Qin Chu smiled solemnity. "Do you dare to use it to make a fool of yourself?" Said Qin Chu, with a wave of his hand, two huge palms with hot breath and lux suddenly appeared in front of him, and then he took a hard shot at the big handprint of the white-headed elder over there, full of Qin Chu’s fire power. When he met the white feather and made a long sword, it immediately burned up. The white-headed elder felt the oncoming power of the two big handprints and dared not fight hard, so he would retreat.

"Sit tight a fart? Here is the altar, and no one can be presumptuous here. "Behind the mountain giant, the elder angrily drank a body that suddenly swelled up, and the skin on the surface of the body went gray, and when the body was active, there was a click click rock friction."
The mountain giant elder body directly stood in front of Qin Chu, and the two big handprints of fire power poof hit the mountain giant elder body and instantly dissipated, but the mountain giant body did not receive half damage.
"Huh?" Qin Chu is also slightly surprised that all natural people have their own attribute talents, but he has never seen a big handprint that can stop his own fire power from condensing when he saw it today.
The mountain giant elder is not so simple. At this moment, Qin Chu’s figure has already arrived, and the mountain giant elder’s eyes are wide open, and his feet are suddenly stamped to "bury" his voice. Before falling to the ground, several rubble rises to form a huge stone wall and pounce on Qin Chu.
"Flashy" Qin Chu said lightly that the palm of your hand flashed a starlight and then the front was covered with a star. The sky full of stars gave people a chilly feeling.
"Disease" Qin Chu pointed a finger and sky full of stars flew around his body, and the tip turned into a huge drill. Suddenly, from the oncoming stone wall through the stone wall, star saber immediately fell apart and turned into a huge drill. Still, it continued to drill towards the body of the mountain giant Elder.
The elder didn’t expect his stone wall to be broken so easily, but he still took his time to "throw" when he saw the huge drill coming.
"Run, that’s the trick that the mountain clan will kill." Fang Wulu was horrified when he heard a word burst out of the mouth of the mountain giant’s elder. He suddenly shouted that he had already started to run to the rear when he was talking to the mountain giant.
After saying his word, the drill bit didn’t react. Qin Chu suddenly felt that there was a strange force around him, like a sudden impact. star saber was suddenly blocked, and then Hua star saber formed a huge drill bit and the stars quickly gathered to form the star saber prototype. The original star protected Qin Chu, and the strange force still didn’t dissipate. Like a wave, it suddenly hit Qin Chu and Qin Chu, and the body didn’t react, so it was instantly thrown high.
"What a strange force! There is even a soul shock." Qin Chu was suddenly surprised by this strength, especially when it was mixed in the attack. The soul shock seemed to make people lose consciousness instantly. Qin Chu was even more surprised at this. He was mixed in the attack with a soul attack, so Qin Chu had heard of it, but he had never seen it and heard it. It was just a soul shock. It was like this kind of soul shock that could instantly make people fall into a coma. He had never heard of it.
Even though he refined magic weapons, he couldn’t mix soul attacks during the attack. Although he had some magic weapons that could hurt the soul, at that time, he used magic weapons instead of special soul attacks, just like Poseidon fork. When he attacked, he could release waves and sound waves to make the enemy instantly faint. That’s because he benefited from sound power instead of pure soul attacks, and the small white sky punished thunder and fire because it was its physical attributes that specifically destroyed the soul.
In this strange strength, I didn’t even have a reaction. Qin Chu was like a ball that was suddenly taken out, but the face of the mountain giant elder didn’t show half a smile. Once he hit the enemy, the enemy would immediately fall into a coma and then fall from high to the ground and die, but the enemy didn’t show any signs of dizziness.
And ….. that man actually quickly controlled his body. What, he actually stopped in the middle? Is he a bird? When the mountain giant elder saw that Qin Chu stopped directly in the middle, his eyes would pop out. What is this collar that can stand still directly in the middle without wings?
Not only are the mountain giants and elders, but other natural families present are also amazed.
The man in white at the altar was also full of surprise. "What an amazing guy." His eyes rested on Qin Chu’s hands. In Qin Chu’s hand, he saw a sword with shining stars. He was very interested in the situation that Qin Chu star saber had just turned into a huge drill.
Chapter 12
"What weapon is that that can change its shape at will?" He said to himself, "Even a weapon with laws can’t be as interesting as that sword. It’s better for an interesting person to accept it as my servant." Then the white man turned to look at Hector wrapped in green flame with a pity look on his face. "Alas, I forgot that he is your friend, but … you won’t be angry with me if I accept him, will you? Well, after you wake up, you won’t remember having such a friend. "The man in white laughed, but it gave people a cold feeling."
In high school, Qin Chu suddenly felt a strong breath locking himself. He looked around in his heart and saw that the white man on the altar was looking up at himself. Although he had a cloak on his head and couldn’t see each other’s face clearly, Qin Chu could feel the cloak’s cold eyes and … the eyes that looked like humble ants
In the face of this look, Qin Chu felt an anger involuntarily in his heart. He felt from his heart that the white man was not a simple man, but it was difficult for Qin Chu to suppress his anger in the face of that contemptuous look.
