The southwest swamp is the most mysterious place in the forbidden area, which is more dangerous than the central valley. When people fly to the southwest for a while, they find that there is a dark fog in front. This fog is some ordinary fog. The swamp is covered with some dark brown pools, and the surface of the pool is dotted with lakes with the smell of withered leaves. On the edge of the swamp, there are some thick tree trunks and hard ground. This is a safe way to pass. Of course, for Guo Xiaosi and others, it is not necessary to walk from the surface but to fly in the middle.

One of Guo Zongshi’s younger brothers asked, "Where the surface is a swamp, it will warm the stone. Why is it in here?"
I don’t know why Warm Stone is in this swamp. Why don’t you go and see if you can find Guo Xiaosi first? Generally speaking, this kind of material is definitely not suitable for talking about some precious medicinal materials in the swamp. Guo Xiaosi can still believe that Warm Stone really can’t figure out what will happen here.
It was the younger brother who flew low, but after searching for a moment, he staggered and fell quickly.
When Guo Xiaosi was surprised, he flew quickly and grabbed the younger brother by the hand. Half of his body had fallen into the dirty and smelly mire, but Guo Xiaosi soon felt that the water vapor here was hypnotic. No wonder the younger brother fell here involuntarily, but once he fell into the mire and no one was there to help him, then the man would completely sink into the mire and never have a chance to show up again.
What’s the matter? Seeing Guo Xiaosi flying back, Huang Xi was busy to meet him and asked earnestly. Obviously, they had already noticed that the situation was not good, but they didn’t know what had happened, so they all gathered around.
The younger brother who fell into the mire finally woke up in a daze and looked surprised. Why am I here? Didn’t I go to search for warm stones?
Guo Xiaosi color road surface swamp moisture should not be too close to me. I don’t think the warm stone will be broken now. If it is really in the southwest, it must be in the south of the swamp. You don’t have to go.
Continue to fly to the south for nearly half an hour, and finally see a barren hill in front and a piece of land near the swamp with some human bodies. Guo Xiaosi and others flew down to see the bodies of seven people, two of whom were Taiyi’s younger brother, four were Gezaoshan’s younger brother and one was Qing Pai’s younger brother.
It’s also a strange thing. Maybe it’s a case that Gezaoshan joined forces here to send the Qing Dynasty to fight back and kill one of them, or maybe the Qing Dynasty sent one of the clansmen to fight, but the other clansman lost several brothers despite the successful sneak attack.
Everyone be careful and don’t make a move. Guo Xiaosi couldn’t see what was going on in front of him, so he called to everyone to stop first and hide by himself. He wore a cloth hat and flew to this forbidden area. It is estimated that there are not many eye-hunters, and it is safer to hide.
After flying for a moment, I found a group of people at the Gate of Gezao Mountain searching for warm stones in the mountain in one place, while ten miles away, they sent a group of people together to search for warm stones, and they all sent their own troops to patrol and were attacked and killed by their opponents.
It must be too one case that Gezaoshan joined forces against the Qing faction, but the Qing faction did not have the strength to defeat two clans at the same time, thus maximizing the interests. It was too one case that Gezaoshan reached an agreement and the two sides stopped fighting and then searched for warm stones.
Guo Xiaosi carefully looked at a case of twenty-four people, except for the two bodies, who must have been injured in other places, and the remaining twenty-six people in Gezaoshan were left there. The four bodies were the personnel of their wreck department, but the number of the Qing faction was not small. After all, after several hours of fighting, two people were killed, and one of them was attacked by Guo Xiaosi. This battle has surpassed the Changhuai Sect.
If in this way, the number of personnel in the forbidden area will exceed that of Changhuai Sect, and the value of their search for warm stones is higher than that of Changhuai Sect’s search for materials, then the first place in this year’s Liwei Conference will still fall into the hands of the Qing Sect. This is simply a failure for Guo Xiaosi. The only way to turn defeat into victory is to seize their warm stones, and the other is to attack and kill several of their classmates.
