Old Liang Taitai’s handwritten letter blurted out in alarm.

Yes, Xiao Yao’s voice is full of pride. You can’t think of it. Liang Guotai has been quietly preparing for the restoration of the country under the protection of the old princes and ministers for ten years. Qin has also been secretly giving them this sudden attack on righteousness. The wind is not a fluke, but a decade of painstaking planning and making all the preparations. Before that, both of us have been in contact. I promised him that Liang Jun would take advantage of it one day later, and I will fight for salt, tea and wealth in the southern counties of Jeju. Plus, you, the emperor hit my hand, and I can make princes and kings rely on heaven. In the name of the decree, the people of Heaven and Chu are diligent and rebellious, even if Xiao Yi is a wizard, but suddenly there are not enough troops in other parts of the capital, your will will put the troops in a dilemma. At this time, we will let the old Liang people take the lead. They will be defeated, and Xiao Yi will be weakened. We will rule the country in the south. If Liang Guo wins, we will divide the country equally and divide the north and the south.
He gloated and said, but if he could bear it, he finally could not help but drink and shut up.
This binge drinking turned out to be his every effort, every feeling, every grief, anger, pain, irritation and disdain, which made Xiao Yao shocked and gushed, and he couldn’t say it anymore.
How can you do this if the sound in the dark is full of pain? How can you do this? What do you think of the country? What do you think of this big Chu State as? Just divide it up and give it to others as a favor. Liang Guoren took the lead. How many cities are you willing to cede and how many people are in your heart? What do you want to let the flames of war ruin their peaceful life? You kill the woman who loves you the most. You hurt and treat your friends well. You are flesh and blood. You don’t hesitate to sell your country.
You just shut up. Xiao Yao roared with rage. What do you know? What do you know? You are a tyrant who was born in a deep palace and grew up in a cruel woman’s hands. What qualifications do you have for me? You are now a Buddha. Now you pretend to be righteous. You know what benevolence and righteousness are. I have helped others. I have saved others. I don’t care about personal gains and losses. I will offend others and benefit others. But what have I got in the DPRK? The people also say that I am an absurd sovereign.
If you say that helping people save lives is not what you get, let others praise you and let others give you their strength.
I used to be so naive. I used to sneer at everyone while others were fighting for profits. I woke up alone. In fact, I have nothing to do with everything. Why should I laugh at princes and princes? Why should I dare to offend courtiers casually? Sima Yunniang gave up everything, but what did I get? What did I get?
Xiao Yaoyin went crazy. I abandoned wealth. She sold her property. We were anonymous and wanted to find a paradise to accompany us all our lives. But in this world, if there were no Taoyuan people, people would argue, and people would bully, bully, steal and kidnap. I can recite poems and draw pictures. She can play the piano and blow the flute. Our happy days together passed quickly. I didn’t bring anything. Although her father’s property is a talented woman, she didn’t know how to fight for her property. The business field was cheated to nothing. Do you know what it’s like to be rushed from home? Do you know what it’s like to have your favorite piano and your most precious painting taken away and sold? Do you know what it’s like to have enough to eat? Do you know what it’s like to be coldly watched everywhere? You don’t know anything. Even if you leave the palace and enter the people, you can always adjust the government’s strength with a few silver tickets. Who dares to be rude to you? But I don’t even have a guard. My mother gave up the throne, but I gave up and gave back my dignity. I’m proud that everything was practiced. Being despised by people, being driven around by cynicism, even street vendors and pawns dare to look down on me, scold me for being a loser, and say that I have no money to eat or stay in a hotel. They force me to wash dishes and clean tables, and they give me dogs that don’t eat food. Do you know that?
If the heart is sorrowful and knows that he really suffered in that long people’s years,
When he was a sovereign, he threw away his wealth, drank music and played the wind, which was free and easy, not a sovereign. Where did he get the money to drink and have fun and let the beauty surround him from now on?
Master Qian is tired of living that luxurious life. Take a walk in the countryside and have a look. It’s fun, but let his generation be afraid that he will be killed in the countryside.
It’s fun for the emperor to visit privately when he has nothing to do, but it’s more painful than death to make him be bullied and neglected all his life.
It is easy to love for a while, regardless of suffering, but it is difficult to love for a long time, regardless of poverty and hardship.
When Sima Yunniang knelt in the ancestral temple, Xiao Yao was sincere. Sima Yunniang abandoned Wang Jue Xiao Yao with one heart and one mind. He was determined to be a king. He grew up in a beautiful garden and suffered no matter how much, it was just Xiao Yi who scolded a famous prostitute for a while and left the real people in a difficult life. The sad fate of ordinary people made this Wang Shenren stand it again.
Years of anger and deep pain made him hate to death, made him once live to love his daughter, and made him hate the heaven and man. Sima Yunniang got into trouble with him, and the damn heaven and man treated him badly. He could also set off a storm and let the war burn all over the sky without blinking an eye.
But what does he do? He has suffered, so he will double everything on heaven and man.
