Quinnier nodded solemnly and said yes, but it was a problem. Well, now I also suspect that Miss Jones may not really be dead.

Ah, is it true? Is it true? Amos can doubt Mo Yifan’s words, but he is more familiar with Kunnier. He is more convinced when he hears the news. He suddenly gets excited and grabs Kunnier’s arm and asks, My daughter is really not dead. What do you think? But I didn’t find Jones. What’s different about her?
Kunnier turned to look at Mo Yifan. When he saw Mo Yifan, he looked at him with a smile. He knew that Mo Yifan didn’t want to be the limelight or was too lazy to explain, so he could answer that it was because your daughter’s arm moved like a normal person. That’s strange. After such a long time, her bones and muscles should have been stiff. It’s impossible to bend so easily and freely, but Jones’s arm can see that you just moved. Does her arm look like a dead person? I just said that she really doesn’t seem to be dead.
Ah, is the dead body stiff? Then my daughter
Amos stayed for a while and turned to see the row of cold storage boxes next to him. He suddenly rushed over and rummaged through the bodies one by one as if he were crazy.
Kunnier knew what he was going to do, so he didn’t stop it. He woke up and said that the people inside the refrigerator would be labeled outside.
Amos woke up and pulled one of the labeled cold storage boxes, but he saw that there was also a wrapped bag inside. He pulled the cold storage box halfway, stretched out his hand and pinched it through the bag, but he didn’t feel anything. He simply pulled the zipper on his face and grabbed the dead body’s arm inside and pulled it out. Only then did he find that the dead body’s arm looked like tight wood, let alone let him bend and stretch like a normal person. Even it was very difficult to lift it.
Ah, come on, it’s really like this. Amos trembled with excitement, but he couldn’t help but ask if it was too long before the body died.
Quinnier said there was another body in the row opposite, and it died today. If you don’t believe me, try that again.
Amos wouldn’t be polite to smell speech. He found the refrigerator and looked at it. However, the label said that when his daughter died, the stiffness of the body was less than an hour. If the body died, then the body should also be soft.
He slowly pumped out the cold storage box, which contained the body of a middle-aged woman. Amos did not consider so many wrapped bags, and it took him a long time to finally determine that this man’s body was really too hard to be hard. Her daughter’s body should not be compared with the softness of the body.
Thanks to Emperor Jones, she’s not dead. Amos was so excited and excited that he turned around and knelt in front of his daughter’s bed and cried.
Commissioner general, Mr. Qiao was stunned when he saw them. Their identities were almost untouched by dead bodies at that time, but it was impossible to know what would happen after death. Although commissioner general, a police boss, was no exception, this old guy was not a police officer when he arrived at the police station, but he always worked as a civilian when he was young, such as solving crimes and testing corpses. Although he could actually solve crimes, he was far better than the senior superintendent, Kunnier.
But I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen it in Amos. They all saw that Jones’s body is really too soft to look like a dead man
Who is this? Who is in charge of the autopsy? commissioner general sent such a beautiful anchorwoman to the refrigerator at the thought that she was not dead but was wrongly judged dead. False Amos couldn’t catch up for a while, so when Jones was brought back in the refrigerator early that day, I’m afraid that even if she didn’t die, she would become really dead, or to examine the cause of death of Jones. After Amos signed it, she immediately dissected her body. This point is dereliction of duty and this point is murder.
Amos heard this and thought of it. Suddenly his face turned pale. His positive imagination was that Mo Yifan woke up and said Jones was not dead. Wait until the forensic doctor dissected Jones alive.
Amos gave a cold shudder, and then went on the rampage and roared, Yes, who is so irresponsible? My daughter is still alive and well. Everyone can smile at this and look at Jones’ heart in the body bag. What do you mean, she is dead? What do you want to send her to the morgue? I will sue him for dereliction of duty and murder.
