Aunt Hong quickly retreated a few steps, and her original face was changed to cold and stern. "It turned out that my wife was stupid enough to be a good person. Thank you, Master, for not bringing me that hammer just now."

The young monk doesn’t seem to understand why the old woman suddenly turned against each other and tried to explain, but she couldn’t say a word when she was in a hurry.
Aunt Hong continued to sneer, "Aunt Hong in Xiaohongxi, northern Hebei province is overreaching and wants to ask for advice. Please give her a name! If you don’t remember who your master is, you won’t even forget your name. "
A burst of notes about suo suo came from behind when he was a child.
Nine young baldheaded monks came out from the place where the young monk had just perched on the boulder like magic tricks. One by one, they went to the young monk with their eyes closed and saluted "Uncle Shi".
The little monk just breathed a sigh of relief, stretched out his chubby hand and stammered at the red aunt, "Let … let Xuan and Xuan bird come … speak!" "
A monk in his early thirties took a cheerful step and folded his hands upon them. He sang "The mysterious birds in Da Lei Yin Temple have seen your immortals" to everyone. His tone was supercilious and with a faint smile, he didn’t seem to care about the present situation at all.
In the recent five generations of monks in the Great Mercy Temple, the names of good, hope, metaphysics, Zen and extinction are few, and there are only a few old monks left. They have long since ignored the world and concentrated on practicing Buddhism in the temple. Now the abbot in the temple and the host of each hospital are all Greek monks. In front of him, this monk calls himself a mysterious bird, so his seven-year-old stuttering uncle actually wants a mysterious monk.
These Sanxiu people all look weird and whisper, and the red aunt hesitates to look at the little stutter. "Are you a Greek monk?"
Small stuttering hands folded "Great Mercy Temple hopes … hopes"
Xiao Yi smiled softly while covering her mouth. "It’s unlucky to sacrifice this name."
Wenleyang shook his head and didn’t speak. He didn’t know the generational rules in the Da Lei Yin Temple. Even if he did, it wouldn’t be white to come out of Emei Mountain. What does it mean for the monk to fix the truth? But even if he missed such a big stone, the wooden fish hammer was knocked into powder.
Red aunt seems to want to say something. Niu Lishi has jumped out with a face of impatience and waved the spike stick in his hand for two times. "Monks have been hiding from hundreds of scattered practitioners. I never thought of dealing with the great mercy temple to cut the wild goose peak. It will have a different treasure in this world. You can’t cover it if you want to …" He is a lout who speaks wherever he thinks. Anyway, everyone knows what he means.
Xuanniao shook his head with a hint of nai. "What do you immortals know from heaven? It’s all a long story. It’s true that cutting the wild goose peak suddenly appears in the ancient cave, but the unique treasure is still a great evil. Now several seats in the temple are cutting the wild goose peak and deducing the cause and effect of this matter. There are also many senior brothers practicing the mountain protection circle at the peak. If you go there rashly, I’m afraid it will be dangerous. In my opinion, you might as well come with me to the other hospital to rest for some vegetarian food, and then we will show you around the mountain."
Previously, the reporter whose camera was smashed by Niu Lishi suddenly spoke with a choking feeling, "The monk sealed the wild goose peak and told us if there was any treasure in the mountain?"
Coax a just show hesitation scattered repair have become ferocious.
"Monks are not trying to hide treasures!"
"Monks get out of here quickly, which temple annoys their ancestors!"
A group of people pointed at the monks’ mess and swore at the South-to-North accent. Every dialect had a little stutter, and they were so anxious that they stamped their feet. Several monks were not angry, but all of them were smiling faintly.
The loose repairs have become more and more chaotic. Gradually, from the bald monk to the lame neighbor of the nun’s house, Niu Lishi scolded the most hardworking red aunt and the old man of Gongye for several times. Suddenly, Xuanniao took a step with a smile and sang a sentence of "A ~ Mi ~ Tuo ~ Buddha ~"
In the confusion and abuse, this Buddha’s melody is like a trace of coolness, which has suddenly penetrated into everyone’s heart from the eardrum.
At the same time, the distant mountains came back from all sides, and other monks chanted Buddhist songs one by one before their respective steps, and the echo of the valley overlapped one by one. After the ninth monk chanted, the mysterious bird once again just flicked the finger to make people feel clear and peaceful, and the Buddhist songs have gathered into a vast sky. The sound has become Hong Zhong, which generally makes people feel that there is blood flowing all over their hearts. No matter how hard they try to beat, they will fall to the ground with their hands over their chests and their faces pale.
On the contrary, Wen Leyang, Xiao Yi and Mu Mu felt that the sound was terrible, but there was no other strange feeling in their ears. The Great Mercy Temple Sanskrit sang the sound of Megatron Buddhism, and the pure yuan Yang force provoked Tianwei to attack the enemy directly. After a long time, it took a long time to cultivate the innate qi, and the practitioners accumulated it.
Wenleyang few people have neither yuan god nor vitality, but it’s okay
Happy Dragon Boat Festival to brothers and sisters!
Chapter 30 Sanskrit
Aunt Niu Lishi was surprised and angry at these intensive and scattered repairs. No one thought that the monks walked over and said that they would fight and swear and show their magic weapon.