Xiao Yao is still laughing at you. You will never understand how I struggled to live. How did I abandon my dignity and hide my pride? How did I know how to hint without trace to let people find out that I am the king, let people know how to cherish me and raise me? How did I know that the blood of the royal family is precious? Even if it is removed from the gold book, others will not dare to despise how to gain my identity and achieve my goal. I swear that I will never let myself become someone else’s feet and mud again, and I will never let life be controlled by others.
How do you know that I’m not white, you’re bitter, you’re wrong, and you’re hungry? I’ve tasted others’ indifference and ridicule. I won’t be ashamed because I’m going to wash dishes and clean tables. I’ll earn my own money to support my wife. I don’t have to be ashamed where I can lose face. I know that many people in this world are too poor and love the rich, and many people are bullying without background and dependence, but the same people are willing to help others. People are willing to give their hearts to everyone privately. Who can live and who can never be bullied and who can never be bullied
Ridiculous. How can you be hungry? How can you be popular? You are not white. I’m in a mood. Don’t tell such lies that can’t fool people.
Two people, one person said that they were all emotional and yelled.
Both of them screamed at the top of their lungs and gasped vigorously, trying to see each other’s expressions in the dark with their eyes open.
If you finally sink into the tunnel in this thick darkness, second brother, I have thought that you have suffered a lot outside these years. I have wondered if you can still love your second sister-in-law as freely as you did when I first saw you in the moonlight lake. You don’t know how much I envy you and heard your story. I respect you even more. You know that I treat me like a normal person. I am really glad that my brother like you died later. I am suspicious of you and find your four-in-one behavior again. I am afraid that I will come to you out of control. I can’t bear to pick my suspicions when arguing, but I still have a glimmer of hope. I always hope that I am wrong, but I am suspicious. Until the moment before you took the property from Xie Jia, I still hope that this is all because I guessed wrong about my second brother. Do you know that the last time I saw my sister-in-law, she also said that she would never regret meeting you in her life?
You don’t want her anymore. I wouldn’t suffer so much if it wasn’t for this woman. She’s just a stupid woman. Xiao Yao is indifferent to the extreme. The audio and video are talking about an irrelevant person coming. I abandoned half of my land and salary, but she won’t live a good life. I won’t be like this. I’m still the king of poetry, wine and laughter, but she insisted on her poems. She painted her piano. She threw it away. All this forced me to give up the throne and everything to live like a pig and dog with her.
If you clench your fist and control the impulse to pounce and beat hard, bite your teeth every word, saying that what my sister-in-law did in those days strengthened her heart. She didn’t force you to go with her. It’s your choice. How can you blame her for turning back? This is the last time I advise you.
Do I still have a chance to turn back? I Liang Jun secretly linked Liang Jun. If the letter fell into Xiao Yi’s hands, would I live my life? I achieved my goal. I made all kinds of promises to Jeju’s rich people and many martial arts experts. They couldn’t fulfill their promises. Will they let me go? I just arrived in Xiaoyuan. Liu Qingyang has honestly talked about it and seen the former Liang Taixin. The current situation has finally promised to be on our side. When you were here this evening and I was talking, Liu Qingyang has called all the solid brothers of Cangdao League in Jeju City. After three days’ visit, the troops from all the southern counties will come here under the leadership of their commanders. We will meet them. Those commanders are brothers of Cangdao League, so it will be easier to bring people here. If they are not brothers of Cangdao League, then accidents will definitely happen. Finally, Cangdao League people will master the soldiers’ bloody knives. Can they return to their sheaths without killing people?
If you take a gasp and feel cold in your chest, I will stop you
Why should I be stopped by your escort, who even has some difficulties in bed, or by your root method, which has just taken over? Xiao Yao’s tone is extremely sarcastic.
If you blurt out in your heart that you did the murder in Riyuetang.
Xiao Yao smiled appreciatively. It’s good that you are very clever. Riyuetang’s business is big and deadly. For many years, the younger brother who runs the killer business has not only high martial arts but also many eyes and ears. Plus, Jeju City’s underworld business is 100% in its hands. Of course, I want to leave Riyuetang. Unfortunately, if I leave it, I can’t catch his weakness. If I leave it, I don’t understand his true meaning, but he can’t default on his identity. I have already arranged that over the years, the master has also entered the month to compete and The experts killed each other, attacked the threatening experts and assassinated us. Of course, the biggest goal of killing Cheng Chengyu was to seize the Moon Road. Although I have drawn many experts from the Moon Road, they have never stopped mastering the Moon Road. Cheng Chengyu first let him die in Riyuetang and Liu Qingyang’s peerless martial arts, which not only caused more chaos, but also caused no doubt that it was a dispute between the Moon Road Department and the mourning hall that day. If Cheng Chengyu left several younger brothers after the assassination failed, it would be even more important if you executed him and I finished mastering the Moon Road power. It’s a pity that you actually let people go back to Yuedao and provoked Cheng Chengyu to send people around to mess with me. It took a lot of effort to suppress it. Although the Yuedao palm has expressed loyalty to me, Yuedao’s strength has indeed lost more than half because of this struggle.