But just now in the northwest corner, I told them to stop fighting and start fighting again, but the rules of the Liwei convention are broken. The two sides agreed to stop fighting and stop fighting after the war, otherwise they would be despised by other clans.
Guo Xiaosi thinks that these rules are very funny. No one in the nine main doors is a pure gentleman, but he always puts on a pair of mysterious sects different from the devil sects. In fact, since the nine main doors allow each clan to kill each other in the forbidden area, it is extremely unreasonable to come to such a rule of stopping fighting and killing each other, which in turn requires everyone not to hate and retaliate against each other.
However, since it is an unwritten rule, you need to pay too much attention to winning the mysterious seal and getting the scorpion needle. Guo Xiaosi never recognized himself as a personal monarch and regarded the Qing faction’s renewed battle as a continuation of the previous fierce battle
However, the rules should not be so broken that it still cannot be entangled with other clansmen after the forbidden area. Guo Xiaosi asked his brothers to March to the barren hills in front while saying in front. He chose to avoid Tai Yi, and the two clansmen in Zaoshan did not talk to these two clansmen before. If he met this time, he might have to be a big thug.
However, it is with the help of the unwritten rule that passing through the territory of the Qing Sect. At this moment, this rule is beneficial to Changhuai Sect, Guo Xiaosi, and Gary will wait a while. This rule is unfavorable to Changhuai Sect, Guo Xiaosi, and he will no longer admit it.
It’s a shame, but it’s necessary to do everything for yourself in this immortal world. Otherwise, even if I give you a personal title, it’s just an epitaph. For a dead person, no matter how perfect the title is, it won’t help. The immortal world and the mortal world all follow the laws of the jungle
What people patrol the Qing dynasty has found that a group of people have come here in a mighty way, and they quickly stopped to shout loudly. We are the Qing dynasty.
I know that you are Qing people, and Guo Xiaosi did not shy away from welcoming them. Haha laughed. We are Changhuai people. It is convenient to borrow a way to pay off friends.
The place in front has been regarded by the Qing faction as its own territory. Does anyone else snore and sleep? If the Changhuai Sect went there and searched the warm stone department there, wouldn’t it be a big discount for the Qing faction to succeed
You wait for me to report that the Qing brother shouted and then flew to the same door.
With a wave of Guo Xiaosi’s hand, we moved on, but at a slower speed.
Song Qianer buried her head in searching for this warm stone. There are indeed many warm stones in this place. According to her temper, she even tried to take away too many places on the other side of Gezaoshan. But just now, too many Gezaoshan scuffles even damaged a classmate. This is what she never expected. First of all, it was too many Gezaoshan that formed an alliance and agreed to pay off the faction. Another unexpected thing was that a younger brother of Gezaoshan actually cast an equal spell and exchanged his life for the life of a classmate of the Qing faction. If too many Gezaoshan brothers did this, then the Qing faction would be today.
Had to, she reached an agreement that several barren hills in the east were given to her and several barren hills in the west were left to her for the Qing faction. This won Hugh’s search for warm stones, but he didn’t want to stop fighting at this time. According to the fact that both sides have stopped fighting, everyone can’t start the war again, but it will be much smaller if they are so clear in the past. The arrival of Changhuai Sect has given her a big problem.
Rejecting the Changhuai Sect’s passing from now on will leave a message for the Changhuai Sect to make it clear that the Sect has provoked the end of the war without refusing the Changhuai Sect’s passing from now on. It is simply handing over the victory. This is an impossible thing to promise.
Let’s go and take a look at Song Qianer’s greeting to several senior brothers who flew to Changhuai Zonglairen under the leadership of this classmate.
Stop, the patrol brother saw that Guo Xiaosi and others were still flying forward, and quickly waved and shouted. How can you continue to move forward without our order? Stop!
Don’t stop, Guo Xiaosi said softly to the other students around him, and then jumped forward to meet him and laughed. This friend is really joking. We Changhuai Sect have to obey our orders. How can we listen to your orders from the Qing Sect? We Changhuai Sect are not affiliated with your Qing Sect.
