Hey, hey, when I heard the man in gray, Buddy smiled coldly and shook his head. After hearing what you said, I really have to go for a while. That guy has been silenced, so you can go to die.

With Buddy’s last word, Buddy’s figure flashed like a red light, chasing the sword in the retreating gray hand and violently exploding.
In the evening, when the pub business is at its peak, there are not enough tables, but it is strange that even if other seats are full, there are no people sitting at several tables around the Red Guards. Everyone would rather lean against the wall and wait while drinking than go to those seats.
Maybe people will feel strange, but in fact, it is very common that people dare not go near it. In fact, it is because of the red knight, the cloak, the ferocious dark golden skull.
That’s right. Today, the disadvantage of more than ten seconds was eliminated by Ye Tian. Before today, he got this world of Wang Zhongwang with absolute confidence, but just as he was closest to success, he was ruined by a fourth-order rookie.
Grabbed a big can of liquor, Buddy suddenly looked up and spilled drinks everywhere. This full ten catties of liquor poured into his throat except for three or four catties.
Er, I had a violent drink, and Buddy shook himself up. Although he was very strong and close to the level, he was still drunk after drinking so much hard liquor.
Pants grabbed the giant sword half a meter deep into the ground with one hand, and the giant sword stood off the ground with one hand, shaking its shoulders and walking towards the door of the pub. Everyone got up in panic and made way for fear of blocking this guy’s way.
At the door of the pub, with the shaking figure of Buddy, the giant sword on the shoulder suddenly shook and instantly blew a huge gap in the wall at the door of the pub. The dust was flying and the figure of Buddy gradually drifted away.
It’s not the first time that people in the pub are relieved to see the broken door, and the pub guy is more skilled in running to the door to pick up the wreckage.
Looking at Buddy’s fading figure, a young man with gray strength got up and threw two gold coins at the table to chase Buddy away.
Buddy was very depressed when he walked down the morning street. It was not a loss of money, but also a rare chance to draw a lottery. It was a great reputation. How many times can a person have such an opportunity in his life?
Annoyed that a gray figure suddenly jumped up from the side of the road and stopped Barty’s way. When he saw someone blocking the road, he suppressed a belly of anger. Barty’s eyes turned red and he didn’t speak. His right hand suddenly shook against the shoulder and the giant sword flashed. The flames roared and the people in gray beheaded in front of him.
In the violent roar, although the gray man jumped up obliquely when he was ready, Bharti was worthy of being strong in order. This sword theory is stronger in speed and strength than that of the other side, but with the huge sword landing, the missile blasting impact still blew the gray man away.
In his right hand, he held a giant sword two meters high and wide. Badi looked at it lazily, and the gray figure fell obliquely toward the side of the road. In front of him, the giant sword landed, and the bluestone ground was blasted into a huge pit with a diameter of more than two meters.
Watching Buddy’s destructive power as the God of War, the man in gray was heartbroken. Don’t start, Mr. Buddy. I’m not your enemy. I’m here to help you.
Dumped a little bit and lost his head. Buddy looked coldly at the black dress person not far away and waited there quietly. He was not afraid that the other party would hurt him. His strength was too poor for him to threaten him.
Finally fell to the ground. The man in gray secretly dying. Badi’s violent chop just now is simply not like the order of martial arts. From the perspective of quarrelling speed and explosion impact, it is scary and not much weaker than the ninth-order master.
Looking at the man in Badi’s gray clothes 20 meters away, he swallowed nervously. Although it was dangerous, it was a good thing to do, but it was very scary. The risk was worth taking.
Thinking about the man in gray tried to lean towards Bharti, and made sure that Bharti wouldn’t attack. The man in gray finally stopped five meters in front of Bharti. I was very angry at what happened to you today. To be honest, I came here to bet heavily on you, but I didn’t expect it to be messed up by a puzzling little guy. He must have cheated. Otherwise, no one in this world can compete with Bharti, the god of war.
Hearing the words of the man in gray, Buddy felt depressed and dying. His mood actually improved. A lot of wine stimulated this guy’s words, which made Buddy feel extraordinary. Before today, the other side was still short of more than 30 opponents. How could it be a disadvantage to kill the disadvantages in such a short time?
Looking at Buddy’s expression, the man in gray continued, Mr. Buddy, I am very angry at what happened to you when you read zz in your brain. I don’t think we can let that guy leave like this. He must pay the price for himself.
When I heard the words of the man in gray, Buddy roared with a wide mouth, shut up, don’t I’m drunk, I can do everything for nothing, even if the guy is cheated, he is still a fighter, even I dare not attack him in the city.
Hehe, the man in gray smiled grimly when he heard Badi’s words. According to my understanding, Mr. Badi, although the guy is fighting the emperor now, he hasn’t got the cloak yet, which means he won’t be protected by the death pit until he gets the cloak.
Well, when he heard the words of the man in gray, Buddy’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, it’s the words of the emperor. The cloak must have been, but it’s a myth. Every cloak is unique and belongs to a personal totem. It’s absolutely impossible to make it in three or four days
Seeing Buddy’s conation, the man in gray continued, that guy is still reading zz on his dead mobile phone. I think you should go there now and teach him a lesson.
Before the man in gray can finish, Buddy pokes his hand and plays games with me. You’re too young. Come on, you’re so enthusiastic about this. What are you up to?
When I heard Badi’s words, the gray man suddenly froze and immediately made a face of being wronged. Mr. Badi, you wronged me too much. This is your consideration. Don’t worry, I won’t take any benefits.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, looking at Badi in gray who tried his best to defend himself, he smiled grimly. You’re a little short. Don’t, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I told you not to treat me like an idiot. I’m such an idiot. Can you and I become masters?
Hearing what Buddy said, the man in gray trembled violently. At the same time, Buddy slowly raised his sword in his hand and said, I know what you’re thinking. You’re trying to trick me into killing that guy, and then you’ll expose me to the death pit for receiving a sky-high reward. But I won’t give you this chance