On Sunday, when you throw Lan Xinhe in a hate day, you can move around for a moment and display the posture of "shifting shape and transposition". When you are not stopped, people catch two women in the middle and gently put them on the ground.

Square cocoa or yelling to let go patted before head to say with smile "big miss it’s okay, you have settled down, what are you still screaming about?"
Fang Ke can be careful to open his eyes through his fingers to see her and Lanxin really safely. Suddenly, his hands kept slapping Zhou Tiandao. "Bad Sundays are hateful, and you make a fool of us."
On Sunday, he said with a wry smile, "Miss, you shouldn’t have hit the wrong person. If I hadn’t risked my life to save you, you might still be in the hands of those two people."
"You said" before you said angrily, "You saw that Xinxin and I were caught by those two men. You were still there asking some painful questions and didn’t want to save us. You just wanted to see me and Xinxin joke."
"Well, I’m wrong. I’m wrong. Not yet," said Zhou Tiannai. Now I feel more reasonable before I can make sense. That’s like casting pearls before swine.
Suddenly on Sunday, Zou frowned and said, "No, we are surrounded."
Lan Xin asked inexplicably, "What are we surrounded?" Before the words were finished, the three men heard a shrill siren and soon saw several police cars coming from the corner.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Frame-up
On Sunday, the police cars that roared in frowned and said, "Someone has calculated all this and knew that we would appear here.//The fastest text update is in 23 Literature Network.//Setting such a trap is intended to frame us."
"Ah," Fang Keke exclaimed, "Then what shall we do?"
Zhou Tiandao: "I really want to meet captain Min when you leave. I always feel that he has a lot of problems, but I can’t say where the specific problems are."
Lan Xinwei sighed, "We can’t leave even if we want to. They have surrounded here."
On Sunday, I sneered, "That’s not necessarily because I want to send you away. Even hammering can’t stop you." The true qi runs the right hand and forcefully tears the gap of different degrees, grabbing one by one and throwing two women directly into the different degrees.
Just finished these Min Wen rushed in with more than a dozen deputy armed police, and put more than a dozen guns around Sunday in a round way, aiming at Sunday with sharp and cold eyes.
Min Wen walked over without deleting his face. "We met again on Sunday."
Sunday responded with a cool smile. He didn’t take this dozen deputy armed police seriously and asked him to be willing to solve it. When it was a second or two, he could show his "transformation and transposition", so he didn’t ask Min Wen to surround him here.
What he stayed behind was that he really wanted to know what medicine the captain of the criminal investigation brigade was selling in the gourd, and what the matter had to do with it.
Sunday laughed. "It’s really hard to meet captain Min, but we meet again."
At this moment, a policeman trotted out of the villa to Min Wen and said softly, "Captain, we found Jiang Ling’s body in the house and suspected that he was murdered."
Min Wen’s face was ecstatic with Zhou Tiandao. "Jiangling is dead. He was killed. Did you do it? Why did you kill Jiang Ling? Do you want to cover up the crime for some people? "
Sunday laughed. "Captain Min, what do you mean I killed Jiang Ling? I’ve just arrived and haven’t entered the house yet. How can I kill anyone? What’s more, I don’t know Jiang Ling’s hatred, so why kill him? "
Min Wen snorted coldly. "You can’t deny that I will find evidence to make you speechless. Someone will take him back to the police station and greet him well. I don’t believe that his bones are as hard as his mouth."
"Yes, captain", several policemen handcuffed Sunday’s wrist, and several armed police helped take Sunday to the police car.
Min Wen saw that he was taken to the police car on Sunday and said to the rest of the police, "You guys seal off the scene and carefully search for evidence and don’t let go of suspicious objects."
"Yes, captain" three or four police cars blocked the scene. Forensic personnel have entered the villa to dissect Jiang Ling’s death.
Lan Xin and Fang Keke were thrown into different degrees on Sunday, and they dared not send them too far on Sunday for fear that the two women would be swallowed up by different degrees of gas without the true qi, so they would be sent directly out of the villa without causing Minwen’s suspicion.
Lan Xin and Fang Keke were at another corner of the villa. Lan Xin was taken away by the police on Sunday. She just wanted to go, but she could hold her. "Yan Xin, you want to die. If you go now, you will not only be unable to save Sunday, but you will probably get caught up in it. Who will find a way to save him then?"
Lan Xin’s footsteps froze in the middle for a long time and sighed, "We all hurt Sunday. If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have been caught by the police and wouldn’t have suffered injustice."
