"ouch!" Hang Ningdai covered her head and wrinkled her facial features, but it was obvious that the other party was not damaged.

Looking up, I saw that the other person was a tall man with handsome facial features, a straight suit and tie, and there was no pleat from the shirt inside to the coat outside, which was very particular.
"Yes …" Hang Ningdai just wanted to apologize.
But at this time, there was an itch in her nose. She tried to endure it but didn’t resist it. She might as well face the man "Ah … choo …"
This sneeze is really shocking and makes people cry!
"…" Hang Ningdai’s face suddenly became annoyed and looked at the man hurriedly took out a tissue from his bag and put it in his face. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You wipe, wipe! "
What a sudden sneeze! It’s embarrassing and rude to spray someone in the face! #67356
"hey!" The man took the paper towel in Hang Ningdai’s hand "I’ll do it myself" in distress situation.
"Ning Dai!"
Some students came out and waved to Hang Ningdai. Hang Ningdai responded quickly, "Oh, here we go … it’s freezing me to death! I really want to curse this man today if he doesn’t look at his age! It also made me spray a handsome guy with a snot! "
"Hey Ning Dai!" The classmates looked behind her and suddenly became nervous and winked at her.
Hang Ningdai didn’t read white "what’s the matter? Come on! Hee hee, I’m just telling you that I won’t say anything in front of him … I still know how to respect my elders! Hey, how old is the academician? Is your hair and beard white? "
"Hey!" Students don’t know what to do. Nai closed his eyes and watched the man behind Hang Ningdai approach slowly.
"What’s the matter?" Hang Ningdai looked puzzled. "What did I say wrong?"
"This" just now, the man raised his hand to his lips and gently coughed for two times. "Ahem, this classmate …"
"Huh?" Hang Ningdai looked back at him. "What’s the matter?"
"Eh" The man’s face looks so ugly that he seems to be in distress situation. "Well … am I that old?"
Hang Ningdai was stuck "what? You? How can your age … "How could she not understand what he was saying?
"Do you think my hair is white?" The man looked at Hang Ningdai with a funny face and reached out and touched the bar. He suddenly realized, "Ah … I’m sorry I didn’t leave a beard to disappoint you."
Section 64
"…" Hang Ningdai was stuck, and the answer was vividly portrayed at the bottom of my heart, but I couldn’t believe that I went back to see my classmates.
Students are busy to her and whisper in her ear, "This is Academician Rong."
"He … him?" Hang Ningdai consternation involuntarily raised his finger RongQi repair "can’t? So young? Academician? Is it thirty? "
"Twenty-seven" Rong Qixiu took the initiative to solve Hang Ningdai’s doubts with a soft look.
"Ah …" Hang Ning Dai powder lips wide enough to plug a boiled egg.
The classmate whispered in her ear, "We didn’t expect Academician Rong to be so young! I heard that I was a genius since I was a child … "
Rong Qixiu chuckled, "I’m flattered, but everyone has his own strengths … Then I’ll leave first and then there will be many opportunities to meet."
"Oh!" Hang Ningdai and her classmates watched Rongqi Xiuli leave the stranger instantly and straight, which was full of limited worship.
When Rong Qixiu walked away, the classmates and Hang Ningdai looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, "Ah …"
"So young! How handsome! "
"Ah … oh, my god, how can Lulu be so handsome! Not to say that men and women who study science and engineering are not good-looking? Why are there so many anomalies around me? " Students are even more exaggerated, which is simply beating their chests and feet.
"You and Sun Chuchu are beautiful enough. I didn’t expect an academician to be handsome like this … ahhh …"
"How handsome!" Hang Ningdai nodded in line with what suddenly occurred to her. What should I do if I suddenly patted my forehead? She just sprayed the academician with a snot! Dying, dying. Is God playing her?
Rong Qixiu just arrived and needed a rest. No work was arranged this afternoon.
In the evening, the professor informed everyone to go to the conference room together.
The professor also deliberately took Hang Ningdai’s hand. "I’ll leave it to you, Academician Ning Dai. Please pay more attention."
"Ah?" Hang Ningdai doesn’t quite understand "What should I pay attention to?"
"yeah!" The professor smacked his lips. "What a silly boy! He’s on temporary loan … he may not be able to stay here for a long time. You have such a special status. Tell him maybe you can make him stay for a while."
"Ah … Oh" Professor Hang Ningdai’s ignorance means that she wants to be the prime minister’s daughter? This ….. doesn’t seem so good? Growing up leaving the presidential palace to be with ordinary people, she didn’t take an identity frame!
Is it inappropriate to do so when you want to keep academicians for a while?
"Good teachers and students, let’s sort out all the problems now." Rong Qixiu looked up from a pile of documents and had a good idea in his heart.
The professor pushed Hang Ningdai, pulled her to Rong Qixiu and introduced her to "Academician Rong, did you bring an assistant this time?"
"This ….." Rong Qixiu slightly opened his mouth and was about to refuse.
However, I heard the professor say, "This is my favorite student who asked Hang Ningdai to do things very carefully. If you need to make management arrangements for her during this period."
"…" Hang Ningdai grinned in front of Rong Qixiu "Good academician"
"Well," said Rong Qixiu, remembering that his face was sprayed with snot in the parking lot today, he suddenly changed his mind and nodded toward Hang Ningdai. "Well, it’s awkward to bother this classmate, but don’t call me that."
"ah? That … What’s it called? " Hang Ning Dai seems a little embarrassed. When her eyes blink, she shows that she is only innocent at her age.
"Just call the teacher!" RongQi xiula chair let hang Ningdai sit and handed her the notes "now! I said you help me take notes … "
"Oh!" As soon as Hang Ningdai heard that it was business, she dared not be vague. She took notes seriously and carefully, and in the process of listening, she worshipped Rong Qixiu even more deeply.
So many of them have done so many days, and in such a short time, he has understood and pointed out the problem exactly.