Except for practicing, most people who cultivate immortals don’t pay much attention to enjoyment, but in autumn, the buildings here are magnificent and gorgeous, which is more influenced by mortals.

Monks will build magnificent and rich places in autumn, but after careful observation, there is no lack of yin in these buildings in the atmosphere and beauty, which makes autumn a little cold
However, it is not surprising to think that the corpse ghost Sect belongs to the magic road and is also relatively evil in the magic road.
"Brother Xiao is here. Does Uncle Hao have any orders?"
This hall seems to be an important place in this stronghold. As soon as Qiu came in, he saw a lot of monks in the foundation period, mostly in the early or middle of the foundation period. When he met Qiu, he greeted him affectionately, which shows that Xiao Hangze is still quite popular in the corpse ghost Sect.
"Brother lu in? I have something important to find him. "
Autumn is a quasi-technique that has changed Xiao Hangze. After all, it is not others, so he dare not say anything to the monks who greet him. He pretends to be in a hurry and is in a hurry.
"Brother Lu, he’s in there now."
See the autumn face revealed a little anxious that several or early or middle of the foundation period monk also didn’t want to stay in the autumn to talk, one of them is toward the inside refers to the autumn guide said.
"Hehe, thank you."
Hands fuels to the several monks in the construction period arch hand autumn face a little smile to step is not stop directly toward the hall.
Chapter three hundred and twenty Abnormal cases of corpse ghost
Xiao xing said that the deacon of the company was actually responsible for a kind of liaison duty, running errands and delivering information to the company.
Although the ghost clan is only a high-ranking force in the monty clan, it also has its own sphere of influence in charge of a place near Fiona Fang, Wan Li, where the big and small forces are intertwined
The information department is a relatively powerful force in the ghost clan, in addition to monitoring its own land, which is close to Fiona Fang, Wan Li, and collecting all kinds of news from places outside the sphere of influence of the ghost clan
Xiao Hangze’s original deacon’s duty is to be responsible for contacting several places near the corpse-ghost Zongshan, and the stronghold of Magic Ghost City is one of them.
The magic ghost town is a big city which is close to the mountain where the corpse ghost lives. It is said that the origin of its name is derived from a word in the names of the Monty Ghost Sect and the corpse ghost Sect.
Of course, it was Qiu who got a divination message when searching for the soul Xiao Hangze. Even Xiao Hangze was not sure that Qiu didn’t care.
Autumn went straight into a hall after entering the stronghold in the magic ghost city, and still did not stay and went back to the hall.
There are several layers of forbidden packages and a quiet room behind the main hall. In Xiao Xingzhe’s memory, "Brother Lu" should be among them.
"Brother Lu can be here!"
In front of the quiet room, Qiuweikou talked loudly and broadcast his own voice mana into the forbidden quiet room in several layers.
"Brother Lu" named Lu Dongting is also a monk in the late foundation period, but the practice is a little deeper than the original Xiao Xing’s. It’s the supervisor of the company’s stronghold here, and Qiu also knows that Lu Dongting has always worked hard and closed in that quiet room.
Lv Dongting practiced very hard, but he was able to handle all the things he saw here. Autumn was rather strange when he knew it. From Xiao Xingzhe’s memory of the Mid-Autumn Festival, he "saw" his admiration for Lu Dongting.
"Xiao Shi, right? I’m coming in."
It didn’t take long for Qiu Koucai to pass out a very gentle and indifferent sound from the quiet room, which echoed in Qiu’s ear.
As the stereo was banned several layers in front of the autumn, it was hit in turn in a slight explosion, showing a passage.
The forbidden strength of the first floors of the quiet room was also in the foundation period, which could withstand dozens of attacks by monks in the late foundation period, but for now, Qiu Lai said it was a backhand that could be broken in the early then period
Autumn, of course, although the monk is stronger than at the beginning of the then period, he is disguised as Xiao Xing at this time, so naturally he can’t violently break the ban and expose his old base.
Walking along the forbidden passage to the quiet room in autumn, I saw a middle-aged monk waiting at the door of the quiet room at a glance.
The middle-aged monk looks more symmetrical and ordinary, neither handsome nor ugly, but just being there gives Qiu a straight feeling.
"Well, dzogchen in the construction period."
Autumn first saw Lv Dongting personally, looked at his appearance first, and then induced him to be slightly surprised in a slightly induced heart.
From Xiao Hangze’s memory, it was a year ago that I knew whether Lu Dongting or the post-construction period was completed. I didn’t expect that he was already in dzogchen during the construction period only one year later.
"Ha, ha, ha, congratulations, Brother Lu, congratulations on taking a higher level to reach the foundation period. dzogchen Condensed Elixir is just around the corner."
Aware of the growth of Lu Dongting after autumn laugh three tone happily congratulated him and said
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"Ha ha, I really deserve congratulations for taking it a step further, but it’s not that easy to condense the elixir. I really don’t have much hope of qualification."
