Chapter 555 Do or die 1

? Chapter 555 Do or die 1
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t understand the overlapping and smooth integration of these two fields, but he could guess that they were just like eating goods and practicing chaotic energy.
"Do you dare to come in again?" Xiao Lingyu rushed to the magic statue and hooked his fingers with a face of contempt …
Chapter 556 Do or die 2
? Text ]447 Chapter five hundred and forty-three Do or die.
? What Xiao Lingyu will agree to the other party’s request is not that he is quite sure to deal with the magic statue, but that he must be so if he wants to fight the magic statue, otherwise people will definitely go directly and he can’t catch up with them.
Xiao Lingyu, once he returns to the underworld and wants to hide, will think about World War I again, and others will have a chance to return to their peak level.
Once this magic statue’s strength is restored, it can be ready to meet God’s bullet. If it passes God’s bullet strength, it will certainly improve a lot.
For Xiao Lingyu, his strength has improved greatly and his opponent has not recovered to the peak. This is the best time for him to kill each other.
As Miao Ying said, the life mark of the magic statue left in Xiao Lingyu’s body has been erased by refining. The magic statue actually poses no threat to him, but Xiao Lingyu has promised Peng Laoer to come because he doesn’t want the magic statue to come to himself after surviving the disaster.
Little eye Xiao Lingyu’s "mixed" chaos field can fight the magic statue’s blood "color" field, and the magic statue can’t take any advantage in the field.
"Okay, I’ll attack this time. None of us are allowed to escape again!"
The magic statue should be a whole body momentum again after high face "color" also immediately recovered.
"No one will escape until one side dies!"
Xiao Lingyu is also very heroic and should be covered in "mixed" chaos, "fan" light shining endlessly, and purple and black "color" and "mixed" chaos are really burning.
Momentum after the magic statue with blood "color" field to Xiao Lingyu blunt come over here.
Although the field, if you don’t use the field, the other side’s field will be different, and both of them have to maintain their own field
The two fields cancel each other out. The magic statue is faster than Xiao Lingyu, but Xiao Lingyu’s "mixed" chaos capability has risen a lot more than the magic statue.
Both of them have their own advantages, so both of them dare to fight to the death.
But Xiao Lingyu’s advantage is not only in skill quality, but also in magic weapon.
Xiao Lingyu, who doesn’t have the degree advantage, prefers that no one should run away, otherwise, if the magic statue runs away, he can’t chase it.
The magic statue with a degree of superiority is naturally attacking, and he is completely angered by Xiao Lingyu. At this time, he has an idea in his heart that is to tear this arrogant little thing to pieces!
The magic statue is really not so powerful. The magic weapon is not very helpful to him at this level. After all, he can also attack the Three Realms without the magic weapon. However, a blood "color" sword light is pouring out of his palm when he slaps it with his palm.
The blood "color" sword light is very sharp, which contains a very strong sword meaning "wave" movement is not to be underestimated
Xiao Lingyu is at a disadvantage in the degree of sex, and she doesn’t move to see the blood "color". First, the sword light hits the purple-black "color" dragon.
After the blood "color" sword light penetrated the fire dragon, the power of the blood "color" sword light weakened a lot and slowed down a lot. Xiao Lingyu’s broken knife in silver moon will be chopped.
The magic statue is also very patient. It has been flying around Xiao Lingyu, constantly attacking with blood and sword light, and at the same time looking for Xiao Lingyu’s defense flaw. Although he is angry, he has not lost his mind. After years of fighting, he told him that the other side is also looking for his own flaw, so he dare not take risks easily.
Two people are so deadlocked that it is actually the defensive side that suffers. After all, Xiao Lingyu is still not as good as the other side in the realm now, and all attacks from the other side are stopped.
Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu has a double defense of "mixed" chaos, real fire, "mixed" chaos and "fan" light, and he is still wearing the magic clothes. His body is comparable to that of the artifact. After the other party attacked and penetrated the layers of defense, he was hit on his body. At most, it just made him feel the pain. What a heavy and substantial damage it brought.
Actually, it’s not much for Xiao Lingyu to hit the body, and it’s not much for ordinary monks. Only killing monks’ babies or souls can determine "sex."
It happened that Xiao Lingyu’s soul was in her own baby. If the magic statue wants to pose a real "sexual" threat to Xiao Lingyu, it must be able to hurt Xiao Lingyu’s "mixed" magic baby.
At this time, Xiao Lingyu’s "mixed" chaotic magic baby was tightly wrapped by a circle of "fan", "Mongolia" and "mixed" chaotic aperture. It is said that Xiao Lingyu’s physical defense is very strong, and this circle of "mixed" chaotic mask alone can ensure that his "mixed" chaotic magic baby soul is not shaken. This is also why Xiao Lingyu dares to rely on each other.
In Xiao Lingyu’s view, attacking yourself only by the blood "color" sword light will not be a problem even if the magic statue is exhausted to death.
The magic statue has been attacking with blood "color" and sword light, and it is naturally consuming. He saw that this kind of attack continued to go nowhere, and on the surface, it was that he had occupied the wind and he had been attacking, but in fact he suffered, and his consumption was much faster than that of the other party.
