Murals are connected one by one. After reading one or two pictures, it can be judged that murals are about this place from eleven.

The first mural is a graceful ancient woman flying in the sky with colorful stones, refining and mending the sky. At first glance, it can be known that she is talking about The goddess patching the sky, while the second one is about Nu Wa fighting with the Black Dragon. The third one is that Mo Yibai told me the story. Nu Wa gave the remaining stones to the Dragon God and agreed with the Dragon God. The fourth one stopped talking about Nu Wa, and jumped directly to the Dragon God to build a dragon armor. Many dragons built palaces in the mountains.
It doesn’t seem so easy to infer the meaning of another picture. I saw many strange people painted on the wall, and many little dragons were kneeling down and looking angry at the dragon god.
Eleven pointed to the painting and said that the stories told by the old Long Ye just now were not the same. I don’t understand what those human things are. Even the dragon has to bow down and the dragon god seems very angry.
No one can guess the meaning of this wall painting. Even my grandfather shook his head and said that we really have to ask the Dragon God.
Hua unbeaten quipped that the dragon god’s old man’s house was dead and many teenagers didn’t know it. It is estimated that I would have been reborn long ago. I just don’t know that this god will die.
No one is in the mood to spend unbeaten paintings. At the moment, everyone is full of curiosity about wall paintings
Let’s go on to look at a picture, which is even weirder than the other picture. It describes not a dragon, but a big dipper array, and seven coffins on the dark wall are shaped like the big dipper with the stars.
No one spoke, and I knew that no one knew the moral of the painting either. I immediately looked at a painting, and we were back at the door. This was the last mural on the wall. As soon as I saw this painting, my heart was chilly, and there was nothing on the black bottom with red eyes.
These two red eyes are so familiar to me that I have seen them more than once.
Those eyes are vivid and terrible even on the wall, as if they can stare into people’s hearts.
Did you see anything, Little Dragon?
The undefeated flower slapped me on the shoulder with one hand, and I was shocked and took a step back. I was placed on the ground, and the miner’s lamp tripped and fell.
I threw my head back to see that the top of the stone room was enlarged, and the last mural was even more vivid. I seemed to see him move.
I took a step back in surprise. When did this thing happen? I remember that when I entered the stone room, I had observed all the stone rooms. When I came in, there was a white roof above my head and nothing.
Those huge red eyes are long and narrow, slightly bent, and suddenly they blink at me, saying that they are not evil and weird.
I jumped up from the ground like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and my body could react backwards, keeping a close eye on that thing for fear that my eyes would fall out at any moment.
At this time, my grandfather also found my weird weapons, and all of them took weapons to guard against looking down my line of sight at the top of the stone room.
The eyes are in the middle position, and when people see the eyes, they react the same way as me, and they scatter in unison.
Holy shit, what is that? Why do I seem to see him blink at me? Hua unbeaten swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and he was so nervous that he was sweating.
I feel that these eyes are about to fall off. I look at those eyes with a pale face. They seem to inspire my fear, but even with so many people here, I am still particularly afraid.
Not a pair of eyes, but a red eyeball.
The eyeball is a little different from the real eye, except that the eyeball is bloody, red, white and white. A fist is so big that it falls in the stone room and turns several times. It’s like a person’s eyes are moving, but there is no eyelid to set off the eyeball. It’s not weird to say that it turns.
People can’t stand the creeps in the atmosphere. Staring at this eye, no one knows what it is and can feel terror.
After several turns, the eyeball stopped in my direction. It was as red as a mass of coagulated blood, and there was a dull panic in the pupil, shaking me slightly with an exorcism battle.
The pupil of the eyeball suddenly bounced and flew towards me.
What the hell is this? I’m so scared that I can’t even take the move and hide directly, but the eyeball seems to have wings. In the middle, I suddenly turned around and chased me to fly.
I cursed his mother as I ran. What the hell is this? Why don’t you help me
Everyone stared at this thing and forgot to help himself. When Neil was quick-witted, he gave a submachine gun in his hand to the chamber and aimed it at the eyeball behind me.
The bullet directly penetrated the red eyeball pupil and the eyeball slammed to the ground.
When I looked back, my eyeball broke, a pool of red blood fell to the ground, and at the same time, a punctured balloon slowly deflated. I was relieved and planned to squat down to see what it was. When I heard Mo Yi Bai Yi Drink, don’t go near it.
After this period, my reaction can be regarded as a sensitive one. Before Mo Yibai’s voice fell, I took a step back a long time ago and saw that the shriveled red eyeball actually revived and crawled.
a surname
Neil reacted very quickly and made up another shot. The eyeball stopped crawling.
I didn’t wait for everyone to breathe smoothly and hear the flowers unbeaten.
When I looked up, my intuition got goose bumps all over my body. I don’t know when the roof was dense, but it slowed down the gathering of blood-red eyeballs. Those eyeballs hung on the top of the stone room like red sarcomas, and even piled up into a ball. Don’t be disgusting.
Make a squeak
At the same time, a large bat flew from nowhere overhead and flew to the door at random.
When bats flew away, there was a flood of red blood on the top of the stone room. When people were preparing to retreat towards the door, the worst thing happened. When they heard a click, a stone door fell from the surface, and a loud earthquake shook the door, leaving no seam left. A stone room was turned into a secret room and was completely sealed.
At the same time, worse things have happened. After bats that block the red eyeballs fly away, they add Shimen to shake the ground. Those red eyeballs seem to be ripe and fall to the ground. Every eyeball that falls to the ground will turn several times and then aim at a person.
Look at these eyeballs, there is no kindness. garnier just killed one of them, and we think they want revenge on us.
These eyeballs will fly after jumping for a few times, and the huge stone room will become narrow in an instant. They will curse the guns and escape together, and everyone will avoid these things at random.