Long Dao Excalibur Flying Bowl Mountain Symbol, Huolin Writing Booming Sky Seal, Refining God Mud Pill …
Sanctuary practitioners usually practice magic weapons in their own way, which are strange, spinning beautiful light and permeating dense evil wind, hovering and dancing above their master’s head, and roaring and lashing when he gives the order.
Niu Lishi’s mace waved wildly, and the foul wind was blowing in the air. There was a faint sound of the evil wolf from all sides. The Sanskrit singing was intertwined and should be warm and hearty. When the winter mountain became a happy burial garden, it overlapped strangely. A white snow wolf, which was bigger than a giant elephant, reflected the sunrise and cast a huge shadow on the ground.
The red aunt’s hands repeatedly tumbled and turned one after another, and the big red flowers gradually emerged in front of her.
Buddha’s lamp bug suddenly jumped out from Wenleyang’s chest and wanted to jump to the red flower, so that Wenleyang was just busy reaching out and salvaging the unlucky child in the middle school. Fortunately, a group of scattered spirits were all in the monk’s body and no one paid attention to them.
I’m in Wenleyang’s palm, beating my chubby body.
"Monks will never let death bury them!" Aunt Hong has always been reluctant to cause disputes.
The mysterious bird’s smile still hasn’t changed at all. It seems that the magic weapon flying all over the sky is a paper plane that ignores the red aunt and sings the Sanskrit wholeheartedly.
Niu Lishi looked eager to try and shouted at the red aunt, "Tell them a fart and do it!"
The red aunt rebuked all the red flowers beside her and did not fly to the monk, but smashed them on the hard mountain, giving a horrible burst of broken glass and the hard red flashed out!
Niu Lishi laughed and shouted "Good!" With a wave of his mace, the snow wolf appeared and screamed at the monk.
Other scattered repairs also threw out their magic weapon with high spirits, and simply regarded the battle as an exhibition match.
All the magic weapons in the instant sky burst under the guidance of the master, and all kinds of runes called out the flying swords of dharma bodies to make a real impact and followed the giant wolf to hit the monk with overwhelming force.
Just before the giant wolf jumped on the monk, a fiery red burst from the monk’s feet, and the fiery flame was as cheerful as a fountain, and the fire drops that could burn through the steel were arrogant and turned upside down, blooming with strong violence.
The red aunt’s kindly face is no longer in change, but she smiles coldly. It is her specialty to attack the enemy with five red flowers that excite the fire. Compared with the magic weapon except the one thousand-year-old wolf soul sent by Nilux, it is eclipsed.
All kinds of brilliance are reflected in the eyes of Xiao Yi and Xiao Jiao, which make the two girls look beautiful to the extreme.
Gongye’s old man didn’t start work, and his back stood on one side. His eyes narrowed slightly and he was as fine as a needle, staring at the monk as if he were dealing with the stormy and angry waves.
A row of bald heads were illuminated by magic weapons above their heads; The soles of the feet were sprayed with fire, and the soles were all black smoke. Mount Tai collapsed in front of him without changing color. The monk Xuanniao suddenly closed the Buddha’s seat and screamed, "Run!"
The younger brothers all screamed and turned around, pulled up their little faces and stammered. Uncle Shi turned around and ran away! Flash disappeared in front of everyone, and when it reappeared, it had already retreated by dozens of feet. The big sleeves kept flapping the flames.
The huge noise made the earth tremble and the distant mountains groan. Two tractor magic weapons were smashed a moment ago. The monks stood upright and burst. air billow knocked many people to the ground. The hard rocks were blown to pieces, and the feet of the wild geese were cut, showing a square-sized pit.
Towering to cut the wild goose peak seems to shake a.
It was the monk who ran away.
Sanxiu people didn’t expect this group of monks to be miserable wretches and refuse to walk. They had to wait until the fire broke out before they fled. After a while, they all laughed and took back the magic weapon, while boasting and cursing the Great Mercy Temple for thousands of years. It turned out to be a bluff.
At this time, the rocks that had just been thrown off by the explosive force just swooped down, and everyone propped up a magic weapon to resist the red aunt, who was just busy attracting two big red flowers to protect the heads of Wenleyang and others.
Only when the gravel falls into the crowd can we move forward, ready to go. Shan Mumu just took a few steps and suddenly felt black at the moment.
A piece of yellow cloth fell slowly from the sky and was covering her head. Wen Leyang was in a hurry to help him. She took the yellow cloth and immediately said, "There is a word!"
The last few scattered repairs were all wrong. Come on, Huang Bu himself is crooked and misspelled. At first glance, it is written by a child
"Cut the colourful wind and big breasts (cut the wild goose peak). The ancient east is more chicken and goose (the ancient cave is more evil). The young monk doesn’t beat people (the young monk doesn’t lie). The immortals go back (right) and hope for the white ball."
Niu Lishi can understand the last two words in front of him, wondering to himself, "What white ball … oh, please! Haha, this young monk is so strange that he can’t write. "
Xiao Yi has long been acquainted with them and explained with a smile that "dolls will learn from what they can see first, such as chicken, duck and ball on their chests"
Wen Leyang is not as relaxed as they are. No one has seen when the young monk threw this yellow cloth to cut the ancient cave of Yanfeng. It is imperative for him, but strange things happen on the road, which are always beyond his understanding. Not long ago, the corpse of the same family was already in a heavy mood.