After fighting for nearly an hour, the magic statue decided to change his tactics. After taking a deep breath, his body turned into a blood ball strangely.
Then the blood mass gradually solidified into a sword that seemed to be composed of blood, and it was scattered with a frightening sword "wave".
Xiao Lingyu knew that the other party was desperate and he also felt the dangerous smell of the blood "color" sword. He could tell that if he was hit by the blood "color" sword, he would probably die violently on the spot.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t dare to neglect his fingers. First, he pinched out a circle of "Yin" Yang fish, and then let the "Yin" Yang fish turn into a mass of "mixed" chaos and "fan" light.
At the same time, Xiao Lingyu also poured his own skill into silver moon’s broken knife crazily.
"Come on, let’s win with one move!"
The blood "color" sword shook out a person and then roared Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu knew the method of dodging and didn’t think about dodging. First, he hit the "mixed" chaos and "fan" light, and then he drank silver moon’s broken knife and chopped it forward.
Due to the improvement of technical ability, the power of the "mixed" chaotic seal is much stronger than before, and this "mixed" chaotic seal has a stronger evolutionary power, but this group of "mixed" chaotic seal is still penetrated by the blood "color" sword.
Whether it is "mixed" chaos capability or "mixed" chaos true fire is better than the previous one. Although they were injected into silver moon’s broken knife at the same time, silver moon’s broken knife split out a colorful firebird, but this colorful firebird kept shaking the blood "color" sword.
When the colorful firebird broke up, the power of the bloody sword was weakened by more than half.
But even if there is less than half of the ferocity, the blood "color" sword still collides with silver moon’s broken blade.
Silver moon’s broken knife will be fine naturally, but Xiao Lingyu’s eyes are shining with lotus flower. At the same time, he also feels that thick juli is constantly "mixing" with his own body, and the mask is "mixing" with the real fire. Although it also weakens the thick juli, he still feels pain.
The blood "color" sword blade crossed silver moon’s broken knife body defense and was firmly in Xiao Lingyu’s heart, and it seemed that he wanted to penetrate Xiao Lingyu’s body.
Xiao Lingyu kept drumming "swinging" his own skill and real fire to resist waving silver moon’s broken knife to split the blood "color" sword in front of him at the same time, but after a few moments, the blood "color" sword did not collapse, and his armor had been punctured.
Even though his "flesh" body is comparable to an artifact, it can’t compare with the defense force of God’s clothes. When God’s clothes are penetrated, his "chest" mouth immediately has a fist-sized blood "hole".
Blood "color" sword from the front "chest" penetration and fly out from Xiao Lingyu back.
The blow made Xiao Lingyu’s body suffer a heavy injury, but the blood "color" sword flew away for a while and then became the magic body.
At this time, the magic statue’s face "color" is even more bleak, and his mouth "lips" are covered with frost. He just shook his "desire" and fell badly. Xiao Lingyu also consumes a lot.
The higher the quality of the body, the more difficult it is to recover once it is injured. Moreover, when the blood "color" sword penetrated the body, it left a lot of blood "color" energy that eroded sex. Those blood "color" energy were attached to the wound and eroded Xiao Lingyu’s body, speeding up the passage of Xiao Lingyu’s life "essence".
Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu’s blood is relatively strong, and the chaotic capability has also made progress, but it can easily suppress those blood "color" energy in a short time to prevent his injury from expanding.
The blood "color" sword attack is the most powerful attack tactic of the magic statue, but even when he was finally surrounded by the three realms, he did not move this tactic.
But this trick can hurt Xiao Lingyu, but it can kill Xiao Lingyu because Xiao Lingyu is too strong and special.
"A recruit seems to be still undecided in the past. If you can move a few times like this, it should not be difficult to kill me." Xiao Lingyu said indifferently.
This recruit consumes a lot. The magic statue affirmation method has been moved many times. Just now, I escaped from Xiao Lingyu’s dual field of eating goods. The magic statue has passed once. Just now, it is the second time that Xiao Lingyu has seen the magic statue at this time, and it is estimated that it can be done again.
"Then try it again!"
The magic statue did not show weakness, but slowly melted into a blood mass and then coagulated a blood "color" sword.
This time, the blood "color" sword still defeated Xiao Lingyu’s "mixed" chaos "fan" glorious "color" firebird and then crossed silver moon’s broken knife and pierced the broken garment.
The difference is that this time the blood "color" sword attack position is Xiao Lingyu demonstrated.
Blood "color" sword is very "fine" accurately pierced Xiao Lingyu’s abdomen and stabbed the "mixed" chaotic magic baby, but it was blocked by the "mixed" chaotic aperture around the baby.
The blood "color" sword can penetrate the artifact defense, but it can’t break the seemingly weak "mixed" chaotic mask.
At this time, the "mixed" chaotic magic baby also constantly spewed out thick purple and black "color" and "mixed" chaotic true fire did not bless the "mixed" chaotic mask but burned the blood "color" sword.
Blood "color" sword that "mixed" chaos mask stalemate for a while, then see a breakthrough in the law and fear the power of "mixed" chaos real fire and fly out.