makes a breakthrough now, not only the rhythm of martial arts roots can’t even follow the rhythm of martial arts.
Wait until you feel the strength of a present state, and then the data in your mind will be updated again.
"Name Xu"
"Excellent Grade Three"
"Experience 21671/4"
"Limit 15"
"Loading force index 5"
"prodigal index 3"
"Wulin Index 99"
After the closed system, Xu felt refreshed and full of strength.
No matter if the actual strength has made a qualitative leap, you need to talk to Qi Xin if you want to improve your strength in a short time.
Permission is to see how Qi Xin’s battlefield displays its powers. Oh, my God, there are so many flames in the wind and sand, as if monty was coming, and the terror was so terrible that it forced fighters in the middle of congenital to detour. It was simply stronger than that.
Xu also has power, but it is difficult for him to play a strong enough strength because he is not very skilled in power manipulation.
It was when Xu found Qi Xin that Qi Xin refused Xu’s request.
Xu was not angry because Qi Xin refused him for a very good reason.
Qi Xin asked at that time, "What powers do you have now?"
Xu Dao said, "the ability to bend things, the ability to control fire and the ability to control water."
At that time, Qi Xin was so shocked that Batu fell off. "Do you have the power to resist things? Is it the kind of mind control? "
Xu said, "What’s the matter?"
Qi Xin rolled his eyes and said, "In this case, I can’t teach you anything. If you have the power of fire and water, I can give you some experience, but you have the power to control objects. This power is among the top three terrorist powers in the whole world."
Xu Yizhen said, "So powerful?"
Qi Xin way "that’s not! Do you know Wan Ciwang in the old American Marvel comics? "
Xu said, "I know, I also watched some movies of the Men’s Police, and Wan Ciwang knows something about it."
Qi Xin said, "Wan Ciwang is a controllable metal, but the object bending ability can control everything in the world. Which do you think is stronger?"
Xu said, "Control everything? But now I can control the weight of a sword. "
Qi Xin shook his head and said, "Whether there is a power skill is a natural decision, but the strength of the power skill needs to be issued in the later stage. As far as I know, there is a master in our power industry who has the same power, that is, the power of bending things, and this master is not a fighter, but he is the main body of the Dragon Hall intermediate institution."
"Lying in the trough!"
Xu surprised broken way "the same power can let him Jackie chan temple intermediate institutions are the Lord? Isn’t that worse than me? "
Qi Xin smiled, "I’m not slandering you, but if this master really wants to kill you, you really can’t hide."
Xu once again burst into swearing words in his heart and then said, "You mean to find that master to teach me when I get to the intermediate institution?"
Qi Xin laughed "exactly".
Xu thought for a moment and said, "Can he teach me how to control fire and water?"
Qi Xin said, "The power of bending objects requires a strong mental mind. If you can control the power of bending objects freely, are you still worried that you can’t control the power of fire and water well?"
This Xu also said happily, "This is really such a every day."
Xu knows very well that he is actually not qualified to be a deputy director of a primary institution when he is in the middle of the initial stage of congenital, but he can absolutely defeat Xuance until he breaks through the initial stage of congenital and other realms, so he can be sure that he is qualified to be a deputy director of a primary institution.
But now it’s different. Now it’s neither a mid-level fighter nor a mid-level fighter, but a serious fighter.
This is a whole realm higher than before. Maybe I know that I am more than enough to be a primary institution owner in Longdian. It is easy to get into an intermediate institution.
Maybe he is a highly effective person, and now the battle between good and evil is about to break out completely. Maybe he must make himself stronger as soon as possible, and he should enter the intermediate institutions quickly to find the master and ask him for the method of manipulating powers, and then he will be even more powerful.
This time, many large troops went back to the primary institutions together and immediately made this request to the suspection.i Lord.
Lord suspection.i looked at Xuance slightly when he heard the news. He looked at Qi Xin, Tie Zhangfei, Master Yin and others, and then said, "You’ve just entered the primary institution, and you’ve just become a deputy master’s ass. Are you going to apply for an intermediate institution?"