I was so anxious to lie on the tail of the fire that it was too small to throw itself on the sword, so I couldn’t take part in the snatch and beat my tail. Grandpa coughed and bounced me off with a smart shot.

I’m a psychic, and I’m in a ball, and I’m also going to sting the money-obsessed old man. In the middle, I turned over a string of somersaults and fell into Wenleyang’s hand. My sad head rubbed against his master’s hand. Wenleyang fingered his chubby body with a wry smile. "I can’t report this revenge …"
I don’t know how many years this sword bravery has been floating in the world, but it has long been washed away. Even a raccoon dog is so well-informed that demon fairy can’t recognize its true face, and there is also a refining device like Gongye old man. Only by not showing any trace of being tempered by fire and water can we judge its true body.
Grandpa held the fire tail in his arms and asked others with a smile, "How to crack the soul force in the seal sword and how to refine it?"
And Gongye looked at each other and shook his head, refining the sword and bravery. Everyone also heard about how to do it, and no one knew.
While wrapped in a jade knife, Huo Ran gave a burst of laughter. It seems that he has long been waiting for Grandpa to ask, "Don’t think about this sword, and it has already been taken! And I also know where the sword is! "
Wen Leyang casually asked "Where is it?"
Unexpectedly, Bao Huan accidentally spat "It takes thousands of years to meet such a fool!" " Then I paused for a moment and inexplicably asked, "Don’t you think so?"
When everyone was wondering, there was a warm and warm voice in the jade knife, and with a kind of smile, it said, "A virtuous person is not stupid, not stupid, not stupid."
Beaver chuckled and was the first to react. Crispy cheered, "Sanwei Laodao woke up!"
Sanwei road also ha ha smiled "wake up! This big dream has been awake for thousands of years. "
Grandpa was so anxious that he stamped his feet. How did you say that he ran to sleep from the end of the fire? He laughed and pulled the topic back. "Sanwei, wait a minute, I’ll wake up that silly little one first!" It took a while to continue to speak forcefully. "Small sword bravery linked with the Excalibur first went to the sea in Qilian Mountain, and now it’s in the snow top of Gladandong …"
WenLeYang long a whole person jumped up "golden fire bell? !”
There is no doubt about the tone of the ring. "Yes, otherwise, God, there is such a fierce and powerful sword that will save your life again and again!"
When pangolin broke ground, it once told Wen Leyang that the root of the’ golden fire bell’ could be used to scare people at most, and the former owner Liu Yuan could not be found in the sword.
Wen Leyang’s heart was pounding, and his brain turned white and stammered, "You mean … I am the master of this sword?"
"Bullshit!" Bao Huan immediately cursed back. "Think about who called the giant sword every time and who is reluctant to part with the giant sword echo each other?"
Wen Leyang has grown up, and his mouth holds up my palm.
I tried to stretch my body for two times, jumped into Wenleyang’s mouth and turned a few times with a smug animal.
Looking like a wave of water, I looked at my uncle. "What was the situation when Wen Leyang hit the tail of the fire?
Wen Tunhai didn’t hesitate to think carefully while chanting "Wenleyang’s wrong boxing hit the fire tail …" He stretched out his right hand and five fingers and quickly waved his hand. "The fire tail became a drunken sword and followed Wenleyang to beat Yuling into a serious injury. The fire tail moaned and fell to the ground, and then I put away the flying sword and finally …"
Cough a nifty turned over uncle a supercilious look "don’t say anything later" followed by cocked his head and looked at it. Wen Leyang finally sighed "What luck is this!" After saying that, a moment later, he added, damn it! to be continued
Chapter 27 It’s dark
However, it can’t be said that it is completely understood, but the raccoon dog has confirmed the situation of Wen Yuling in that year and probably guessed the reason why the golden bell can be summoned by me
The eyes were so bright that almost everyone fell into it and laughed. "His wrong fist can break all kinds of spells!"
At the beginning, Wenleyang’s wrong fist met Yuling’s flying sword. At the same time, it erased Yuling’s attachment to the’ fire tail’ Yuan God, which also loosened the sword’s self-seal. It leaked a little bit of fire, and I was a psychic. When I saw the homologous force that was beneficial to me, I immediately rushed to absorb it.
After that, I looked at Wen Leyang and wondered what suddenly came to my face. I just shook my head and smiled. "Don’t ask me what I can do. I don’t know!"
