"Only he can help you resolve the dark forces of your body. When you find him, give him this letter and he will naturally help you." Then he handed the letter to Xu Shao.

"Good" Xu Shao took the letter and walked to Lin Lin. "You will be lonely when I leave Lin Lin, and I promise you will come back to see you soon." Then Xu Shao picked the tear star and put it on Lin Lin’s neck. At this moment, a miracle happened. The tear star seemed to sense something and suddenly shone brightly and enveloped the whole hall.
"How did this happen?" Xu Shao was obviously stunned by everything in front of him and watched it all happen.
"Tears Star" recognized the tears star for the second time, staring at the light source intensely.
The light lasted for a moment and soon disappeared, but Lin Lin’s face suddenly changed, her cheeks flushed and her body was covered with blood. Se looked like a goddess when she was shrouded in a faint white light.
Wait until all this is over, and then go to the front of Lin Lin to check the situation after the change.
"She has a temperature and her blood is flowing, but her heartbeat is weak, but she can feel it, but now she doesn’t seem to be breathing," said the second surprise.
"How did this happen?" Xu Shao was ecstatic and held Lin Lin’s hand tightly.
"I’ll check her face first. You wait for my news outside." Second, let the two of them go out to Lin Lin and check it carefully.
Xu Shao waited anxiously outside the door for three hours, and the second one finally walked out of the door.
"How is the second teacher?" The second just came out, and Xu Shao rushed with a quick step.
"Strange, it’s really strange." Second, constantly shaking his head annoyed Xu Shao.
"What happened?" Xin also anxiously asked
"I don’t know what she is no different from normal people, but she still hasn’t woken up. I must study it well." The second one touched his goatee and said.
Xu Shao and Xin are puzzled to see the second one, but they dare not interrupt and wait so quietly. This may be the biggest suffering in the world.
"What happened to the second teacher?" Xu Shao finally beyond recognition anxiously asked
"That is to say, she is alive now, but she doesn’t know what and can’t wake up." The second light said.
"How did this happen?" Xu Shao patted him on the shoulder with a face of frustration.
The second silence for a moment and said, "You should go to work first, especially Xu Shao. You should find Wuling Tianyu Yulin as soon as possible, and I will help you take care of her. Maybe she will be awake when you come back to see her."
"But …" Xu Shao wanted to say something but was stopped by Xin.
"Xu Shao, if you don’t suppress your physical strength as soon as possible, you may lose Lin Lin forever." Xin’s eyes showed pity, sympathy and longing
"Good" Xu Shao finally compromised and reluctantly looked at Lin Lin.
"Xu Shao’s road to the celestial gate is not good. You should be careful all the way." Xin said lightly.
"Aren’t you going with him?" The second asked
"I must go back to Riesman first to settle Ximenyue and then report the situation here. If we are lucky, we will meet in heaven." There was a bright smile, but Ximenyue outside the door couldn’t laugh.
"Xu Shao, you come here" the second stopped and prepared to leave Xu Shao.
Xu Shao went to the second front and looked at the face quietly. Second, "Is there anything else for the second teacher?"
"Give me your hand." The second held out his right hand.
Xu Shao also obediently held out his right hand, but he still looked confused. At the moment when his hands touched, Xu Shao suddenly felt a strange force wandering around his body. Although it was not very painful, it made his chest feel oppressed and uncomfortable.
"Wow" A moment later, Xu Shao finally couldn’t support the blood leaving his mouth.
"Well, I’ve temporarily sealed off your dark power. I don’t think you’ll be crazy for the time being, but your power will be limited. You can give half of your usual power. If you force the Ministry, you may be crazy. I really don’t know what will happen then," said the second.
"Okay, I remember." Xu Shao just felt relieved when he was liberated, but he always felt that there was a force in his chest that suppressed him and made him dare to feel uncomfortable.
The next day, Xu Shao said goodbye to the second, Xin and Simon and came to Lin Lin’s room.
"Lin Lin, it’s time for me to go. You should wake up when I come back, or I will be angry." Xu Shao smiled gently on Lin Lin’s forehead and disappeared in Divac.
"Meng Chong, today is the day you die" is still staying in the magic star Meng Chong, and now it is facing an unprecedented enemy. At this time, the blood bat, the phantom honour person and many of their hands have completely surrounded Meng Chong, a squadron of the Guards.
"Cough cough with you?" Meng Chong has a tired face. It seems that the fighting has been going on for a long time.
"Meng Chong deserves to be the first general to fight for three days and still be here. I admire you very much, but you must die." A man suddenly appeared in the encirclement.
Newcomers dressed in a blue Se armor hand that a crystal sword is Lucy Tian hand first general tsing lung at this moment he is watching Meng Chong every move waiting for the best opportunity to attack.