"Is that Hector?" Qin Chu’s eyes rested on the green flame beside the white man, and the green flame twisted his body in pain. "This feeling is … to be reborn?"
The green flame has a strange smell, and as the flame burns, the strange smell is getting stronger and stronger, and the vibration is getting bigger and bigger.
"Bastard" Qin Chu was angry. He put away star saber in his hand and took out the Kowloon Shenhuo cover. Although it has become a top magic weapon, the destructive power is bigger than Poseidon fork, but it is still not Lingbao level, but Qin Chu is also handy to make it up.
"Disease" Qin Chu controls the Kowloon Shenhuo hood and instantly divides it into nine red fire dragons, followed by Qin Chu, whose target is the altar.
"How dare you offend Fengshen Pavilion for me?" When a person sees Qin Chu directly attacking the altar, he is furious. The eyebrows of the Elf Wind Family around him are rippling a little green, and then the body is wrapped in the wind and flies to meet the half gallop. After the Qin Chu Elf Wind Family turns into the wind, they are no longer afraid of injury. Of course, they can’t attack the enemy in this process because they will show their true bodies when attacking the enemy.
"Get out of here!" Qin Chu snorted. The flaming dragon body suddenly rose at a high speed, and the burning breath suddenly increased, as if to scorch everything. When the elf wind clan approached Qin Chu, they found themselves attacking Qin Chu by root method because they wanted to show their true colors, and they would be immediately burned to death by this flaming flame.
"You are not his opponents. Go." The white man said lightly that the elf wind clan was withdrawn. The white man looked up and stood upright and looked at the half-flying Qin Chu. It seemed that he was not prepared to escape.
"Strong fire attribute power", a white man known as Fengshen, felt the threatening and fiery atmosphere emitted by the Kowloon Shenhuo hood, and his face changed slightly. "Is he a Vulcan who can make such overbearing fire attribute power?"
Fengshen is carefree and calm, and everyone around him is tense, which actually forms a fresh contrast.
He looked up at the rapid approaching nine fire dragons, slowly raised his hand and gently stippled through Qin Chu. When he saw this moving heart, he suddenly flashed a sense of horror. This feeling just rose, and then he suddenly twisted and watched several white flowers bloom in Qin Chu.
Qin Chu could see clearly that the flower was not a real flower, but was formed by pure strength.
"Thirteen Petals" Qin Chu saw the blossoming white flower petal trees and cried in horror. Qin Chu has remembered this unique attack method. It was still in the Imperial City when the young master of the Elf Wind clan sneaked on himself. However, the strength of the Elf Wind clan can release seven petals. The swordsman of the Elf Wind clan is a sword flower petal number. The more petals trees there are, the more powerful it is.
This white man released thirteen petals of sword flowers with an understatement. Is this a kind of strength? At the very least, it is beyond the ninth grade. After surpassing the ninth grade, the master can release thirteen petals. What kind of repair is that?
"Boom, boom, boom, boom" Qin Chu nine dragons meet the sword flowers that stand in front of them. They cried all over the sky, and the strength swept through Qin Chu’s eyebrows. The fire of the dragon suddenly skyrocketed, but the nine dragons were no longer able to move. Through the Kowloon Shenhuo cover, Qin Chu clearly found that the sword flowers all over the sky constantly emerged like exhaustion and stood in front of his Kowloon Shenhuo cover.
However, the Altar Fengshen is still painting in the virtual with one hand, and several swords bloom in each point.
Qin Chu knew that he couldn’t get cheap, and his body teleported to the other side of the altar. At the same time, he also received the Kowloon Shenhuo cover, the so-called Fengshen man, but he didn’t stop seeing Qin Chu stop. He also slowly closed his hand and stood there looking at Qin Chu.
"Good strong collar" Qin Chu looked at his heart and was amazed.
"What’s your name?" Fengshen light way although the tone of voice is very dull, but it gives people a sense of high pressure.
Qin Chu didn’t like this feeling very much. His eyebrows raised and he said coldly, "Why don’t you introduce yourself before asking someone’s name?"
"Oh?" Fengshen didn’t expect Qin Chu to be so arrogant, but from Qin Chu’s reaction to himself, he didn’t seem to know his identity. "Isn’t he a Vulcan? If so, then I have no scruples. "
"You are the King of Fengshen-Callas" Fengshen said lightly, "I’ll give you a chance to stay with me." This sentence feels like letting Qin Chu stay with him has given Qin Chu great glory.
Qin Chu looked slightly moved when he heard the other party introduce himself. He claimed to be Callas, the king of Fengshen?
I’ve never eaten pork, but I’ve seen pigs run.
