Later, he felt that he should plot a love.

In the city, although Yin Yinhai is Yin Ningluo’s father, he has a close relationship with Junling in private. He appreciates Junling very much. This child knows Yin Ningluo’s life experience. Yin Yinhai made an objective evaluation of Junling’s feelings with his daughter. He said, "In love, people believe that if they love her, he will let her get the happiness they want. In fact, that’s just a self-deception statement. If he or she likes people and likes him, Can she and they still say that? Jun Ling, I don’t need to tell you how you feel about Ning Er. Do you think Ning Er doesn’t like you? The longer you go, the deeper your feelings will get. I don’t believe that you can really let go. I know that Ning Er’s memory is the reason why you have been wronged by your feelings, but you should remember that Ning Er not only has all the memories of three years ago, but she also has been with you for three years. I believe my daughter who she loves. She knows in her heart that you can’t deny Guan Yang’s presence. Even if one day Ning Er remembers who she is,
Later, Jun Ling asked Yin Yinhai to help him hide his whereabouts. After he had planned all this, he returned to Yin Ningluo. Although there was no way to appear in front of Yin Ningluo at the moment, he knew all her movements in B city and silently escorted Monica behind her. He knew what the woman’s specific temporary change plan was, but Jun Ling didn’t know, so he chose to appear at this time.
If Yin Ningluo can successfully sign the contract on her own, he will naturally stay out of it. When she grows up again in the business world, she is afraid that Monica will be secretive. If it is necessary, Junling will personally come forward to prevent it.
Of course, Jun Ling won’t tell Yin Ning’s smiling black eyes flashed a sly slender forefinger against Yin Ning’s lips, and a secret answered her question. Holding Yin Ning’s waist in her arm, she tasikmalaya picked her up and ran all the way into the main house against the breeze.
"Jun Ling, I’ll take you home to meet my parents." Jun Ling suddenly said this when she was holding Yin Ningluo from behind to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden.
At this time, the woman has faded away from a professional dress, and the long skirt is beautiful and moving.
She turned around and hugged Jun Ling’s neck with a serious look. "Come with me to Xishan Villa to meet them. I want to tell my father and mother that my lover is you and I want to be with you in my life." Yin Ning’s eyes fell to her left hand and she said, "Although we have been engaged in the city, that’s Yin Ning’s identity. Now I want to introduce you to my family as Zhang Yuxi."
"You’ve regained your memory." Jun Ling stretched out his hand and lifted her cheek and found that she was so sure.
Yin Ning’s eyes looked at him with a faint smile on his lips, and his palm fitted his face. "Not yet. Love you is the truest feeling memory in my heart. Promise me to go back with me."
Jun Ling hugged Yin Ning’s body and looked at each other affectionately. He kissed her, and his forehead touched together, and his voice sounded "good".
Time flies, I would like to give you the most sincere love.
People’s feelings are always so early in life that they can never accept betrayal.
When Yin Ningluo and Jun Ling both appeared in Xishan Villa, the most unacceptable person was Guan Ya.
A room in the living room was silent because of Yin Ning’s emotional destination. Zhang Xiaotian was ready, but because of all this, some words were too sudden to know.
Wine red leather sofa Yin Ningluo sat side by side with Jun Ling. The female eyes were clear and the line of sight passed by everyone.
Father, mother, eldest brother, sister-in-law and sister-in-law Zhang standing alone behind the plant landscaping platform
She found that everyone’s face was calm and calm, but when Yin Ning smiled at Zhang Sister-in-law, she found that her response was much more difficult than she thought.
Since Yin Ning announced that she would formally associate with Jun Ling, Guan Ya’s cold eyes have been stationed in Yin Ning’s body. In her sight, Jun Ling sat side by side with Zhang Yuxi. The man’s eyes have been lingering in Zhang Yuxi’s body, and his smiles are especially cherished. If she is nervous, he will hold her hand to appease and cherish all this. How ironic, she thought.
Perhaps his wife’s hostility was too obvious. Zhang Yuchen ignored it and directly pressed her shoulder to signal her to converge.
Mother, who has always been gentle, seems to have an opinion of Junling. She waved to her daughter, "Rain sunrise, sit on my mother’s side."
Yin Ning collaterals show that the atmosphere is a little awkward. She took a look at Jun Ling beside her. They seem to have a tacit understanding. Jun Ling’s smile gave her a sense of peace.
After the position change, Zhang Xiaotian finally said, "Jun Ling, come to my room with me. I have something to say to you."
When Junling got up with Zhang Xiaotian, she sat beside her mother. Yin Ning was a little impatient, but her hand was tightly held by her mother.
When passing by because of coagulation, my daughter’s worries fell into Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes. Zhang Xiaotian’s fine eyes flashed a smile and went upstairs.
Wait until Jun Ling goes in with Zhang Xiaotian, and Fang Lin is like getting up and holding her daughter’s hand. "Rain sunrise, you also come to the room with mom."