Commissioner general smell speech couldn’t wait to slap himself with two big mouths. What did you say I just made? The family members haven’t said that they will be held accountable. I woke up. What is he doing? This is just good. It’s not easy to appease a China doctor and now it’s turned over a French media crocodile. I’m not looking for a smoke.
Seeing Amos so excited, Mo Yifan could gently cough and explain that you shouldn’t be so excited about this, Mr. Amos. Well, although I think your daughter may not be dead, people often know that she is really dead. It seems that she is really dead in the local medical judgment regulations, and it can’t be said that the police forensic doctor is wrong
Amos now has feelings for Mo Yifan in his heart. It’s not easy to get angry when Mo Yifan says this, but he still doesn’t say that my daughter is not dead, but those losers say that she is dead. That’s not wrong. They almost killed my daughter.
Mo Yifan shook his head and said that it was a question of ability, and it was impossible to talk about right or wrong. It was like saying that a mountain horse was about to fall down and fall into a city, and what should the police who were responsible for protecting our citizens do at this time?
Amos doesn’t understand this metaphor for his daughter’s things, but he actually replied that they should mobilize all their strength to move the citizens to an safe place as much as possible. If you really don’t want to say anything, you must protect the women and children first. They must not escape in front of the citizens. Is it okay for me to answer this question?
Mo Yifan smiled and said, judging from the normal thinking, it’s certainly no problem for you to answer like this, but you never thought about letting the police lift the inverted mountain. In that case, the citizens of the city are not alone
Amos almost fell to the ground when he heard the news, but it is possible that the police are not superman. How could they lift a mountain?
That’s right. Mo Yifan patted her hand and said that people’s abilities are limited in many cases. We all know that we need to be more powerful, but in fact, it is impossible to surpass this expectation in some cases. Just like now, Miss Jones, if you send her to a hospital now, it is impossible for a doctor to treat her and judge that she is dead, because this is measured according to the usual international standards. Although most people know that the body will become stiff after death, in fact, the body is stiff. Degree is not listed as the criterion for judging whether a person is dead, which means that if a doctor or a forensic doctor can judge that Miss Jones is dead within their ability, or even if people suspect that she may never die, no one knows how to save her, she can still be a dead person.
Don’t listen to Mo Yifan’s words, Amos was silent for a few seconds before suddenly hissing. Now he has no mind to investigate the forensic doctors in the police station. He has realized the situation of his baby daughter. Although Mo Yifan said that she is not dead, she doesn’t seem to be very optimistic. It seems that no one can save her even if she is not dead.
Amos’s face trembled into a ball. He knew that his daughter’s life could be completely lost at any time. At this time, it was even more painful than hearing her death. Seeing her lying in front of him, she was not dead, but she helped him. That feeling reminded him of the scene when his ex-wife died in childbirth for many years.
No, Amos suddenly turned around and knelt down in front of Mo Yifan with tears in his eyes. He looked at Mo Yifan and said, Mr. Mo, I know you are a very great doctor. You can cure a terminal illness well. You must be able to save my daughter, right?
What, are the French all kneeling?
Mo Yifan scowled and stepped aside to help Amos and said, I’m sorry, Mr. Amos. It’s not that I refused to help. It’s really that I can’t detect what kind of damage your daughter has suffered to become like this, so I have no clue to implement the treatment plan.
No, you must do something. Amos stubbornly knelt in front of Mo Yifan and wiped her tears and said, I know I didn’t hit you with writing an article before. I admit that I was wrong, but I am willing to be punished for my mistake. Please, Mr. Mo, don’t refuse to save my daughter. Please, I am willing to ask you a word for fear that I will die here immediately.
Amos said suddenly interrupted a hug Mo Yifan’s foot and kissed Mo Yifan’s toe.
Mo Yifan seems to have been shocked by a body, a face of disbelief and looking at his feet, the famous French editor-in-chief
The other people present were completely shocked. They all knew that Amos’ behavior to him just now was an ancient French etiquette. It was the lowest and highest courtesy for slaves to show their loyalty to slave owners. Once this etiquette came, it also meant that they were thorough, like a slave and like a dog.