Fang Keke pondered like a detective and said slowly, "Yan Yan, it’s not that simple for me. We three people just appeared in the villa, and the police rushed over, which is a little too fast."
Lan Xin leng leng can’t help but ask, "Coco, do you think someone deliberately set a trap for us to jump in?"
Fang Keke nodded his head, his face seemed mature and steady, but in fact, his innocence was very funny and said simply, "It’s very likely so, but the other party is so clever. How can we even allow us to go to the villa?" How could you kill Jiang Ling before we did? How on earth did he know? "
"Yes, how did the murderer know?" Lan Xin frowned and said to himself, "What is the purpose of manipulating people behind his back? What are you trying to set us up for? What does he want? "
I still can’t figure out a clue to get angry. Lan Xin violently dumped a few heads and dumped those messy ideas. "I don’t want so much. What we have to do now is to find a way to get Sunday out quickly."
Suddenly, the sound of "Ding Rinrin" mobile phone startled Lan Xin and Fang Keke, and after a pause, it was found that Lan Xin’s mobile phone was ringing. Lan Xin took out his mobile phone and said in a bad tone, "Hey, who doesn’t know that talking like this will scare people to death?"
The other person seemed to be stunned for a while, and a sweet voice came slowly. "I’m eo Ling Wei of Tianzong Group. Are you Miss Lan Xin Lan?"
"Ah Ling always" Lan Xin stammered, "Yes, yes, yes, I am Lan Xin"
In the words, Ling Wei smiled and said, "Don’t be nervous to call you because I have arrived in Long Ze County and I can’t find the main person in charge of the company. I heard from the company that many projects are in your charge, including the new mine development and marketing office, and I just want to ask you for some information."
"Good ling is always not in the hotel? I’m coming. "
"I’m not in the hotel. I’m in the company. Just come to the company directly."
"It was my horse that returned to the company to report the whole thing to General Manager Ling." Lan Xin hung up and cried excitedly, "Coco, we have been saved. General Manager eo Ling personally came to Long Ze County to handle this matter. Great, that’s my idol!"
"really?" Fang Keke also cried excitedly, "That’s great. Finally, a person in charge appeared. Don’t take the blame like that again."
Lan Xin said, "Coco, let’s go to the company now. What can manager Ling do to save Sunday?"
"Good" can invite a taxi with Lan Xin and say the direction and the taxi will drive towards the building of Long Ze County Resources Co., Ltd.
In the interrogation room of Long Ze county police station, I sat there leisurely on Sunday with my legs crossed and looked at the interrogation room curiously.
Suddenly, the door of the interrogation room was pushed in by three policemen, one of whom was Min Wen, the other two were young policemen with a pen and a record in their hands, and the other was a middle-aged policeman over forty, who seemed to be on the same level as Min Wen.
The middle-aged policeman walked into the interrogation room and saw Sunday leisurely stretching his legs. Hehe smiled. "Yo, the young man is still relatively calm. Now there are not many young people who are so calm and cultivated."
The three of them sat in a good position and the middle-aged policeman continued to say, "First, introduce me as Wu Hao, the vice captain of the criminal investigation brigade. This young man’s name is Hao Ping, the new intern captain Min, so I don’t want to introduce you. I believe you have dealt with each other several times."
Sunday’s heart didn’t expect that Wu Hao would not tell him the policy and tell him to confess, but introduce it first. He smiled and said, "Nice to meet the three leaders."
Wu Hao laughed. "But we are not happy to meet you. Let’s get back to the point. I think you know the national policy. I hope you can tell me what you know in detail."
Sunday nodded and said, "I know I’ll say it in detail and I’ll never hide it."
Min Wen beside didn’t good the spirit cold hum "serious don’t give me smirked"
"Yes, I’m serious and not smirking." Sit upright on Sunday. "It should be serious enough. Ask me if you have any questions."
"You" Min Wen played around on Sunday for no reason. I was angry and just wanted to send Wu Hao to stop Min Wen’s anger. "Old Min, let’s calm down. We don’t want to mess up first."
"Hum" Min Wen sat on the edge and didn’t talk bitterly.
Wu Hao smiled. "What’s your name, young man? What is your occupation? Where do you live? Are you from Long Ze County? "
Sunday said simply, "I don’t know if my name is Sunday, but I can’t be from Long Ze County. It’s my first time to come to Long Ze County."
Wu Hao said, "Oh, the young man is dishonest, but it’s not the core issue. I won’t pursue Zhou Tian. Do you know Jiang Ling?"
"I don’t know each other once."