In the living room, it is convenient for Zhang Yuchen to talk to Guan Ya. Guan Ya earned Zhang Yuchen’s hand and angered, "Don’t touch me."
She feels that everything she does in this family now seems to be deliberately hidden from her.
Sister-in-law Zhang saw that the couple had something to say, so she withdrew automatically.
Zhang Yuchen said, "Have you forgotten what I said to you that night? Even though you are complaining in the eldest brother’s life, the eldest brother can no longer be with the rain sunrise. They will do it themselves, so don’t worry about it."
Because Li Jihe and Guan Han have been indefensible in Guanya, she looked at Zhang Yuchen quietly and seriously. "I don’t know what you mean, but my brother always loves Yu Xi. I saw it in my eyes. When I saw Yu Xi bringing Jun Ling, there was a fire in my heart. I couldn’t control myself. I felt sorry for my brother. In fact, he never loved Li Jihe. None of you understood her. Even Zhang Yuxi couldn’t be with my husband. I didn’t expect you to be with me. So Guan Ya got up from the sofa and left you."
Zhang Yuchen looked at his wife angrily and closed his eyes silently. Emotional things have never been right or wrong. No one wants Guan Yang to be separated from Zhang Yuxi. But the reality has changed as early as three years ago, hasn’t it? Zhang Yuxi was the simplest person in this family. I didn’t expect that the simplest person turned out to be Guan Ya.
She never knew that it was cruel to anyone to stick to an emotional theory that could not be resurrected.
How can love be restored to its original appearance even if it is redemption?
At this time, Lin seems to be asking her daughter’s emotional affiliation in the room.
Lin looked at her daughter with a soft mind and seemed to be watching Guan Yang. She always thought Guan Yang was a good boy, but she still hoped that Yu Xi would finally be able to get together with Guan Yang.
Mother and daughter face to face, Lin is like watching her daughter still smile gently.
"Mother, do you have anything to ask?" Yin Ning collaterals mouth.
Lin is like putting her hand in the palm of Yin Ning’s hand before I walk to Yin Ning’s palm. I spread Yin Ning’s palm with my other hand and walked slowly along the palm lines of Yin Ning’s palm. Lin is like saying, "Mom was in poor health when you were a child, and you were often ill and afraid of the cold. We didn’t dare to give you cold food every time. Later, when you grew up, you didn’t let us worry about never eating cold drinks or touching cold things. However, once after marriage, poetry Ning was naughty and fell into the swimming pool on a cold day to save her and jumped into the cold swimming pool. This You have been pregnant for many years, and you know that you are afraid of getting Yang Er divorced from him, but Yang Er won’t agree to anything, saying that if you are pregnant all your life, you will be his daughter, and he will love your generation. Lin just looks up at her daughter with a faint tear in her eyes, but still smiles. You are surprised that I know so clearly, right? Because you told me all this, I remember the day when you told me about it, and you were very sad to cry. You told me that you loved him very much and wanted to give her one. The whole family Yuxi’s mother said these things to you because she didn’t want you to let you regret it and decided that mom knew that Junling was good to you and you were very dependent on him, but if one day you remembered the past, you would find that your love today was the wound of another day. "
Mother’s words made Yin Ningluo heartache, and all soft words became a condemnation of her.
"All my love is a burden to Junling. If I continue to love him, I will be hurting him. Is that what you mean?" Yin Ningluo asked Lin, just like tears have rolled down in her clear eyes. It’s so painful to have an incomprehensible feeling. Its appearance evoked all Yin Ningluo’s bad temper. She became irritable. "Everyone looks at the surface and loves me. Your poor official thinks that I have wronged him. Oh, no, maybe it’s because I have no memory."
A floor away, Junling and Zhang Xiaotian sat in a group of Huang Mu sofas and put this set of tea sets in a few minutes. Zhang Xiaotian scalded them and then re-injected hot water to make tea leisurely.
Junling was a guest, so Zhang Xiaotian handed him the first cup of brewed tea to drink.
"Taste the aged Pu ‘er"
Jun Ling took a sip of the teacup and tasted mellow after it was light.
Zhang Xiaotian said that tea is like seeing the truth in life. I met you seven years ago. You were just a friend who met Yu Xi by chance, but I didn’t expect that from then on, you were deeply blessed with her. Yu Xi met you as her husband and wife and her doom.
Zhang Xiaotian didn’t mean any jokes when he said these words.
Once he put his daughter in the hands of the official, holding every father’s hope that his daughter would meet the right person, and that person would cherish her life.
Guan Yang loves her very much, but this person is very conceptual and bears too many responsibilities. These responsibilities come from his family, his parents and his dedication, and all this needs Zhang Yuxi’s understanding and silent support behind him. As the saying goes, a hero is tired and a beautiful woman has a long journey and a daughter.