Mujing corners of the mouth twitched a gently cough two to avoid this problem.

Manager Chen is now mastering it very often, just waking up and lunch is ready.
Shen Suer looks a little strange and wonders if those two coughs are any secret signals.
Well, I’ve been curious about Sima Luo for three points, and I’ve risen to one point
But it’s no use asking Mu Jing directly, or things will probably be delayed.
Mujing took Shen Suer’s little hand and stepped out.
She feels strange when her feelings have progressed so quickly.
Here we are, eating out hand in hand.
This harmonic feeling, hey hey, never mind.
She wouldn’t be stupid enough to break it and upset him. At this moment, the harmonious atmosphere will benefit things to be said later.
I feel that the possibility of his promise is already coming true.
Unexpectedly, Shen Suer asked if you wanted to go to prison to see Xiao Guifei before he could admire the scenery.
Shen Suer knew that it was impossible for him to predict the future.
It seems that Chen Shou is not very reliable. She, he said this thing.
But nothing can hide from the emperor.
Be careful afterwards.
It is necessary for her to nod her head.
Tell me first what you will go to.
To tell the truth, don’t perfunctory Mu Jing. I don’t think she will go for no reason.
Vaguely feel that it must be made up of
Shen Suer wanted to think whether the matter is his own speculation or whether he wants to see if it is in order. I’ll go and meet Xiao Guifei first and then you can talk about it later, okay?
Mujing thought for a while and agreed. Do you need me to accompany you?
No, no, at that moment, Shen Suer was stunned
Suddenly become so body Section 188 Day Prison Assassination Truth 1
No, no, at that moment, Shen Suer was stunned
Mujing Road Well, go and see me when you come back.
Blinking, I feel that violent men are suddenly considerate.
Illusion is absolutely illusion.
Yes, yes, she is flattered.
Wow, wow, I’m surprised. He’s not looking at her, is he?
Although the young lady is not interested in the emperor, she is also nice, and she feels super awesome. If only she were so handsome in the company, she would absolutely grieve those women who look down on her.
Shen Suer didn’t get excited for long. That day, the sex offender’s personality came again and sighed. Just now, I felt that my conscience was too much, which was really not a good thing.
Just because others are kind to themselves doesn’t mean they are themselves.
At most, it’s just a little affection. It’s very likely that people will ask them about their habits on a whim.
There are so many women in the harem that he doesn’t know how many women he has been considerate of.