For others, even if you break the seal, you don’t know how to refine the soul force, but for me, it’s just a kind of energy to absorb the homologous force and turn it into yourself
Just like the top monks can’t practice photosynthesis.
Wrapped ring just guessed the reason why I can command the golden bell, but I was robbed by the raccoon dog for half a second late, and I was annoyed at first. Now a large part of the lines have been robbed by others to catch up the leak. "Now the sword and the fire are still full of color, and the seal should still be sucked away by the second worm. A few of them will be turned into dust if they are exhausted."
Wenleyang’s skill was still shallow, and a round of wrong boxing was far from enough to break the sword and bravery. The seal leaked a trace of soul and was sucked away by me.
Wrapped in a ring, he smiled as if he were talking to himself and telling others, "Now I finally understand what it is. When I called the golden bell, it didn’t work. In the end, it was still too little soul power."
Wenleyang nodded first and then shook his head. At first glance, it explained the past, but I always felt that there was something wrong with it.
Master Wen and uncle Wen are beaming now, even urging Wen Leyang to break the seal with a wrong fist and let me have a full soul. Who dares to provoke Wen Leyang to eat my sword first?
See WenLeYang hesitate to return his mind’s eye kindness to kill sword bravery walked over to give him relief "humanoid doppelganger can think and move, but it is stained with human nature after entering WTO. It is simply a living person with different sword bravery. Although it is also a doppelganger and a giant sword soul, it can effectively absorb heaven and earth, strengthen the flying sword and make no difference between carrots you often eat. Don’t refine the sword courage and kill people …"
Wenleyang really didn’t expect that this layer would be more practical now after listening to the words of the grandmaster of the raccoon. Haha smiled and nodded and put me on the shoulder, holding up the dragonfly sword, and took a deep breath. Suddenly, he leaned out his other finger and entered the wheel, snapping and crunching, which made me feel comfortable. My white master’s mind was plump, and his body was stretched straight and his head stood almost upright. I didn’t know whether it was excitement or excitement. My head was shaking slightly.
But shook his head "worm in your body may not be able to withstand the seal anti-shock force", and said with a soft touch, the worm immediately fell down and rolled around to please everyone’s big boss.
With Wenleyang’s wrong fist, the fire-tailed sword shook several fire lines quickly, like water waves awakened, rippling on the blade layer by layer, becoming more and more fierce and enchanting, and the blade was red as if it were ready to spray blood.
Wenleyang felt that the original cold sword gall in his hand gradually became very hot. Later, it seemed as if he was holding a fierce little sun in his hand, and the poison of life and death surged in his body. He tried his best to resist the hot resistance that invaded his body from the sword gall. After a while, Wenleyang’s body was shocked and hidden in his body, and he automatically jumped out to protect his master without calling. The huge bone snake composed of dumpling bones also jumped out angrily and circled around the small sword, constantly showing his fangs.
There are few dignified expressions, such as whisking and spreading demon yuan to protect the three old men and uncle Wen Tunhai in the house, and then at the request of Grandpa, another demon yuan cover was placed on the treasure bed …
The temperature in the room rose in Huo Ran, and Peng, a muffled sound, rolled up a layer of flame all over Wenleyang’s body. The dumpling leather armor immediately spread, wrapped Wenleyang from head to toe, and struggled to block it from the flame master, while Wenleyang’s right hand kept punching wildly at the tail of the small sword.
The original crisp knock has turned into a loud bang, as if the bell in the Lingxiao Hall was hitting the shining golden Guinness and shaking the sky! Finally, when the stalemate lasted for almost an hour, the shock suddenly became hoarse. Wen Leyang felt that the light body would soon burn through the bone marrow flame and suddenly disappear. The sword gall also became without a trace of temperature, but at the same time it bloomed brilliantly. The once light and small sword became heavier than Wan Jun. Wen Leyang’s wrist earthquake could not hold this small sword with his strength
It seems that Taishan collapsed and the sword fell to the ground. Almost at the same time, I cheered and slammed in the gorgeous fire arc, and I clung to the sword body and refused to loosen it again.
Wen Leyang knew that he was finally done. He lost his strength and fell to the ground for a while. The raccoon dog couldn’t bear to smash the blue brick on the back of Wen Leyang’s head. He closed his eyes and swallowed the sea in distress. "You’d better give him a hand!"