"It’s because I just thought of the external lingqi that I hammered it, not because it wasn’t this lingqi, but because I sacrificed and refined it again." Grain Rain then explained.

At this moment, Xiang Ye finally understood why he wanted to come to Grain Rain. The excitement was not because he found Yang Jingjin, but because this heavenly hammer of science inspired him to perfect the dragon magic clock. It turned out that although he knew how to externally install it, he was not sure about what kind of offensive weapon to externally install. Now he can directly finalize this hammer type.
"Haha, it’s really good luck. The hammer spirit can not only beat the dragon magic bell to increase the attack range of soul force, but also attack the enemy. It’s really good for killing two birds with one stone." Grain Rain then said to Xiang Ye.
When I heard this, Xiang Ye was also in awe of Grain Rain. I could have thought of improving the Dragon Magic Bell so much. After this improvement, the power of the Dragon Magic Bell will increase a lot. Take out a hammer and hit it on the bell body, so that others can recognize it as an auxiliary part, so that they can take advantage of the enemy’s inattention and suddenly attack.
"Well, it is necessary to get the theory of earthworm demon spirit." Xiang Ye’s mind was already decided at this moment.
Think about it again. It’s been almost a month since I came back from Xiluo. Calculate that the auction date of Xiao auction house in Ji ‘an Town should have arrived. When I was in Xiluo, Uncle Xiao Yunling told him that the auction was coming in a month, but the specific day Xiang Ye had forgotten. After all, he still owed Xiao Yunling a favor. This time, I just went to Xiao’s house to greet Xiao Yunling and inquire about the upcoming auction date.
"Teacher, I have inquired about the Xiao auction house’s upcoming auction of a dragon demon spirit, and then I will collect the last piece of material, which is the dragon magic clock sacrifice and preparation for the end of the year." Xiang Ye said at this moment.
"Well, I have a stone for you. No matter what the price is, you have to get the earthworm demon spirit. Even if you rob it, you won’t have me there. Now I’m looking forward to the appearance of the new dragon magic clock." Grain Rain said with that, he threw over a dry Kun ring.
Ye Xiangbin didn’t refuse to take it, because he knew that there would be many forces who wanted to get enough wealth. Now is not the time to be conceited.
Soul force into the dry Kun ring Xiang Ye suddenly chattered tongue inside a large number of LingShi see his head is a little dizzy "teacher … isn’t it a bit much …"
"Not much, this thing has no place for me, so you can take it," said Grain Rain, who didn’t care at this moment
Ye Xiang Hao Nai accepted, by the way, and Grain Rain left after he arrived at an individual. Now he is going back to his residence to see several people for a minute.
When he came to the courtyard, Luoyexiang found himself in Grain Rain’s place. It was as faint as if something had happened here. He felt as if there were no students around their room before. At this time, he was confused and entered the room.
It happened that several people were in their original room when the blood wolf was sitting in the middle chair in a bold way, and at this time, besides the clock, there were several more faces in the room that he didn’t know.
Seeing him come in, the blood wolf immediately got up and said, "You’re back. How’s brother Xiang Ye’s practice?"
This clock several people also got up and said hello to Xiang Ye in succession.
At this time, those strange faces suddenly felt a little confused. They didn’t know what the background and identity of this young man came in, which actually made the wolf gang take charge of the general cronies so respectful. It looked as if this person was the boss, but the person’s theory of age or physical cultivation seemed to be inferior to the blood wolf.
"You’re welcome. Sit down. I’m here today to tell you a few things. Now I can refine some implements. I need to go to Xiao’s home in Ji ‘an Town. Brother Blood Wolf, please come with me." Xiang Ye said to Blood Wolf at this moment.
"No problem. When do you leave?" Blood Wolf then mouth way
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Visit Xiao’s house
"Let’s go soon. You also know that it’s almost a month since we came back from Xiluo. The auction day of that thing is coming soon. Let’s go and see if I can visit a Xiao family." Xiang Ye said again at this moment.
When he finished, he found that everyone was a little strange. Looking at him, especially Zhong Linger’s eyes were full of bitterness. Tears were already spinning in an instant.