Strong words won Song Qianer’s anger, and a piece of powder was flushed with excitement. But here, how can we easily give you the life of our Qing master?
We didn’t intend to take your place. We just borrowed it. How can we say that we have stopped fighting? Borrowing a place to say hello to you is enough for you. How can I say that I have taken Guo Xiaosi by force? Haha laughed.
This Song Qianer was speechless for a while. Guo Xiaosi’s words sounded like a real argument, but everyone knew that the Changhuai clan would not go sightseeing once they reached the front hill, but people said that the real refusal was Song Qianer’s anger and suddenly caught a glimpse of Huang Wei around Guo Xiaosi. Suddenly, an idea flashed across his right hand and a finger shouted, "You can pass this Nangong clan master. Not only can you not pass, but we have to kill him."
Qianer girl, you’re posing to provoke a war. When you were in the northwest corner, we stopped fighting and Nangong Zong stopped fighting. Now why don’t you let Nangong Zong, the master, go over? Guo Xiaosi’s face sank and he drank a way.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven bickering and wits
Song Qianer glared at Guo Xiaosi and snorted. I remember the good words. At the beginning, I told you that Changhuazong stopped fighting, but I didn’t say that I stopped fighting with Nangong Zongren. Since I didn’t stop fighting with Nangong Zongren, I couldn’t let him go. You can leave this person’s head if you want to go. Song Qianer’s words are not as bad as her face. It makes people shudder.
Huang Xi is a descendant of the Huang family in Xuefeng Mountain, and he is also a brother of Huang Huantang. If someone else were changed at this moment, Guo Xiaosi would definitely consider whether this person can go, but since this person is a Huang family, he can’t give it to the Qing people to let them kill him.
Dream Guo Xiaosi sneers at this Nangong Sect Master who is an old friend of mine. You want to take his life unless it is better than the sapphire sword in my hand.
Song Qianer flew into a rage, surnamed Guo, and we were really afraid of the Qing faction. Don’t be shameless if you fail, or don’t blame your aunt for being unkind.
Ha ha ha Guo Xiaosi burst out laughing. It’s really good that you are so angry, Miss Qian. It seems that you will send me another fire twice. I wonder if Guo can take this remark of Miss Qian’s as a signal that the Qing faction has provoked the war.
Song Qianer’s eyes were burning up, but she didn’t come to speak yet, but she was stopped by a classmate. Song Shimei retired, then jumped and shook her head at Guo Xiaosi. She hummed that my words from Song Shimei were not aimed at you, but at you. After Guo Xiaosi waited for the forbidden area, you might as well settle the dispute yourself, but in the forbidden area, we all have to follow the rules. You used to, but this person must stay.
He also saw that Guo Xiaosi would never lose this person, so if he refused to lose this person, he could not seize the warm stone materials that should belong to the Qing faction by not letting them pass and asking them not to pass.
Guo Xiaosi is really stuck by him. It is absolutely impossible to say that Huang Lin will be sent in exchange for the past information. Not only am I sorry for Huang Huan’s family, old and young, but I am even more sorry for myself. If the last seedling of Huang’s family is broken, then his guilt in Guo Xiaosi will be another layer.
However, it is not true that the other side did not let the Changhuai Sect troops pass by, but the Nangong Sect troops pass by. Think about it carefully, when the Qing sent troops to retreat, the Changhuai Sect also pursued them, and then they stopped fighting. The Qing faction did not tell the Nangong Sect.
At the moment, it was the first time for Guo Xiaosi to encounter such a difficult problem. It was neither retreating nor frowning, so Song Qianer quickly understood his brother’s intention, which eased the level of many smiles and looked at restless Guo Xiaosi.
Huang Xi saw Guo Xiaosi’s difficulty. Let’s pat Guo Xiaosi on the shoulder. Guo Xiong doesn’t need me. It’s difficult. Tell you what, I’m not here. I hope they can’t kill me.