It’s hard to imagine that people still practice this kind of etiquette, and doing this thrilling scene is actually a famous newspaper editor who can be regarded as a Paris figure.
And all this is believed by his poor daughter, but it is absolutely difficult for his daughter to threaten him with human strength, which shows that the father loves him greatly
Although Mo Yifan really has no affection for Amos, although Mo Yifan has no clue about treating Jones, what else can Mo Yifan say in the face of this great father, and he can refuse him with a hard heart?
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Needle falls rain
Look at the feet, the poor French man looked at the bed wrapped in a body bag again. Mo Yifan, a beautiful female anchor, could give a long sigh and shook her head naively and said, well, please ask Mr. commissioner general to send someone to take Miss Jones to our Notre Dame Hospital later. I will try my best to find out Miss Jones’ physical condition, but I really can’t guarantee that I can save Miss Jones. I also hope that Mr. Amos won’t get too high hopes at once.
Amos heard the news and looked out for Mo Yifan. He was more intimate than a French media, and the deeper he knew Mo Yifan, the more he was amazed. When he learned that Mo Yifan had successfully cured a terminal lymphoma in Hong Kong, Amos had a deeper understanding of Mo Yifan’s medical skills. He believed that Mo Yifan’s medical skills had reached a point where people could surpass them. If his daughter could cure him, he would not think about it except Mo Yifan.
Therefore, after listening to Mo Yifan’s promise to come to Amos, he almost had to kowtow to Mo Yifan according to the ancient etiquette in China. He was really worried that he had caused Mo Yifan a lot of trouble. Until now, two people are still in court, and a slightly narrow-minded person might refuse to treat Jones. Mo Yifan now lives in my home and is willing to help at this time. He is really excited.
However, when he heard that Mo Yifan was not sure about Jones’ disease, he couldn’t help feeling depressed. Even the first imperial doctor in the world couldn’t cure his daughter. Isn’t his daughter hopeless?
Looking at the ambulance, the police accompanying the two cars took Jones away, and Kunir commissioner general looked at each other with a face of nai
So far, there is no clue about this murder, but the two police bosses have already believed that Mo Yifan should be koo, so the biggest suspect is the man who had four glasses when Mo Yifan left the ground. At present, he is also trying to find clues about these four people in the city as much as possible. In addition, I hope that Mo Yifan can really wake up Jones. When Jones wakes up, things will come out.
Back in Notre Dame Hospital, once again, facing the vitality of Jones, Mo Yifan also felt headache. Compared with this woman, she is already a dead person, and there is no life response except that her limbs are not stiff. This situation really makes Mo Yifan’s dog bite and feel miserable.
The preliminary autopsy of the police station concluded that Jones had no wound except the trace that the back of his head was hit by a hard object, but the wound was not fatal at all. Mo Yifan believed that the wound should have been left after Jones fell unconscious and hit the hard ground. It can be said that there was no direct and inevitable connection between Jones’ murder and it seems that there was no sign of poisoning from the aspects of skin and pupil. Maybe it is necessary to understand what kind of injury Jones was and do an autopsy to make it white, but after the autopsy, she will finally die completely.
Obviously, even if Jones is not dead for a while, she is in a state of brain stop, blood circulation and breathing closure for a long time, but it won’t be long before her body will completely fall into the real death. For an ordinary person, if she doesn’t have a heartbeat or breathes for a few minutes, she may die completely. Now Jones’s heartbeat and breathing have stopped for several hours and she has not completely died. This is a miracle, but how long can this miracle last?
Now, even if you want her to stay in this state of being neither dead nor alive for a while, it’s hard to take oxygen without breathing, and to transfuse muscles, intestines and stomach without blood circulation. Even if you want to give her a small pill, you can’t root it. There are almost no common treatments in modern medicine, and even the most basic treatment can be carried out on her body. How can you cure this disease?