Look at the people that don’t understand eyes Xiang Ye is confused at this time.
"Why are you looking at me like this? It seems like going to Xiao’s house with me?" Xiang Ye said uncertain at this moment.
"Well, brother-in-law, I’m going to talk about you. Although it’s normal for a powerful man to have three wives and four concubines, it’s my elder sister who is your first. Isn’t it a little unreasonable for you to go to Xiao’s family now?" Zhong said at this moment.
Say that finish also look at the clock shine this clock shine is red eyes are biting a tooth looking at Xiang Ye as if to see what the answer is from his face.
"What’s with what? What’s your smelly novel? What’s going to visit Xiao’s family? I’m going to visit Xiao Yunling. After all, he helped me and I need a piece of material at this time, so I have it with Xiao’s auction house." Xiang Ye said at this moment that Zhang Er was puzzled
"If you don’t have what you want to do, just do it. I won’t stop you. It’s good for you. Shine will support you." This clock is finally ringing.
"It’s not that you misunderstood. Tell me something happened." Then Xiang Ye looked at several people and said.
"What brother-in-law you really don’t know? The college has already seen you and Xiao Yunya. It seems that Xiao Yunya personally admitted that you are going to her home. "Zhong looked at Xiang Ye doubtfully at this moment and said.
At this moment, Xiang Ye suddenly had a face of black lines. He said that the Xiao family had only met Xiao Yunya once in the past. Although they had a good impression of Xiao Yunya that day, it was all because Xiao Yunling helped herself. Otherwise, even if she was a beautiful woman, Xiang Ye would not catch a cold.
At this moment, Xiang Ye suddenly thought that he had deliberately said a few words in Xiao Yunya’s ear when he left. Xiao Yunya’s eccentric personality would definitely do this, and then he guessed the whole story.
"Ha ha, I know what’s going on. You misunderstood me. Senior Xiao Yunya and I just met once. It’s probably her bad drama. I think you all know something about her personality." Xiang Ye finally explained at this moment.
A few people suddenly look at me and I’ll see if you don’t know how to talk at this time, because they have also heard about the "glorious" deeds of Xiao Yunyan’s senior sister, and they all know that Xiang Ye is not that kind of person. It should be a misunderstanding of Xiang Ye, and several people are also happy to think of it here.
"Ha ha, I mean, my brother-in-law is not like that, right? It seems that my sister is still attractive." Zhong said awkwardly at this moment.
Zhong Linger blushed at this moment and didn’t know what to say. At this time, she was still very happy because Xiang Ye didn’t go to Xiao’s family.
"Well, this matter has passed like this, and I have one more thing to tell you about it. You will pay it later and then choose another one so that it is enough for me to finish the year-end value together after I come back." Xiang Ye then finished and took out the wind wolf king demon core.
A few people took it at this moment. Xiang Ye didn’t say anything more. He had already left the blood wolf. I think he should go to Xiao’s house.
At this time, several people in an area of Ji’ an Town are discussing things in a house.
Xiao family hall …
"The Feng family is really arrogant recently, father. Should we do something?" It was Xiao Yunling who spoke.
"No matter what they do, they don’t dare to deal with us. Isn’t it the Feng family that broke through the old deathlessly? The forces behind the Xiao family are not what they can shake. Let’s let them enjoy the scenery for a while. Otherwise, we’ll forget it and make a decision when your grandfather comes out." At this moment, Xiao Yunling’s father Xiao Xiwei, the head of the Xiao family, said.
While they were talking, a servant came in and saw several people here, so he said, "Report to my master, there are two people outside who come to visit and say that his friend is called Xiang Ye."
"Please ask me to meet my father in person. I’ll leave first." Xiao Yunling said at this moment.
After Xiao Yunling left, Xiao Jiajiazhu was puzzled and asked, "Who is A Ping? Is he the interesting teenager you said earlier?"
"Yes, the master is the young man. This is a good theory of talent or character." At this time, Xiao Yunling, a follower, said that this person was what Xiao Guzhu called A Ping.