Ling Lan flew a thousand times to see that she was going to undress and get upset. She quickly turned away and roared, "Demon girl, you are so ashamed of you in broad daylight …"

If Rong sees Linglan Qianfei, don’t turn away from her face and reveal a sneer. That’s what she wants. Take out the waist lux whip and wave it at Linglan Qianfei. It will hit her in the face, but it will be warned later.
"Young master, be careful!"
It turned out that the pursuer of Linglan aristocratic family arrived at Linglan Qianfei, but only when he was warned, did he narrowly avoid the fire whip, but his arm was not injured by the tip of the whip.
Linglan Qianfei roared, "The witch unexpectedly attacked me."
If melt jiao laughs "yo, how can you blame me? You don’t see clearly. "
Although the melting surface is still smiling at this time, my heart has been falling, and I have been seriously injured. It’s enough for me to fly a thousand times, but now I’m chasing dozens of people, and I don’t know what the moon soul is like now. A song like smoke can’t beat it. When those old guys come out, there will be a dead end …
Sixty, double bucket
Ling Lan Qian Fei glared at Rong Ruo at this time as if she were about to tear her to pieces at once.
Rong Ruojiao laughed. "Yo, it looks like I’m going to eat the nu house."
Linglan Qianfei glared at Rong Ruo, saying, "I’m going to kill you, you syren. Look at my pure Yang method."
Linglan Qianfei shoots a streamer with his hands, and then the streamer turns into a flame, which looks like it can swallow everything. The flame is fierce and flies towards melting.
If melt face a heavy way, "you have your spirit orchid family tao is Yang method? Joke: I’ll let you know what a real fire is. "
If you melt your hands and change your hands, you can decide that the lux whip leaves your hands, and a fire ball from a fire dragon flies to Linglan Qianfei. The fire balls of the fire dragon collide with each other and fight with each other. No one wants to retreat and give up.
At this time, if the melt was already a spent force, she was injured. At this time, it was already oil near the lamp and barely supported it for a while. After a while, the fire dragon poured blood into the exit and lost its mana support to change back to lux whip and return to the hands of the melt.
Linglan Qianfei pure Yang dazed method fireball lost the fire dragon resistance, and dozens of small fireballs surrounded Rongruo.
Linglan swooped down and said, "I won’t kill you if you tell me you came to my Linglan family and who sent you."
If melting sneer at a way "don’t kill me? Hum! If I hadn’t been hurt by your mother first, I’m afraid it would be me now. If you want to kill, kill so much nonsense. "
Linglan Qianfei sneered, "I won’t kill you if I want to die. Arrest her for me."
Dozens of brothers from Linglan family come together to surround Rongruo. If you know that Linglan Qianfei is trying to capture your stubbornness alive, it will not make you feel better even if you die.
If you close your eyes and rush the true qi, when the true qi ends the riot, you suddenly open your eyes and she actually sucks all the fireballs around her into your mouth. This move surprised Linglan Qianfei. I didn’t expect that the fireball formed by the pure Yang method was swallowed by the woman in front of me.
When Linglan Qianfei was surprised, if the melt spit out a lux bead from his mouth, Linglan Qianfei immediately shouted "All Flash" when he saw the bead again.
But it’s still too late to melt. If you spit out the lux bead, it is suspended one inch away from the melting mouth. If you breathe a sigh at the bead, there will be a flame that is tens of feet long from the bead and rotates around her center. The flame from the lux bead is like drawing a circle.
There are a lot of people around you who dodge. Don’t touch the Martians. The people’s department was burned and passed away, leaving nothing behind.
Linglan Qianfei gnashed her teeth and said, "It really is a witch who even has Dan. It seems that I can’t leave you alone. Today I will die except for your evil harm."
At this time, Dan Xiangbo was so sweaty and pale, but he still smiled and laughed. "A few days ago, someone said that you look good with me. At that time, I said that Linglan Qianfei was a guy who knew how to cut demons and remove demons. The outside world was exaggerating to him. It was as I expected when I saw him today."
Linglan Qianfei said, "The witch doesn’t know what to say. Today I will kill the people."
With that, Linglan Qianfei released a flying sword to pester Rong Ruodan, while others released a flying sword to stab Rong Ruo.
If Dan is entangled in Linglan Qianfei at this time, he has no strength. It is not easy to support floating in the half. Now it is acceptable to see that there are more than a dozen flying swords flying towards him.
Melting in the direction of Linglan family wry smile way "I didn’t expect it to bring trouble to you. If we can meet each other in the afterlife, we will bake you a generation of meat and cook a generation of meals to pay off your debts." Say that finish, melting will close my eyes and wait for this moment when death comes. She has a deep guilt for not having any fear of death.
Just when more than a dozen flying swords were about to stab Rongruo, a strong breeze changed the direction of all the swords, but they were all returned to the chest.
Ling Lan Qian Fei took back the flying sword and looked at Rong Re. A man in black appeared in front of him.
If you open your eyes and find that you are not dead, look forward and say with joy, "Brother!"
The man in black didn’t look back but said, "All right, take Dan back first."
Rong Ruoyi took Dan back and glared at Linglan Qianfei next to the men in black. "Brother helped me kill this guy."
Men in black didn’t speak, but there was a sound.
"The girl tone is not too big? I, the young master of Linglan family, did you kill me if you said so? "
Three old men appeared around and surrounded the men in black and Rongruo.
Linglan Qianfei immediately saluted the threesome and said, "Qianfei visits three uncles."
The three old men didn’t speak. They nodded to Linglan Qianfei, and Linglan Qianfei called these three uncles. Because these three people are Linglan City’s eldest brother, Linglan South, second brother, Linglan Sea and third brother, Linglan River.
Ling Lannan sink a way: "What’s wrong with this friend? It is better to let us know each other. "