Listen to the autumn congratulations Lv Dongting rigorous face also can’t help but reveal a smile to show a little complacent, but then he couldn’t help but smiled and shook his head slightly disappointed and said.
Don’t look at Qiu Jiedan’s success. In a few years, he changed from a monk in the foundation period to a monk in the elixir period. This is because Qiu was well prepared and several kinds of elixirs increased the probability of Qiu Jiedan to the extreme.
In general, it is extremely difficult for monks to make a knot in the foundation period. It can be said that it is one in a million, and it is often difficult to succeed after three opportunities are exhausted. Finally, they can get stuck in the foundation period and dzogchen can’t cross it.
Lv Dongting’s qualification may be much stronger than that of Qiu Lai, but it is also said that it is not a genius to want to condense the elixir. It is really not too sure.
When you hit the elixir period, you can’t make up for it with elixir. For example, Jiuqu elixir and Sanzhuan elixir can improve the chances of monks forming elixir in the foundation period. Whether Lu Dongting has this elixir or not is not known by Qiu.
Although it belongs to the same door, how many cards are there in the hands of Lv Dongting? Is it sure to condense the elixir? It’s definitely not white to tell Xiao Hang. In the autumn, just what Lv Dongting said, it’s directly regarded as his modesty.
"Brother Lu, you are too modest. Your cultivation efforts are definitely in the top ranks in our corpse ghost clan, and it is also strange that you will be able to succeed in the future."
Whether Lu Dongting can finally condense the success of the elixir is not too big, but it is still necessary to say that after all, this Xiao Hangze was originally a smooth person in Zongmen.
"Well, well, although I have cultivated to the foundation period, the Great Circle is full, but Dan is still a relatively distant thing for me. Let’s talk about your order from Uncle Hao this time."
Lv Dongting seems not to want to talk more about his own knot Dan, but directly turn the subject to Xiao Hang, which should bring the command of "Uncle Hao".
"Uncle Hao" is named Hao Hong. According to Xiao Hangze’s memory, he should be a monk at the beginning of the then period, a senior deacon of the vocational department of the corpse and ghost clan, a direct department of Xiao Hangze, and a direct department of Lu Dongting.
"Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing for Uncle Hao." Autumn’s right hand suddenly patted his forehead and said during the period that he almost forgot the important thing. "In fact, there is nothing specific for me this time. Uncle Hao asked me to ask if there are any unfamiliar faces in our sphere of influence in the past year or if there are any monks with ulterior motives."
A year ago, for some unknown reason, the corpse, the ghost Sect, tightened up slightly outside the martial law and investigated the sphere of influence at the same time. All the strange monks saw and heard everywhere, and the company’s strongholds were ordered at that time, and many monks were dispatched everywhere.
This time, Hao Hong sent Xiao Xingze to contact all the places to see the positions of the employees’ departments, just to know whether the actions of the employees’ departments have gained anything in the past year.
All kinds of changes in the corpse and ghost clan were seen by all the low-ranking monks of Zongmen, and even the original Xiao Xingze was secretly wondering whether there was anything big or about to happen in Zongmen. However, Xiao Xingze was just a monk at the end of the foundation period, and he didn’t have a high position in Zongmen and didn’t have much words. Even if he had doubts, he was tolerant of his heart and never dared to talk about it.
Qiu can be sure that there must be something big about the corpse ghost clan after knowing this change, but this is exactly what Qiu is happy to see. Once the corpse ghost clan is in chaos, Qiu can fish in troubled waters to achieve his goal.
"It’s okay. There are dozens of miles around Fiona Fang and hundreds of miles around Fiona Fang. Everything is normal and nothing unusual happens."
After saying what Hao Hong wanted Xiao Hangze in autumn, there was not a stir in Lu Dongting’s face, as if he had already expected that it was generally calm and solemnly replied
"Brother Lu Zongmen attaches great importance to this matter, but you can be sure not to neglect it or else …"
Speaking of which, Qiu stopped and didn’t go on, but he believed that Lu Dongting should be able to understand his unfinished words.
Autumn’s reinvention of the wheel shows a kind of heart for Lu Dongting, which is based on Xiao Hangze’s personality.
Xiao Xing is smooth and very religious when people come. Most monks get along well, especially Lu Dongting. Only in autumn can they show some heart.
"Little teacher younger brother, don’t worry about me. You don’t know that you have always been cautious. It is said that nothing will go wrong." Lv Dongting is confident in his own affairs. He solemnly nodded to Qiu and said seriously
"Well, since Brother Lu is so confident, I’m relieved, so I’m going to return to Zongmen to make a job with Uncle Hao."
See Lv Dongting showed enough confidence in the autumn and no longer say more. He nodded slightly and looked a little eager to hurry and said
"Fortunately, I won’t keep you. Come to our other disciples in the future and get together again."
So Qiu went back out of the hall along the original road, and went out here to see what he had seen. He escaped from the magic ghost city and flew to the ghost mountain thousands of miles away.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Resin ghost cases