Chen Yifei hesitated to say that 22 people didn’t come back and I don’t know life and death.

If you smile sadly, it hurts like a needle in your heart. Although you have expected it, I personally heard Chen Yifei confirm that more than 20 fresh lives died because of him, which made him feel very sad after all.
Seeing his sad expression, Chen Yifei was moved to think that it was a military blessing for him to value and cherish the lives of foot soldiers in this way.
If you still shake your head and sigh, why must you fight, die and kill?
Chen Yifei Zhen Daogong doesn’t have to be too sad. It’s a good death for a man to die in the battlefield and die in the country. This account should be recorded in Qin Dog.
If a wry smile swept from his lips, the Qin people will taste it again. It is not said every day that men and men fought in the battlefield and died in the country. This account should be recorded in the thief of Chu.
Chen Yifei Zheng didn’t expect to speak in the Qin people’s position, but when he thought back on this sentence, he felt that he could not speak at the moment.
If you sigh for a long time, what is right and wrong when your country is fighting, right and wrong, right and wrong, or unjust war? It is only up to you to decide who is good and who is evil when you die.
He was sad in his heart and refused to let himself indulge in humble pity. He shook his head as if to get rid of the general who was full of worries. If you want to be busy, go first, but I also want to do something. I hope you can dial a few people to show me around the camps and see if it’s no big deal. It’s not a senior general. Just a few small captains and even soldiers.
Chen Yifei nodded and left, and then went to the hall to call someone to accompany him.
Good Song Yuan was also hearing this, and the general frowned slightly, so he let him enter the barracks casually.
Chen Yifei light way can I stop it?
Song Yuan was silent for only one time. Yesterday, during the day, he was respected and appreciated by the sergeant. Last night, he was loyal and close to the soldiers. He could easily blend into a ball and make people regard him as a partner. Everyone gave orders, but he gave his life. If he doesn’t give orders now, people will be willing to give his life.
Chen Yifei sighed that it is really amazing. I can’t help but think that an army will be taught by him. Finally, I don’t know what an amazing army will be.
Song Yuan’s eyes are deep. Today you think it’s an army. Will you think about what a country will become in the future if it is under his control without any constraints?
What do you mean, Chen Yifei’s eyes are twitching?
Song Yuan sighed, "General Chen, I doubt your heart. You and I are both indebted to the Regent. I’m worried that not everyone can be like you and me. Even if the man doesn’t care about his ambition, it’s already a big obstacle for him to be mediocre. It seems that there are many wonderful things when he is outside Hu Fei. Whether he cares about the Regent’s will is always a hidden worry in the future."
Chen Yifei looked at him slowly and said, Lord Song, regent or public, plus you. I am a sovereign, a monarch or a general, but don’t forget that we are all Chu people in all this.
Song Yuan a slight shock.
Chen Yifei’s word for word, after all the interests are rich and the belief that a big Chu State is what we all want to protect together, when you think about the public regent and who we are loyal to, never forget that we should be loyal to Chu State most.
Song Yuan was punched in the chest. He generally stepped back and looked pale, but he was deeply impressed by Chen Yifei. Thank you, General. The official will remember it.
Chapter Huaisitang
Although Chen Yifei said something to Song Yuan, he was also very curious about what to do in private. Of course, he also had to tell him if the trend came to Chen Yifei’s ear for the first time
If you ask the soldiers who are in charge of following him how many people died in that patrol, which camp, which district and which soldiers are in love with each dead name, then he will visit them one by one.
He didn’t want the soldiers in each camp to meet and entertain him. He ran to the soldiers’ residence and dragged the soldiers to sit in awe when he saw him
A soldier was restrained when he saw him, but he was a wonderful man who could talk and laugh easily, and gradually the soldiers relaxed and forgot his noble status.
He asked a lot of questions about everyone’s life, food and clothing, and what they wanted. He smiled and jokingly asked everyone about their hometown, but when his wife dreamed, she could look forward to a reunion with her sister.
Then he suddenly asked about the war dead, where their hometown was, what they used to do, what their relatives used to say, and what they left behind after their death
It’s not a simple mourning, it’s not a formulaic greeting. He asks in detail and carefully, and even takes out a pen and paper to record it. He will burst into tears when he is moved and sad, and then look at the personal things left behind by death.
He did not bother to go to many places, asked many people, evoked many sorrows, and then shed tears in front of people unabashedly, accusing himself of causing death and apologizing to others.
When ordinary people protect their positions and die, it is shocking that soldiers protect senior officials and die, but it is not worthwhile to do something for a while.
He asked for a full afternoon, then recruited more than a dozen soldiers to return to Shuaifu with dead things, and then picked the biggest and most spacious room in Shuaifu to play with.
Chen Yifei soon learned that there was another hall in his house.
The word "Huaisitang" on the front of the room is written in black and white, and the paper is white and not stained with dust.