"Do you want it now, sir?" The housekeeper listened and panicked.

Judging from the eye condition, it is not suitable for hands-on, and according to their plan, Chu Fei is far away before implementing the plan.
"Chu Fei is leaving far away" Muyu sounded heavy "We have no chance"
In the afternoon, when he went to beg Song Anqiao, he saw that Chu Fei was packing his bags, even though he had given them to his assistant Zhuo Wen.
"But … but what about young master?" Butler hesitated for a moment uneasy way
Wood feather face a cold briefly thinking "you send two people to send him to the Baihua Garden overnight tonight. Don’t be quiet."
Chapter 463 Have a dependence on her
The housekeeper nodded and went away.
Wood feather in situ paused for a long time before he slowly walked to the rose garden.
The wind is cool at night.
Surrounded by the rich fragrance of roses, the moonlight is full of roses, which is even more strange.
Muyu quietly flashed a fried flame in front of the eyes looking at the clumps of roses as cold as ice.
On that day, he went to the apartment to find Liang Zheng for the first time when he took the cruise ship, but when he arrived, Liang Zheng had saved Shi Youshi and fled, and Chu Fei was far behind them.
He is not very good at driving, but he is not bad. When he followed one car after another to catch up with Liang Zheng, the road car broke down.
When he stopped the car and rushed to the scene, he saw the car burning after it exploded.
The fire burned out.
He almost fell to his knees in front of the burnt-out car, and there was nothing left. He found Liang Zheng’s ring in the ashes.
Those are a pair of wedding rings.
Liang Zheng Shi Youshu
He brought all the ashes back here and buried them in this rose garden. He remembered that his young master liked roses, especially roses as red as blood.
"Young master, the left wing has come to worship you." Muyu’s accent is cold. "Have you regretted it for so many years? Master left regrets that she didn’t stop you from falling in love with Miss Shi. "
If they don’t love each other, the youngest master of Liang’s family will still be alive today, right?
It’s a pity that fate has reincarnated his little master and he will never live.
"Master, shall I let them bury you?"
Cold audio-visual is a gust of wind blowing up a large area of roses, and the bright red color of roses permeates people’s eyes.
Song anqiao packed her luggage in the vip suite on the top floor of the hotel. She patted the box and looked satisfied.
Little rice cakes are pulling their children’s luggage "Mom, little rice cakes are ready"
Song anqiao smiled a little. Her daughter is really sensible. She packed her bags by herself. She lowered her eyes and stroked her fingers to her lower abdomen. Oh, if only there were another child here.
Chu Feiyuan strode in a slim dark suit, handsome and charming. He stretched out his hand and pulled through his suitcase, with a deep feeling in his eyes, "Let’s go, my beautiful wife and lovely daughter."
Song anqiao looked at him and smiled sweetly, "Good Mr. Handsome."
A family of three restaurants.
Zhuo Wen and two bodyguards were waiting outside to see Chu Fei far, and they immediately got out of the car.
A luxury car suddenly came to the hotel street and stopped in front of them.
"Mrs Chu"
The wooden feather car looked anxious and flustered, and ran to Song Anqiao in two or three steps, and Chufei blocked the wooden feather from approaching.
"Mrs. Chu forgot that she was suddenly ill, and he kept calling you again. Can you go and see him …" Muyu’s voice broke.
Song anqiao’s face was stunned. "Did you forget to be sick?" She was fine from last night.
"High fever" MuYu voice impatient "after you left last night, he has been having a high fever in the middle of the night and is still crying"
Chu Feiyuan listened to the cold face. "I’m sorry my wife can’t go."
Section 31
As he spoke, he pulled Song Anqiao’s car.
Song anqiao subconsciously earned a sound in the future. "Do you have to go and see?"
She knows that no mother has forgotten that after these two days, she seems to have a dependence on her.
"Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu, I beg you," Muyu pleaded. "I forgot to have feelings for strangers for the first time. Mrs. Chu, will you go and see my son?"
"Not far …" Song Anqiao looked at Chu Fei far pathetically.
ChuFei far facial features tight sipping his thin lips without saying a word.
"Mr. Chu, go and see my son. I’m willing to give you the manor," Muyu said heartily.
Zhuowen listened and looked at Muyu dumbfounded. This man killed his own child at all costs.
ChuFei far heavy eyes thin lips a lift cold way "to the manor"
He is not interested in Muyu Manor, but the woman around him pinched his arm. If he doesn’t agree, he will cry.
Probably because she wants to have another child, Chu Feiyuan feels a little indebted to Song Anqiao.
What’s the debt? Zhao Shi’s premature birth has affected him, so he really doesn’t want another one.
Muyu was grateful and kept saying thank you
Chu Fei was so upset that the driver got out of the car.
Arrive outside the manor
Song anqiao’s car is about to enter the manor. Chufei is far away and grabs her and looks at her wrist watch for "half an hour"
Song Anqiao was dazed. "Okay, I’ll watch him get out after taking an injection and taking medicine."
"Thank you so much, Mr. Chu," Muyu thanked again.
ChuFei far looked at his face without any expression.
Muyu bowed deeply and then went into the manor and went to the children’s room.
Song Anqiao worried about forgetting his footsteps and rushing into the children’s room "forgetting …"
Her eyes were sluggish for a while, and there was no one in the children’s room. She felt uneasy and turned to go. Muyu stopped the towel in her hand and directly covered Song Anqiao’s nose and mouth.
"Well …"
Song anqiao panicked and struggled
Muyu clung to her desperately struggling body. Song Anqiao gradually forced her brain to be chaotic in his arms and blacked out at the moment.