Qin Chu didn’t know nothing about God. When he was in southern Xinjiang, he learned something about God from algernon. For example, the highest God is the king of gods, and the king of gods has mastered a variety of godlike powers. The king of gods is the true god, and the true god has mastered at least one godlike power. The true god is the ordinary god, and they have just realized the power of godhead, and soon they will be the lowest level in the registration of gods where the false god is located.
Of course, there are other registration divisions in God, such as false gods and servants.
However, according to algernon, whether they are gods, kings, true gods or the most common gods, if they are gods, they will be restricted by the power of the crystal wall law, and they can stay in their own life fields, and the law will come to this mortal life world, otherwise they will be punished by the crystal wall law.
However, this does not mean that once you become a god, you will not be half as good as these ordinary worlds. On the contrary, after you become a god, their practice methods will change, and you will become more and more dependent on the ordinary world. Before you become a god, you need to practice the power of domain law, and the source of domain law power is the belief of believers in this ordinary world.
For example, let believers dedicate their faith? Then it is necessary to let believers believe in what they are, and then they will be divided into different gods. People with different beliefs will also have conflicts because of different beliefs. All these roots are actually God pushing behind the scenes.
And algernon can appear in this world because his deity is damaged, and his strength in his field has fallen sharply, so it cannot be said that the law of crystal wall of God allows algernon to appear in this world.
Although God’s Dharma directly honors arrival, it will benefit other ways to come to this world. One of the most common methods is the projection method. The so-called projection method is that God separates a part of his soul and then helps himself to shape a body in the square world and inject the soul into it. In this way, he can control the power of the ordinary world without being restricted by the crystal wall law.
When Qin Chu heard Callas’s words, he guessed that the King Fengshen was just a projection. If it was just a projection, it would mean that the strength of the other party is limited, because the power of the crystal wall law will be launched immediately when the projection of the busy power approaches God.
"It’s just a projection. What’s the big deal?" Qin Chu sneered in his heart, especially when he heard Callas’ last sentence. Qin Chu couldn’t help but sneer. "If you want me to be your servant, it depends on whether you have this collar."
"oh? In this case, you can be obedient, so I can show you a statue of means now. "Callas said softly and looked at the altar. The green flame burned more and more brightly, and the strange smell of Hector became more and more powerful. Qin Chu also felt the change of Hector, and he was worried. The green flame didn’t know what it was, and there was no heat. It seemed that it was mainly aimed at the soul of Hector.
"The rebirth of possession cannot be interrupted. Once interrupted, it will be wasted, and the possessor will also be hit hard. Look at the green flame. It seems to be specially prepared for possession. If I remove this green flame, maybe I can stop this possession." Qin Chu said in his heart, but Qin Chu also knew that he could not directly remove the green flame because this person named Callas would never let himself do that.
Unless you can beat him, in that case, fight. Qin Chu was filled with fierce fighting spirit.
"Are you ready? I want you to lose your heart. "The wind god Karas will never look down on Qin Chu. In his eyes, Qin Chu is just a worm. He wants to make Qin Chu ready for everything and then defeat Qin Chu, so as to show his strength and make Qin Chu more heart-warming.
"Don’t talk big, eat me first." Qin Chu summoned star saber’s spiritual force to run its stars, the sword star mans bloomed instantly, and sky full of stars lit up the stars, which seemed to be induced and filled with cold ShaQi.
"This kind of weapon is really special. It seems that it’s a good idea for me to accept you as my servant." Callas saw that Qin Chu used star saber’s means, and his eyes were slightly bright. Although he claimed to be a god, he was not good at refining weapons. Without good weapons, it was difficult to exert his own strength. This has always been a struggle in his heart.
When I met Qin Chu, I knew I might have a chance to have a good weapon.
However, Qin Chu’s attitude still made Callas feel uncomfortable. Although he saw Qin Chu, he still couldn’t stand Qin Chu’s bad attitude towards himself. Callas decided to teach Qin Chu a good lesson.
Qin Chu followed the principle of having the first hand and didn’t say hello. With a wave of his hand, star saber immediately turned sky full of stars into a shrill whistle and shrouded Callas in the stars.
"The weapon is not bad, but I think it’s too much for me to rely on this injury." Callas said contemptuously, and a wind formed a wall in front of his body, and sky full of stars was instantly blocked by that wind wall.
Qin Chu clearly felt that after star saber came into contact with that windbreak, it was like falling into the mud, and the speed suddenly slowed down, and there was continuous pressure in the windbreak from all sides.
However, Qin Chu smiled coldly when he saw Callas so proudly across the street. The "idiot" body spirit force quickly spurred the star saber starlight to explode like several small bombs exploding in the wind wall to Qin Chu. It took a lot of spirit force to display the trick, but the fire power in Qin Chu Yuanying was extremely abundant. Although this recruit consumed a lot of spirit force, it was just nine Niu Yi hairs for Qin Chu.
That strong wind wall split apart in an instant, and star saber attacked Callas with a thunderous potential.
"oh? And this collar can actually respect 30% of the strength? " Callas raised his eyebrows and didn’t expect Qin Chu to break his own wind wall in this way.