"Ha ha, that’s enough. Without out-of-bounds power to intervene, our kings can’t beat each other with the help of Wang Di!"

Pluto’s face is absolutely confident!
You know, being able to become a king is born out of the essence of the literary era. It can be said that you are in charge of a nine-mysterious land in the green field. Almost all of them are comparable to the achievements of the three ancient saints. If it were not for the environmental restrictions of Nola, their achievements would be brighter!
It is conceivable that the kings joined forces to sharpen their edge. It can be said that if Nola was not worried about the collapse over the years, where would there be a god camp?
If it hadn’t been considered that the destruction caused by completely erasing the dragon and beast vein would cause almost irreversible damage to Nora, the dragon and beast might have been gone by now!
"But what the Lord God seems to have prepared …"
At this time, the dream flower king frowned and said that although her combat power is not excellent, she has a unique advantage in detecting intelligence. Although she has a treasure of the gods-the cover of the floating palace of the gods can also be detected by her.
Yuan Heng is very confident. "Can the deity-blocking people be crushed and step into this torrent? Is it round or flat or not?"
"Not bad"
Hades and Dream Flower King both smell the words and smile in their eyes, sealing the gods together like the finishing touch. Everything became clear, and even they themselves suddenly realized that they had such a great advantage.
Time flies and 49 years have passed.
In these forty-nine years, the whole Nola camp has changed dramatically. In terms of the common will of the kings, all the five national cores of their ruling countries, such as the former Iraq-Russia Alliance and the Ayers Alliance, directly merged into a community-the noble king.
And the divine camp is also amazing, and the speed is unknown, and the intelligent and low-level races, such as Insect Beast, Warcraft and Monster Beast, are called … The high-intelligent ethnic groups who believe in gods, such as Terran, form a noble super power that rivals the king-the pinnacle.
Climbing to the top of the ladder, the entrance of Hengjiao is still the headquarters of the noble king.
Zhen Yong, Bai Liu, Gao Feng, Ting Yu and Guang Chang, the five great sages, are sitting next to a magnificent hall in the middle of the hanging island. At this time, this hall still gathers the whole Noella, and almost all the powerful and the weakest have the rank of great sage!
In the coming World War I, these actual leaders, such as the brave, almost spent all their efforts to expand their strength crazily. Now the noble Wang Daxian’s level of power is approaching a hundred!
end of the world
Yuan Heng suddenly turned his attention to the list of gods, and found that these two gods’ treasures were radiant with golden light, which seemed to wake up "finally"
Yuan Heng sits in the sky and looks down at it. At this time, the whole Norrah war smoke has been condensed in one country, stretching from Yuan Heng’s own Dojo, Wangwu Principality, to the other end of the earth. The war smoke meets one country’s destiny and mixed confrontation, such as the same one crossing Tianyu and Youlong entrenched in this vast land.
"All the countries that have gathered our kings’ camp and the gods’ camp are all displayed."
With Yuan Hengyi’s finger to seal the gods’ list and playing the whip of God, two golden lights directly rushed into the Noel Lamu River and hung on the mother river, and some mysterious robbery gas was generated in the process of scouring and extracting the mother river, which enriched and condensed the gods in the gods’ list.
And with the gods returning to the gods list, the power of the gods list will become stronger and stronger. By then, when the gods of the heavens return to their places, it will be the day when Norrah’s order will be re-established!
Yuan Heng’s eyes crossed the layers and his face was serious. "The time for true courage has come to kill those who are not on our side!"
A scarlet killing word with Yuan Hengma’s murder was heard in many sages’ minds.
"It’s a teacher"
Sitting at the top of the ladder, I was given the command to control the war. I was brave and virtuous, and then I said "War!" to the screen in front of me
This screen projection was sent out by Yuan Heng, who made many wise men and many scientific and technological efforts in these years of preparation. The war command system was specially developed for this war. With this command system, all aspects of the system and its own camp can be brought into full play.
"command! The boundary of Kunsar Mountain is covered by artillery fire. I want every inch of land opposite to it to be three inches shorter! "
Get the first move!
The noble king and the peak of the Kunsar mountain boundary are two major forces against each other, and if you are really brave, you will hit your opponent by surprise and will not be severely hit!
After all, the breeding speed of intelligent beasts is not that of others, but insect pest tactics really can’t afford to hurt …
This shows that the noble king combined with the wisdom of several sages and accumulated scientific and technological details over the years to issue annihilation guns, which have a wide coverage, can be described as premeditated.
The day was immediately filled with cold and ferocious shells with a command.
At this moment, the sage finally revealed his majestic face! to be continued
Ps has turned it over several times today and can’t write anything satisfactory. Let’s just let it go through a drama for the time being. When Nora’s plot ends, she will return directly to the vast expanse of wilderness and green land. The summary of the earth will also be a little bit at the end of the volume and strive to end in chapters 5 and 6.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Heaven sage cloud gods
Sages can not only educate human history, but also be a step of war in quality. Sages are also human beings!
Don’t look at these sages, who are usually gentle, but once these guys launch a malicious attack, they are more terrible than others, and the vast knowledge is power.
There has never been a lack of conflicts between sages and some powerful generations in history. The sages are fierce, but not every sage’s family members are fierce. Therefore, some tragedies often occur, and at the same time, the sages’ fangs and reputations are also vividly displayed at this time-a completely ruthless and crazy sage, even the lowest sage, must have enough time to plan, even if it is a behemoth of the five major powers in the world like the Sino-Russian alliance, it will be quite a headache!
History has destroyed the country, and the country has never been cut off. The absolute dominance of the sages in Norra is not only created by the achievements of establishing order, but also by iron and blood!
How terrible it would be to prepare for war with the wisdom of all the wise men in Nola?
In this way, all the shells are shining with wonderful aura, and each shell can agree that the rest of the shells can be combined and practiced like a combined array, and every time they add a power, they will rise a little …
And this overwhelming shell has been given a special attribute, fearing the sniper power and terror of the divine camp. Even the strong Lord God series must avoid three points!
"hey! Want to beat us like this? "
As always, the headquarters of the pinnacle is luxurious. Nine powerful gods with the most vast breath are sitting in the first place. One of them is like an eagle’s eyes. There is some confusion in the main hall due to terrorist pressure. There is a sneer at the corners of the gods’ mouths. "Laugh at me. Most of the gods are cannon fodder!"
"Divine sniper? Cann’t stop it Hey command … "
"Flying ant troops will intercept the attack department in half!"
"It’s the King of Hibiscus!"
One by one, the king of God was ordered to leave.